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1 SOA Implementation Utilising Best Of Breed at Centrelink Guy Hutchison Integration Architect.

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1 1 SOA Implementation Utilising Best Of Breed at Centrelink Guy Hutchison Integration Architect

2 2 Agenda Introduction Thank Alex What is the SOA Prototype and how does it fit with a Reference Application and a Real Application The Prototype – Cubed Demonstration of Prototype Presentation and Business Tier Integration Tier Resource Tier – done by Ben

3 3 Introduction Demonstrating SOA capability within Centrelink –Built J2EE Application consuming Model204 Services rather than MQSeries transactions –Using Service Interface & ESB Components –Interface provides infrastructure to consume service between any applications on any platform

4 4 Centrelink Processing Environment 12 Model204 Onlines 14,000 Concurrent Users 700 screens per second 20 million screens per day 40% of screens driven by scripts 0.2-0.3 secs response time 2 million MQSeries messages per day 0.4 secs response time 45% are self service 3% of our CPU usage is Self Service 5 Data centres 170,000 mips

5 5

6 6 Why SOA Refresh our Infrastructure Replace Existing Middleware Refresh our Architecture SOA Offered Agility Refocus Disparate Groups Prototype to prove these assumptions

7 7 SOA Prototype v Reference Application – What are the differences Real Application exercising ALL the Business Logic Real Application exercising ALL the Business Logic Reference Application Architectural Prototype

8 8 How Much Work is Involved? Mainframes, Unix Servers, Operating Systems, Comms, LAN, WAN, Routers Middleware,COLFrame. Jframe,B2B MSS,EDX,JAS, Janus, MQ, Service Interface UDDI, Service Developer, DBMS,Web Services, CTI IAM, Std Shell, Batch 2, Triggers Support Clusters, Cluster Functions M204 Services, ADE, DIR, Fangio Business Clusters e.g. Payments, Assessment Business Strategy The SOA Prototype The SOA reference Application The first SOA Business Application A full strength Business Application Everything below this line is… Infrastructure Foundation Services The majority will deployed and configured for the prototype

9 9 Process Flow Get Customer Reporting Summary Self Service Reporting Service Do Assessment Display next Payment Details Issue Receipt No Services The Application

10 10 Demonstration of the Prototype

11 11 ClientPresentationBusinessIntegrationResource J2EE Services SAP Services DB2 Oracle Common Interceptor Logic Gate Locator Context Trace Managemt Audit Perf Timing Config CRAM Reporting Janus Shell V1 Janus Shell V2Security Frameworks M204 Services M204 Msg Broker Cluster Functions WSS Services Locator Services Registry (UDDI) Data Access Object Services Proxies Business Object Session Facade Service Locator (local) Janus J2EE Other Data Source Data Source Key: Components Janus Workflow Engine Janus Customised Janus Legacy Struts Controller JSP Web Server Business Delegate Web Presentation Object Janus Persistent IVR Framework NLSR Framework Janus Connectless XML Screen Definitions WS1 Web Browser (xhtml 1.0) Web Browser External Systems Phone Web Services Client httpmq xml jdbc dto xsl, JavaScript, etc. (optional) html M204 Online Servlet Container Struts Action Filters Our Distributed On-line Architecture

12 12

13 13 ClientPresentationBusinessIntegrationResource M204 Services M204 Cluster Functions Struts Controller Struts Controller JSP Web Browser (xhtml 1.0) Struts Action SOA Application Logic Application Logic Business Delegate e.g. customer Presentation and Business Tiers

14 14 Integration Tier: M204 Web Services Overview –Janus Web Server running on Z/Os –Accepts XML messages in a standard format (SOAP) from external/internal sources –Initiates M204 Transactions –Currently used to expose services for DEWR, DIMIA and DEST –Also used to communicate across ISIS environments –Currently 80 web services in production with over 200,000 requests/day

15 15 Integration Tier: High-level design ClientApplicationClientApplicationServiceService DatabaseDatabase Platform 1Platform 2 XML Message HTTP/MQ etc

16 16 ClientApplicationClientApplicationServiceService XML Message HTTP/MQ etc DatabaseDatabase CommonFunctionalityCommonFunctionalityCommonFunctionalityCommonFunctionality Platform 1 Platform 2 Integration Tier: High-level design 2

17 17 XML Message HTTP/MQ etc DatabaseDatabase Platform 1 Platform 2 Integration Tier: High-level design 3 Routing Locking Security Session Customer Context Customer Context Routing Locking Security Session Customer Context Customer Context ClientApplicationClientApplication Interface Specific to the services operation being consumed Generic Infrastructure to expose services to a variety of consumers in a generic way Proxy Object Web Server ServiceService

18 18 Integration Tier: Whats new for SOA? –Web Service Description Language (WSDL) documents describe a 'new and improved' interface between our platforms (M204, J2EE, SAP etc) –Proxy objects generated in J2EE that handle infrastructure under the covers. –New way of accessing 'Services' in M204

19 19 Integration Tier: Exercising the new Infrastructure –Tools created to test exposed services –SOAP Tester provides HTTP interface to M204 WSSWSS Self Service Get Eligibility Self Service Get Eligibility SOAP TESTER CORE COMPONENTS BROWSER - available on Centrenet ( INPUT OUTPUT

20 20 WebSphere and SOA –V 5.1.1 limited support so we added stuff –V 6.0 better support –IBM Consultancy –Product and Function specific –Installation support –Product Capability –Future proofing –Document Verification System

21 21

22 22 Question Time

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