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1 Application Server Based on SoftSwitch Tao Sun.

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1 1 Application Server Based on SoftSwitch Tao Sun

2 2 Outline Introduction of Next Generation Network Introduction of Application Server Some Ideas about My Research

3 3 Next Generation Network Background Architecture of Next Generation Network Character of Next Generation Network Softswitch

4 4 Next Generation Network Background The trend of various heterogeneous networks amalgamation (Internet, PSTN and Others) Service drive that requires to provide voice, data and multimedia services in one public network

5 5 Next Generation Network Architecture

6 6 Next Generation Network Access layer Provide the way that various networks and equipments access to core backbone network, including signal gateway, media gateway, access gateway and others Transport Layer Provide the channels for various signals and media transport. The core network of NGN is IP network.

7 7 Next Generation Network Control Layer Provide capabilities of call control, connection control, protocol handling and others. Provide the open interface for service layer to access to network resource in the low layer. The core part of the layer is SoftSwitch Service Layer Provide various services for users, mainly including Service Support Environment (Service Creation Environment, Application Server and Service Management Server), AAA Server and Network Manager Server.

8 8 Character Open and layered Architecture Open Interface and protocol between layers The division between service and call control, between call control and load Next Generation Network

9 9 SoftSwtich SoftSwitch is the core of Next Generation Network. It is independent of Transport Layer. It provide the open interface for service layer to access to network resource in the low layer. Main functions are included: Call control Resource distribution Protocol handling Routing, Authentication and Charging

10 10 Application Server Service Support Environment Application Server types Application Server Functions

11 11 Application Server Service Support Environment Service Support Environment is the core part of Service Layer, It includes SCE (Service Creation Environment), AS (Application Server) and SMS (Service Management Server). AS is main body of Service Support Environment. SCE and SMS are also as parts of AS. AS provides the environment that services are created, remained, executed and managed. It also provides the development platform for Third-Party.

12 12 Application Server Application Server types The interface between SoftSwitch and Application Server mainly includes SIP protocol (IETF) and Parlay standard (Parlay Organization). So it could be sorted to AS based on Parlay API and AS based on SIP API AS based on JAIN (Integrated Network APIs for the Java Platform) should also be concerned

13 13 Application Server Application Server Functions Provide the environment of service remain and execution It mainly includes service performance monitor, resource monitor, system log, service log, load control and balance, fault handling Service life cycle management It mainly includes service load, active, inactive and remove.

14 14 Application Server Support third-party service remain, execution and management Integrate Web server into AS and provide service based on Web Service Character Interaction avoidance, detection and solution

15 15 Application Server Provide different levels development Interfaces to third party Such as Parlay API, SIP GUI API, SIP Servlet API, CPL, Voice XML and others

16 16 Some Ideas Plan 1 Research is focused on Application Server itself. The following problems need to be concerned: Service Creation Environment Service Logic simulation test and collision detection Service dynamic load and dynamic update Service remain and execution environment Service Character interaction avoidance, detection and solution Integrate with Web Server Provide different levels API to support Third-party development more

17 17 Some Ideas Plan 2 Research is focused on the association between Application Server and other components. For example, between Application Server and SoftBridge. Integrate SoftBridge into Service Support Environment The interface between Application Server and SoftSwitch (SIP, Parlay API), JAIN API Need more research


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