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The Impact of Migration

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1 The Impact of Migration
Section 3

2 Learning outcomes The impact migration has on population size
Impact on population distribution Impact on service provision Implications on economic activity Implications on the physical environment 2 case studies: Achill Island and Delhi

3 The impact of migration
An area of origin is a place from which emigrants leave An area of destination is a place to which immigrants go The process of migration has consequences for both- this can be either positive or negative

4 Impact on population size
An area of origin must inevitably grow les quickly if some people leave However 10 million people moved from LEDCs to MEDCs between this did not affect overall numbers in general as growth rates are relatively high LEDCs are mainly affected by rural- urban migration- the rural areas being left behind.

5 Impact on population distribution
Migration also affects population distribution. Mainly at a national scale as opposed to a global scale. Rural- urban migration MEDCs trend in reverse, now have counterurbanisation.

6 Implications for service provision
Service provision can include shops (commercial), and also public facilities such as health, education and justice Threshold population needs to be considered for each area to ensure it is viable to have a service Areas suffering from emigration may find their commercial services cut first Public services may survive longer as it is the state’s responsibility to provide Modern day society has witnessed primary schools, hospitals closing and people have to travel further to obtain these services.

7 Implications for economic activities
Affected by out- migration particularly the rural areas E.g. farming in LEDCs- the rural economy suffers as young adults move to the city in search of work. Positive side to migration- the origin country receives remittances back fro the migrants e.g. Mexico received $8million from migrants in the USA

8 Implications for the physical environment
Out migration can bring environmental problems if land and property is abandoned, water control systems neglected etc.

9 Out- migration: a spiral of decline
Out migration of the young Ageing population Low birth rates Long term population decline Reduced demand for goods and services Les opportunity for economic activity Reduced competitiveness High transport costs Increased cost of living Less attractive place to live

10 Impact on receiving areas- positive
New people in the area- increased demand for commercial services New workers Increased trade Cheap labour

11 Impact on receiving areas- negative
Public service under too much pressure Accommodation problems- shanty towns Health and education services under pressure Pressure on water and sewage systems Transport and infrastructure becomes overloaded Pollution

12 Case studies Keeping this information in mind- look at two case studies Out- migration and the impact on Achill Island, Ireland In- Migration and the impact on Delhi, India

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