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First Impressions at Victorian Libraries Service Evaluation.

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1 First Impressions at Victorian Libraries Service Evaluation

2 We Are – A Solutions Services provider to corporate and government sector – Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, UK. Service Evaluation is our market research division

3 Service Evaluation – Is Evaluating service delivered by you & your organisation – to your customers If you can measure it you can manage it

4 Our task – Is to proactively test the customers service experience and measure the actual experience against the ideal that the organisation wants to deliver

5 And to – Report accurately and fairly on the service experience, in a format that reflects the expectations of the business, and can be used as a practical business tool.

6 The Objective - Of the First Impressions project – was to test and report on the library joining process from a customer perspective

7 The Project - Was conducted in May at 43 library branches selected randomly to represent a sample of one branch per region.

8 The Methodology Agree on the joining process expectations (based on the first impressions training) Select operatives (who were not already library members in the region) Brief them on the evaluation requirements Receive the report on their experience Process and proof the report Deliver the report

9 The Report Format Standard format of rating the expected behaviour 31 questions – in 7 evaluation areas Each question scored individually and totalled by area Total score of the evaluation represented as a % amount

10 The Report Format Non Score questions Section 6 – Create Last Impression – 2 questions regarding overall impressions– they ask the opinion of the operatives regarding their overall experience and wether based on this experience they would return Section 7 – Exceptional Service - Question 31 asks if in the operatives opinion – did any staff member clearly demonstrate superior customer service

11 Results - May Average score = 67.2% Score range from 36% - 100%

12 By Branch Averages – May

13 By Area Results - May AreaPercentage 1. Library Presentation & Activity 89.8% 2. Create a First Impression 74% 3. Join Customer 71.8% 4. Explain Borrowings 65.7% 5. Understand & Recommend 49.4% 6. Create Last Impression 62.5% 7. Exceptional Service Non Score Total Score Total Score67.2%

14 By Area Averages – May

15 Wins Acknowledgement within 1 minute88.4% Demonstrated listening / understanding needs100% Suggesting References or Services100% Offered a friendly farewell 95.3%

16 Opportunities Staff member identifying self by name14% Unprompted clarification of 4 key membership conditions & benefits41% Asking questions to establish needs27.9% Offer of additional information or services (related or un related) 62.8% Offer of a tour of library 23.3%

17 First Impressions at Victorian Libraries Service Evaluation

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