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2 CONNECT EVERYTHING. ACHIEVE ANYTHING. Solution Vendor Perspective The amazing cloud diagram!

3 3© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation SOA Enterprise SOA Vision – The cloud diagram APPLICATION SERVER USER-DEFINED SERVICE LEGACY APPLICATION PROCESS SERVER RELATIONAL DATABASE BATCH SYSTEM PORTAL SERVICE The mistake is that people often see SOA as a technology

4 4© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Scope drives architectural considerations Heterogeneity Span new service-enabled applications as well as existing applications Scalability Provide the performance expected of enterprise systems while easily accommodating changes in demand Availability Isolate applications from faults resulting from server and communication failures Federation Processes will interact with services spread across an organization, and between organizations Flexibility Allow the organization to change processes, rules, data mapping and relationships between applications with minimal effort and disruption Visibility and control Manage and monitor the infrastructure as well as the processes and services deployed within it This cloud MUST be addressed – it needs:

5 5© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation EAI ceiling J2EE OLAP DATA WAREHOUSE CORBA Monolithic hub-and-spoke architecture LEGACY ORDER MGMT. PROPRIETARY WEB SERVICE ERP CRM JCAJDBCPKG. APP.MOMCUSTOMPKG. APP. WS INTEGRATION BROKER HUB ROUTING RULES TRANSFORMATION ENGINES APPLICATION ADAPTERS Typically deployed inside a single company – inside the firewall Services and processes cannot seamlessly span integration brokers Proprietary technology is too complex and costly for distributed roll-out

6 6© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Application Server ceiling PORTAL EIS Lack visibility and control of cross-cluster process Exceptionally good for hosting business logic in a component model and serving web pages Services and namespace do not seamlessly span clusters Changes require disruptive coding and/or deployment Large footprint and administrative overhead drive excessive costs in distributed deployment LEGACY ORDER MGMT. WEB SERVICE ERP CRM APP SERVER EJB CODE J2EE WEB SERVICE APP SERVER EJB CODE APP SERVER EJB CODE APP SERVER EJB CODE APP SERVER EJB CODE APP SERVER EJB CODE

7 7© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation J2EE APPLICATION PACKAGED APPLICATION & LEGACY SYSTEMS.NET APPLICATION PARTNER SYSTEM WEB SERVICE In walks MOM – and Web services Hiding implementation details enables reuse XML-based data easily exchanged Designed for remote access, across heterogeneous platforms Can be easily passed over HTTP(S), JMS, CORBA, Sockets, MQ, RV and almost any other messaging layer Standard Interfaces are Major Step Forward TCP/IP WEB SERVICES INTERFACE XML

8 8© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation WEB SERVICES INTERFACE J2EE APPLICATION PACKAGED APPLICATION & LEGACY SYSTEMS.NET APPLICATION PARTNER SYSTEM WEB SERVICE Web Services Is it reliable, scalable and secure? How do you change business processes? How do you manage and monitor distributed services? What about mediation and process flow? But Have We Solved The Whole Problem? Web services are interoperable communications stacks and dont offer routing, service deployment, management, format transformation, guaranteed delivery, etc. You are building standards based spaghetti ! TCP/IP

9 CONNECT EVERYTHING. ACHIEVE ANYTHING. Products and enablers What we have learned is to take the best of each technology from the last ten years…

10 10© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation A cleaner approach ENTERPRISE SERVICE BUS SOA INFRASTRUCTURE Combines the best of previous technologies SERVICES RELIABLE COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE MEDIATION SERVICE HOSTING

11 11© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation To form an ideal SOA framework SONIC ESB ® ENTERPRISE SERVICE BUS J2EE APPLICATION PACKAGED APPLICATION & LEGACY SYSTEMS.NET APPLICATION PARTNER SYSTEM WEB SERVICE Map and bind services, processes, and IT assets Sonic ESB makes it easy to connect, mediate, and control services and their interactions

12 12© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Connect IT resources Bind into a uniform service model Connect old and new –208 packaged applications –Most language platforms –Web services –Relational databases –Object database support –B2B collaboration Provide uniform service model –Event Driven Architecture –Separate service implementation from service invocation Connect

13 13© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Mediate service interactions Flexibly combine and enrich business services Mediate Move data with configurable qualities of service Pluggable authentication, authorization, cipher suites Flexibly configure routing and process flow Transform and enrich data High Availability at software layer

14 14© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Control services and infrastructure From any point on the network Global service configuration Global service discovery Dynamically configure, deploy and scale hosted services and communication backbone Define and alter process flows, routing, quality of service without hubs Track services and their interactions to gain visibility and control Dynamic business and also technical SLA monitoring and alerting Control


16 16© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Case Study: The BAA Terminal 5 Project

17 17© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation The reality of serving 35 million people per year 37 million man hours to build T5 6.5 million cubic metres of earth works 15,000 cubic metres of concrete per week 16 major projects, 100 sub-projects Sub projects cost between £30M and £150M 60,000 people involved in the build The IT infrastructure must operate entirely new level of speed, efficiency and availability – and work with existing legacy systems that already manage 122M people/year

18 18© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation The IT landscape – must be integrated 6000 display systems, 400 COTS apps, 197 line of business apps, 35 operational IT platforms, over 1000 servers One hour server failure has Europe-wide impact on flights, more than one hour has global impact One off £250M fine for late delivery of T5

19 19© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation BAA – The Strategy … our strategy is to minimize the interdependencies between products, using open standards to increase operational flexibility and make sure that applications are responsive to change. Therefore a Service Oriented Architecture approach is inevitable Nick Gains Head of IT BAA

20 CONNECT EVERYTHING. ACHIEVE ANYTHING. What are the challenges? The Devil is in the detail…

21 21© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation How do you manage a project this big? How do they leverage their existing IT portfolio? What will this cost? What would be the impact of –Changes? –Expansion? –New security threats? –Regulation changes? How will they accommodate future requirements? Business Process Definitions

22 22© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Strategy Versus Tactics This is how BAA are making T5 a success Everything is broken down into manageable tasks Architecture governance (this is key!!) Evolutionary project management –NOT Waterfall project management An IT back-bone and architecture from the very start Industry patterns are being heavily exploited – Sonic lead the way What makes some ideas work where others fail?

23 CONNECT EVERYTHING. ACHIEVE ANYTHING. Example pattern usage from another European Airline Managing Corporate Printing

24 24© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Solution Scenarios - CITP

25 25© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation CITP in Pattern language

26 26© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Micro Patterns as Services Print Req. ESB Infrastructure PDS JMS Web JCA MDB EJB SSB Servlet Portlet P2P CITP MQ 1 2 34 5 5 5 1.Print Request arrives at CITP 2.Request crosses the MQ Series Bridge 3.Print Token is resolved in PDS 4.Request is routed via CBR 5.Request is consumed in Terminal

27 27© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation Some example changes at BAA: – from this… Fundamentally a hub-and-spoke architecture, leading to high maintenance costs, a brittle architecture and very poor operational visibility

28 28© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation …to this: Sonic ESB Lower maintenance costs, greater flexibility, increased visibility, business process flow driven, highly available infrastructure, standards based

29 29© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation BAA – The Strategy Our challenge was to find a platform that would work well in our very demanding environment, and could orchestrate the services that will drive T5 operations. Sonic Enterprise Service Bus is a very natural fit. In addition: Heathrow is the gateway to the UK, downtime of even a few minutes can cause disruption across all our operations. Our experience is that hardware fault tolerance alone is not the answer. The Sonic ESB Continuous Availability Architecture provides us with a distinct advantage." Nick Gains Head of IT BAA

30 30© 2005 Sonic Software Corporation In this interactive technical workshop, you will learn how service-oriented architectures (SOA), enabled by the enterprise service bus (ESB), help solve the integration challenges faced by most organizations. June 29, 2005 Slough, United Kingdom Questions

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