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All Aboard! Creating a Service Matrix for Mobile Library Services.

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1 All Aboard! Creating a Service Matrix for Mobile Library Services

2 Arapahoe Library District Cindy McFadden, MLIS Coordinator/Supervisor Outreach Services Arapahoe Library District Centennial, Colorado

3 What Put us in this Position? Strategic Plan Tactic for a 2-vehicle service model Bookmobile taken off the road New OBS bookmobile ordered Delivery expected in February 2010 Where will we go and who will we serve?

4 Looking for Best Practices Review of professional literature Talking to our peers in the industry

5 Building a Schedule Leads to Building a Matrix Request for proposal (RFP) process for choosing the right bookmobile vendor Could this work for choosing the right bookmobile stops and hours? Objective, fact-based Could have multiple criteria An official "scoring system" helps validate "gut instinct" and staff experience Can save money or resources Can get us to a better product

6 How Did We Build It? Determining our priorities for criteria Flow Chart Associating conditions with the chosen criteria 'Hard' data vs. 'soft' data Scoring the criteria

7 Construction Phase II Setting up the scoring system Criteria are weighted equally with each other Conditions are assigned percentages rank x weight x factor = score Criteria Evaluation

8 Construction Phase III: Scoring the Sites Assigning scores to actual sites Sample of the populated Matrix

9 Range of Service Determining the range of scores for service Levels of service Levels of Service--Visual Service Levels

10 Activity: Creating Your Own Matrix Practice Matrix

11 Outcomes: From Theory to Practice How is it working? Lessons learned

12 Continuing Service Matrix October 2010: 6 month evaluation of service Kept all other content for matrix Added Site Condition and Use criterias RESULTS: Ended two stops Lengthened service at two stops Added two additional stops in Glendale for twice a week service

13 Selected Bibliography ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services.Handbook for Mobile Library Services Staff. Accessed 8/17/2010 Accessed 8/17/2010 Clements, Angela. On the Move with the TCPL Mobile Library: What it Takes to keep rolling. Indiana Libraries. 27 no1 26-32. 2008. Dixon, Ann R. Feasibility and Options in Bookmobiles and Mobile Libraries in Rural Areas: A Case Study Approach Using Alaska's Experience. Bookmobile and Outreach Services. 9 no 2 17-58. 2006. Murray, K., et. al., Give the mobile service a fresh start – tell us where to stop. Library & Information Update (March 2010) p. 34-6. Osborne, Robin, ed. From Outreach to Equity: Innovative Models of Library Policy and Practice. 2004. American Library Association. Chicago. Smallwood, Carol. Ed. Librarians as community partners: an outreach handbook. Chicago: American Library Association. 2010.

14 Service Matrix, 2/2010 Working Service Matrix, 10/2010

15 Contact Information Cindy McFadden Arapahoe Library District 5955 S. Holly St. Centennial, CO 80121 303-792-8944


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