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Pre-Service Orientation. It is our hope that by completing this orientation you will: Understand the role of service in the mission and vision of the.

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1 Pre-Service Orientation

2 It is our hope that by completing this orientation you will: Understand the role of service in the mission and vision of the University of Saint Francis. Recognize what service is, and how service can help you grow intellectually, personally and spiritually. Be aware of your role and responsibilities as a servant participant in the community. Learn how to create your personal profile so you can register for service activities on the CSE website. Learn how to register for service activities on the CSE website.

3 Founded in 1890, the University of Saint Francis is committed to the following Franciscan values: Reverence the unique dignity of each person. Encourage a trustful, prayerful community of learners. Serve one another, society, and the Church. Foster peace and justice. Respect creation.

4 Connecting campus and community resources, the Center serves community needs and meets educational goals by: Assisting students, faculty and staff in the creation of diverse learning experiences through curricular and co-curricular service learning, community service, and volunteerism. Facilitating the service and leadership goals of the universitys mission, values, and strategic plan. Preparing students for lives of compassionate service as socially responsible citizens of the world.

5 USF Feeds the Fort

6 While the primary intent of service at an agency may be the support of agency programs and needs, or the fulfillment of a class requirement, many who serve find that they benefit from their service experience as much as those they serve.

7 Increased understanding, sensitivity and passion for addressing social action issues Increased civic responsibility Increased awareness and commitment to an underserved or marginalized group in society Enhanced critical thinking and problem solving skills Increased awareness, appreciation and sensitivity to cultural differences The ability to apply course-related instruction in real-world settings


9 Service which is either ongoing or long-term, provided by you to make a positive impact in the community. Service which is not attached to a class; service may occur as an extra-curricular or co-curricular (campus club or organization-related) activity. Service which has a primary focus of meeting the needs of others through a project, or a role served ( Examples include: building a house with Habitat for Humanity or serving as a mentor at Boys and Girls Club). Service which is not necessarily related to your academic discipline or major. Service which may foster your understanding and appreciation of your civic responsibility and increase your compassion for others.

10 USF students and faculty clean the kitchen at the Mad Anthony Childrens Hope House Community Service - MLK Day of Service, 2011

11 Service to a community agency or organization which is tied to a specific academic course. Skill or values-based outcomes of the Service-learning experience are detailed in the course syllabus (applying course content in real-world settings). Service learning experiences are the result of intentional partnerships between the faculty/CSE and the community agency where the student serves. Structured opportunities for student reflection are provided via class discussion and/or assignments. Students SL experience is evaluated and assessed by student, faculty and the agency where student serves. Service-learning experience fosters civic responsibility and understanding of Franciscan values.

12 When using the registration system for service required in a service-learning class: You select the course name (rather than an interest area) from a pull down menu. Specific service site options may be indicated by your professor. Your professor will be able to see where you have completed your service, how many hours you have completed, and any comments agency staff might have about your service

13 School of Creative Arts, Photography Students practice family photography at Vincent Village

14 Whether you are registering for service related to a service- learning class, or service with a campus club or organization, or just because you enjoy serving others, please consider the following important questions: Can I be there as scheduled? (dont forget to include transportation time) Is this service a good fit for me? Can I go at the day and time that the service is scheduled? Can I complete the entire service commitment (expected service hours each time, expected length of service commitment)? Have I completed the appropriate pre-service forms/paperwork?

15 Know the name of your contact person at the agency. Know the address of the agency and where you should park. Know the phone number of the agency (in case of unexpected delays). Inquire ahead of time about storage for personal items, or lock in car trunk. CALL CSE STAFF IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO SERVE DUE TO A LAST MINUTE EMERGENCY OR ILLNESS; REMEMBER, THEY ARE COUNTING ON YOU!

16 1. Expect a brief orientation to the agency your first time serving. 2. Dress accordingly (No tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or T- shirts with controversial graphics or language no matter where you serve). 3. Wear closed toe shoes (required at many agencies). 4. Show up prepared and ready to serve. 5. Use professional language; no profanity. 6. Maintain confidentiality (dont discuss private information you learned during your service work with anyone outside of the agency). 7. Dont loan or give personal possessions to agency clients or staff. 8. Dont share personal information that you may regret later. 9. Dont make promises you are not able to keep. 10. Take time to reflect on your service, both before and after you serve.

17 Now it is time to take the Pre Service Orientation quiz. You will only need to take and pass this quiz one time during your entire time at USF. Passing quiz score is 80%. You may retake the quiz until you gain a passing quiz score. Take the orientation quiz here

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