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Cecil County Core Service Agency Role, Functions & Services July 21, 2011 Gwen Parrack, MSW Director, Division of Special Populations Services.

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1 Cecil County Core Service Agency Role, Functions & Services July 21, 2011 Gwen Parrack, MSW Director, Division of Special Populations Services

2 Location Cecil County Health Department Special Populations/Core Service Agency 401 Bow St. Elkton, MD Phone #410-996-5112

3 Mission ….to provide leadership and accountability in Cecil County for a diverse, comprehensive, and accessible array of quality public mental health services responsive to the needs and desires of citizens with mental illnesses, their families, and service providers.

4 Vision …to promote and effectively manage a well-coordinated and integrated mental health system responsive to the needs of the citizens of Cecil County.

5 The Core Service Agency exists under the authority of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

6 Roles & Functions of the CSA Plan, manage, and monitor a full array of public mental health services, including treatment and rehabilitation for persons with serious mental illness Handle consumer complaints, grievances, and appeals The CSA staff does not provide any direct mental health services. (staff includes a Director and 2 Clinical Managers)

7 Who is eligible for public mental health services? Anyone receiving medical assistance (medicaid, MCHP, PAC, etc.) Uninsured consumers who meet specific criteria set forth by the Mental Hygiene Administration

8 Any consumer in need of mental health services that does not have medical assistance should contact the Core Service Agency for further information. 410-996-5112

9 Values of the CSA People with mental illnesses have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens. Consumer empowerment Family and community support Community education Responsive to all populations Integrated, collaborative delivery system Effective management and accountability Services provided in the least restrictive, most appropriate setting

10 Current Projects ( Designed to meet gaps in Medicaid Reimburseable Services ) Jail Mental Health Services Wellness and Recovery Center (On Our Own of Cecil County) Mini –Grant to support rotating shelter Telepsychiatry (Medicaid service FY12) Mental Health Awareness/Education Consumer Support Services Crisis Stabilization Services (New in FY12) School-based mental health services

11 Highlights: FY2010 Data 411 individuals received mental health services from Con Med while incarcerated in the Cecil County Detention Center 450 individuals visited the Wellness & Recovery Center, On Our Own of CC 14 individuals received 32 hours of psychiatric services from Univ. of MD while traveling no further than the Cecil County Health Department

12 Highlights – Contd 35-40 attendees at 3 Lunch & Learn sessions as part of May is Mental Health Month Activities (in partnership with OOO) 15 individuals became certified in the provision of Mental Health First Aid (in partnership with Upper Bay) 101 individuals served by rotating shelter (in partnership with Meeting Ground & many others!)

13 Highlights – Contd. Responded to 398 request for help in person, by phone or e-mail. As the payor of last resort, provided financial assistance with prescriptions and security deposits for those meeting diagnostic and other criteria (consumer support services)

14 New Service: Crisis Stabilization Not anticipated to begin until September 2012 Designed to fill gap left by Eastern Shore Mobile Crisis Service Licensed mental health professional will respond on-site. Targets Cecil County Public Schools Local law enforcement entities Union Hospital Emergency Room

15 Services for Children and Adolescents Available through Public Mental Health Providers

16 Who are Cecil Countys Public Mental Health Providers? See Handout- These are all providers who can see children and families with medical assistance. Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services is currently the only Outpatient Mental Health Clinics (OMHC) in the county.

17 What kinds of services are available to children? Traditional Outpatient Services (see list) Intensive Outpatient Services (Upper Bay) Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (Upper Bay) In-Home Respite (Villa Maria) Inpatient Psychiatric Services (Rockford Center) Partial Hospitalization Services (Rockford) Hospital Emergency Room Services (Union) Residential Treatment Services (out-of-county)

18 What are these services and how are they accessed?

19 Traditional Outpatient Services Commonly consists of weekly hour long appointment for individual or family therapy Monthly appointment with psychiatrist to assess or monitor medication needs To access, consumer calls provider to schedule an in-take appointment

20 Intensive Outpatient Services Available through Upper Bay Operates Mon-Thurs 9am-3pm, Fri 9- 12:30 Consists of academics in am, social skills and group therapy in pm, individual & family therapy Often used as a step-down from inpatient hospitalization but not a requirement Usually referred by therapist or hospital

21 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Available through Upper Bay Tailored to address specific needs/goals of child Services may take place 1:1 or in group setting and must occur at least 3x per month Requires referral from therapist

22 In-Home Respite Provider is Villa Maria of Catholic Charities and is located in Baltimore, MD Provides child with a mentoring relationship while also providing a break Respite worker takes child on an outing Usually occurs at least 2x per month for a period of about 4 hours Treating therapist must send referral to Core Service Agency for approval

23 Out of Home Respite Providers are The Chidlrens Home and Catholic Charities, both in Baltimore. Referral must be made by a licensed therapist and sent to the CSA for approval. Child is matched with a family for overnight/weekend respite. Closest respite homes are in Harford County, so parents must be able transport. Diagnostic and medical necessity criteria must be met

24 Inpatient Psychiatric Services Rockford Center Psychiatric Hospital in Newark, DE is the closest provider 24 hour psychiatric care in a locked facility This is the most restrictive level of care within the continuum of care. Short-term Provides the fully array of psychiatric services

25 Partial Hospitalization Services Rockford Center is the provider Frequently used as a step-down from inpatient services Offers most of the same services as inpatient except consumers are only there for the day

26 Hospital Emergency Room Services Union Hospital is the provider Sometimes the first stop for children experiencing psychiatric emergencies (suicidal or homicidal ideation, psychosis, etc.) Usually sent to Rockford from there

27 Residential Treatment Services Long-term, minimum stay is usually 6 months to a year No providers in Cecil County Is considered an out-of-home placement Stringent medical necessity criteria must be met in addition to a source of payment for the educational component of the placement Used as a last resort treatment option after all appropriate services in less restrictive settings have failed

28 Other Child & Adolescent Services Some do NOT require medical assistance Available to children in Cecil County who meet specific criteria

29 Wraparound Services Provided by a regional Care Management Entity (CME): Wraparound Maryland May be accessed through the Medicaid RTC Waiver or by funding sources available through the Department of Social Services that do not require Maryland Medical Assistance. Must be at risk of out-of-home placement

30 Family Preservation Services These are home-based case management services offered through the Department of Social Services on a voluntary basis. Parents may self-refer or healthcare providers and /or other community agencies can make the referral with the parents authorization.


32 Good Luck!!!

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