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Taking the Mystery Out of IT Service Management, ITIL & ServiceNow Monday August 5, 1:40-2:50pm.

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1 Taking the Mystery Out of IT Service Management, ITIL & ServiceNow Monday August 5, 1:40-2:50pm

2 Your Distinguished Panel Moderator: Brian Buckler, Director of Network, Desktop Support, and Infrastructure Services, Office of IT, UC Irvine Rebecca Nguyen, ITSM Program Manager for campus Information Technology Services and Medical Center IT, UC San Francisco Anita Nichols, Client Services Manager, Information & Educational Technology, UC Davis Marian Sherrin, Service Manager for UCSC IT Request Services (Service-now) and the IT Change Manager, Client Services and Security, UC Santa Cruz Nisi Vidato, Manager, IT Service Management, IT Services, UCLA

3 Agenda Brief Overview of ITIL, ITSM, and ServiceNow Campus Summaries of ITIL and ServiceNow Implementations Moderator Questions for the Panel Audience Questions for the Panel

4 What is ITIL? IT Infrastructure Library Developed in the UK; used world-wide 5 core books + complimentary guidance A suggested framework of best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM) – ITSM definition: organizational capabilities that deliver valuable services Non-prescriptive practical guidelines Focused on process and continuous improvement Customer service driven ITIL Core built on a service lifecycle with 5 stages

5 ITIL Service Lifecycle Stages Service Strategy Service Design Service Transition Service Operation Continuous Service Improvement (CSI)

6 What are some of the potential benefits of ITIL-based ITSM? Improve IT services and maximize value and ROI Improve customer satisfaction Set realistic customer expectations Measure performance Improve efficiency and productivity Improve communication Increase consistency and accountability Increase the value of IT Improve morale Reduce costs

7 Who/What is ServiceNow? Provider of cloud-based software that automates ITSM based on ITIL principles Rated 2012 Best Overall Offering by EMA Nation-wide public and private sector customer base SaaS business model with web interface

8 Campus Summaries of ITIL and ServiceNow Implementations

9 UCSC Overview IT Request Users vs. Campus Population – 5,000/19,000 Students (15K undergrad, 1.5K Grad) – 30% – 1,000/1,517 Faculty – 2,400/4,300 Staff – 7,000/40,000 Applicants – 400/8594 Guests (others were spam or auto created) Other Tools Used? – Incident transitioned from Web Help Desk – Change Management transitioned from Jira – Library & SOE Staff (non ITS) use Request Tracker (RT) – PBSci IT still uses Cerberus (but is transitioning to SNC) UC Santa Cruz 2013

10 UC Santa Cruz DateSNC ApplicationDevelopersService Managers Tickets 2012-13 Current Users Assignment Groups 2011: January Contract Start Date00000 2011: June Incident Change Knowledge Base 1143,971 516 1,315 27,111 87 92 113 49 NA 2012: December Service Catalog (RITM) 1.414913408 2013: Summer Pinnacle Integration Portfolio & Project Management 1.51.2Future 2013: Fall Release Management 1.51.3Future 2014: Winter CMDB1.51.3Future UC Santa Cruz 2013

11 Why Service Now? Transition from outdated tools (some vendor end of life) Performance Improvement Integration of silod tools, expansion opportunities, BC/DR – Integration of ITIL processes continues Reduce skill specialization required across limited staff – Consolidation of skillset into XReduced need for technical development staff – More developer skills necessary than expected, develop SNC skills across org Reduced operational maintenance – Expectation Met - No SysAdmin required; Still need to manage SNC Upgrades UCSF, UCLA, and LBL had adopted already – Expectation Met – UC Wide Adoption continues UC Santa Cruz 2013

12 UCSF Overview Campus Overview – 3000 Students – 30,000+ Faculity/Staff Other Tools Used? – Remedy used by HR Why Service-now – Frustration with Remedy Upgrade – SOM and Medical Center IT moved to ServiceNow – Operational Excellence – IT Consolidation

13 UCSF ItemDateSNC ApplicationDevelopersServic e Mgrs Current Users Assignment Groups Contract Start Date2010: October 2011: January SOM Enterprise 10 Initial Production Deployment 2010: AprilAsset Mgmt – Computers (SOM only) 10 Other Production Releases 2010: October 2011: November 2012: February 2012: May 2013: March 2013: May 2013: July Incident Management for Med Ctr IT Enterprise Incident Management Enterprise Change Management ESS, Knowledge (internal) Asset Mgmt (computers – desktop support) SDLC Asset Mgmt (printers – desktop support) 12121111212111 0101750 IT Users 60 non-IT Users 251 Planned Releases2013: September October November 2014 CMDB – Network CMDB – Server CMDB – Application Discovery 1.5 1 Future Plans2014Problem Management1

14 UC Davis Overview Campus Overview – 33,300 Students – 8,352 Faculty – 20,410 Staff

15 UC Davis ItemDateService Now Application DevelopersCommunity Admins Product Owner (Agile) Contract Start Date 2012: Dec 0000 Initial Deployment 2013: Feb Incident111 Planned Releases 2013: July Beta: Portfolio & Project Change Mgmt Contract Mgmt 111 2013: Aug Knowledge Mgmt12-31

16 Nisi Vidato UCLA Manager, IT Service Management

17 Background In 2007 UCLA underwent a Pink Elephant Process Assessment Findings were that we were very immature in our processes The processes were not documented and communicated to a large degree The recommendation was to implement ITIL Processes In 2010 UCLA hired me as the ITIL Expert – Conduct a gap analysis – Operationalize the ITIL framework Implement ServiceNow

18 Service Management Awareness Campaign – Foundations Training – Lunch and Learns – Newsletters Core project team – Governance Design Team – Process development – Requirements gathering

19 Why ServiceNow? IT Service Management Framework Able to extend the platform to create custom applications Able to utilize workflow to develop end to end service provisioning Self-service Saas Upgrades are compatible with customized applications

20 UCLA DateSNC Application Service Managers/ System Administrators 2010: January1/1 2010: MarchIncident, Knowledge, CMBD Lite1/2 2010: JulyService Catalog, ESS, Mobile1/2 2011: JanuaryChange Management, SR1/2 2012: MarchProblem Management, SR2/2 2012: AugustCustom Applications: Contact Info App, Calendar Management 3/2 2012: NovemberSR (over 168), Contracts, CMDB Project3/2 2013: January-AprilMerger 250 individuals, Custom Application: Service Request 5/3 2013: JulyCustom Applications: Bruin On Line, SAR5/3 2013: JulyMulti-Tenancy (6 Tenants)5/3 2013: AugustCMS5/3

21 Moderator Questions for Panel

22 Audience Q&A

23 Optional Slides

24 What are the potential benefits of ServiceNow? Hosted in the cloud Based on ITIL Customizable Automated upgrades Improved operational tracking Tool/Application/Data consolidation Enterprise-wide tool Customer self service Powerful reporting

25 UC Santa Cruz Screen Shots 2013 UC Santa Cruz "IT Request"

26 ITS Home Page UC Santa Cruz "IT Request"

27 ESS Page Service-now ESS Page UC Santa Cruz "IT Request"

28 Client Name Client/User Homepage UC Santa Cruz "IT Request"

29 Client/User Homepage UC Santa Cruz "IT Request"

30 Service Catalog We included the Get Help link to create an Incident ticket here. This allows users to start at the service catalog and if they dont see what they want specifically, they can just Open a Ticket. Helps users as we add service request items to the service catalog. We did not take a big bang approach to our SNC catalog. UC Santa Cruz "IT Request"

31 Client Incident View UC Santa Cruz "IT Request"

32 ESS Page ESS Page UC Santa Cruz "IT Request"

33 Service Catalog

34 UC Santa Cruz "IT Request" Change Request

35 UC Santa Cruz "IT Request" Knowledge Base/FAQ (partial)

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