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1 Copyright © 2010 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All Rights Reserved

2 ISSUES FACING FOOD SERVICE There are a variety of pressing issues that are facing the industry Some of these are left to the individual operator to manage, some are legislated, and others are handled by trade associations They range in scope from health concerns to waste management

3 CONSUMER CONCERNS Concerns/Issues include: – Obesity – Nutritional Content of Foods – Genetically Modified Foods – Truth in Menu – Alcohol Consumption – Food Safety – Garbage – Others (smoking, trans fats, etc.)

4 OBESITY Numerous lawsuits have been brought, primarily against QSRs, blaming them for obesity related health problems Plaintiffs have sought menu labeling changes, advertising restrictions, nutritional labeling regulations and financial reimbursement Many companies are responding with various changes in menus, items, or ingredients

5 TRANS FATS Trans fats have become a major issue for consumers Trans fats are a type of unsaturated fat Trans fats are not beneficial and may be harmful (heart disease) Food manufacturers (but not restaurants) must list use on labels Some municipalities have banned them from restaurant foods (NYC, 2006) and others are sure to follow

6 NUTRITIONAL CONTENT OF FOOD Consumers are becoming more concerned about what they eat and what is in their food The NLAE was passed in 1990 but only covered packaged foods In 1997, it was extended to cover restaurants under certain conditions (health claims) Some states have passed similar legislation which does cover restaurants, and some companies have done it voluntarily

7 ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION Drunk driving is a problem as well as the potential for lawsuits – legislated in 50 states Restaurants have generally been proactive but some states are legislating server training In NH, someone in ownership or management must be certified through the states Management Training Seminar

8 FOOD SAFETY Food safety continues to be a concern of consumers (and the government) Foodborne illness accounts for 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths each year Restaurants are covered by their respective state legislation Several states require that restaurant workers have food safety and sanitation certification

9 GARBAGE Restaurants are considered to be a clean industry but still contribute to the waste stream Solid waste disposal is becoming harder to manage and more expensive for cities and towns The average American generates 4 pounds of garbage per person per day Recycling has been one response that restaurants have voluntarily adopted

10 TECHNOLOGY One of the advantages of food service technology is enhanced customer service In the back of the house, technology lends itself to energy savings, efficiency, and food safety Food service is also benefiting from Internet applications

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