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Traffic Scotland Information Service Peter Cullen Travel Information Manager Transport Scotland.

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1 Traffic Scotland Information Service Peter Cullen Travel Information Manager Transport Scotland

2 Overview - Traffic Scotland Information Services - Traffic Scotland website usage - 3 Year TSIS development strategy - New technology opportunities - Traffic Scotland Radio Service

3 Traffic Scotland Information Service Hierarchy Ranked by Audience Reach Pre-Trip/On trip Web Site (desktop/mobile) On-Trip Internet Radio Service Mobile web application and Smartphone Apps (i-Phone, Android & Blackberry) Traffic Customer Care Line Twitter/RSS feeds VMS/Kiosks

4 Traffic Scotland Information Service Internet Radio Websites (Desktop & Mobile) Traffic Scotland/Freight Scotland Twitter Mobile Apps Traffic Customer Care Line Traffic Scotland Information Service Platforms Potential Audience Reach max delivered to date 115 m page impressions in month of Dec 2010 equates to 1.1m distinct IP addresses. Resilient to spike demand. Upgrades will also support this. Potential delivery to circa 1.5 million users over a 24 hour period Currently 84,000 downloads for I-Phone and Android. Stats feed through to TS website usage Twitter has currently 6,200 followers and growing A normal demand of 70 calls per day, however seasonal spikes in demand VMS/Kiosks 139 VMS and currently there are 3 kiosks: Gretna Green (A74); Ballinluig Services (A9) and Harthill Service (M8)

5 Sources Traffic Scotland Radio Mobile/Smart-Phone Customer Care Line Twitter and RSS Feeds PlatformsTimeliness Traffic Scotland Control Centre Trafficlink Customer Care Line 3 rd Party – Met Office; Further Event News Traveline Scotland Multi-Agency Response Team (MART) Real-time & Regular Updates Pre-recorded Regular Updates Real-time Real-time & Regular Updates Real time & Regular Updates Timeliness of Travel Information

6 Provision of Variable Message Signs *139 Variable Message Signs

7 Traffic Scotland Information Service Usage Page Impressions 2006 : 31 m 2007 : 35 m 2008 : 58 m (40 m predicted) 2009 : 137m (52 m December 2009) 2010 : 328 m (113 m December 2010) - Q1: 115 m - Q4: 171 m - 06 December – 21.6 m

8 Traffic Scotland Page Impressions

9 Press Coverage

10 Events of Winter 2010 Traffic Scotland website usage during severe weather: Record daily highs - 29th November – 12.2 million page impressions - 6th December – 21.6 million Sustained period of high usage - > 3 million page impressions on 8 further days Twitter subscribers – grew by 150% in a few days To put in context: Previous one day highs million (January 2010) million (January 2009) Average daily use: k k

11 Traffic Scotland Performance Figures Percentage up time = 100% Percentage down time = 0% Average response time = seconds Total comms usage December: 2,058GB (367GB - 6th December)

12 TSIS 3 Year Development Strategy

13 TSIS Deployment Strategy : Key Milestones

14 Traffic Scotland Information Service Implementation of series of Winter Projects to enhance 2011 response Website enhancements - Precautionary Treatment Plans - Weather Station Integration - Weather page updates - LEV professional user updates - Additional CCTV Hardware - New virtualised solution, will assist with TSCC migration; and in - disaster recovery / resilience Software architecture - Content Management System and web data layer re-architecture All this investment supports future development of TS Information Services Ensuring resilience and robustness – 100% availability when needed most by users and stakeholders Changing the way information is delivered to users


16 Traffic Scotland Mobile Service Advent of smart devices offers chance to improve the way information is presented and delivered to users Decision to introduce new Traffic Scotland Mobile Service – Push information, Alerts – Harness functionality of smart devices –- Personalisation: My Traffic Scotland - Key routes - Regions - Location based –- Whats Near Me Traffic Scotland works in partnership with Traveline Scotland – to expand existing on the move travel applications and ensure they cover both public transport and the strategic road network

17 TS Mobile Service - Phased Approach Phase 1 launch of new mobile TS website (July 2011) featured: - What's near me - Real-time information relevant to the users location and distances to events - Map based views - quick wins using existing PDA site data sets Phase 2: November 2011 new features: - Park and Ride facilities - Weather station data - Winter precautionary treatment plans - Campaigns (such as winter driving) - Personalised information - Links to other traffic / journey planning mobile applications - Social media integration - Internet traffic radio – Traffic Scotland Radio Subsequent Phases - Further personalisation, alerts and pushing information

18 Traffic Scotland Mobile Service

19 Traffic Scotland Radio Proposed service level of dip in Traffic Scotland Radio : – Three bulletins per hour at peak times – Two bulletins per hour during weekends and off peak times – Planned (roadworks) bulletins – Planned public transport bulletins (e.g. rail engineering works) –Additional alert or event bulletins relating to weather warnings or major –event information – Campaign messages e.g. cross promotion of other journey planning service (Traveline Scotland), deer, eco driving, ready winter etc –

20 Objectives of the new trial service is: to use technology to deal with the majority of public enquiries by getting information to a device the user has with them to reduce heavy load on the Traffic Customer Care Line during extreme weather and other events to complement and enhance existing live traffic information on the TS website content will be delivered 24 hours a day with increased frequency of updates during extreme weather conditions Available on multiple platforms: the Traffic Scotland desktop Website mobile phone applications including smart devices (iPhone/Android/ and soon on Blackberry) also via a standard telephone connection as an option on the Traffic Customer Care Line

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