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Lets Talk About Community Service! By: Brittany Richardson.

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1 Lets Talk About Community Service! By: Brittany Richardson

2 Why Community Service Is Important To Me: Community service is a good way for me to show my compassion for people that I do not have contact with on a daily basis. Community service helps me develop better social skills. Community service allows me to give of myself freely to people that are less fortunate.

3 Lets Support The American Red Cross! This is the first organization I supported with Freshman Year Experience. We washed cars and took up donations to help support.

4 My First Two Community Service Projects For The Fall I washed cars and made signs for the first two car washes at Waffle House. I mostly held signs at these car washes, but Bianca, Aaron, and I stood in the median and hollered car wash and some people stopped to give us donations. We were moving around the entire time, because we started on the corner by the bank and ended up at the median. I enjoyed it though, because I was able to spend time with other FYE students and we all were together as a family working hard to support The American Cancer Society.

5 Waffle House

6 My Last Community Service Project For The Fall I washed cars at Sonnys to get my last two or three community service hours. I mainly rinsed cars and stood out to the road with a car wash sign. I enjoyed being at Sonnys because I was able to spend time with FYE students and we were making a lot of donations for a good cause.

7 Sonnys Barbecue

8 My First Two Community Service Projects For The Spring My first seven community service hours came from washing cars at Sonnys in Valdosta. At the first car wash, I went to the sidewalk on the side of Sonnys and I held a car wash sign and screamed car wash. At the second car wash, I rinsed cars and helped wash cars. Then, I went out beside the road and held up a car wash sign.

9 Here Is One Of The Cars We Washed At Sonnys

10 Heres A Picture Of Me Rinsing

11 My Last Community Service Project Was Relay For Life. I completed the last three hours of my community service. I participated in a scavenger hunt for Relay For Life. My eight friends and I had to find nine random things on campus in forty five minutes. It was a hard task because we had to go to the University Center and Centennial and could not have any form of transportation take us there. We found all the things on the list and made it back before our time was up. We won a cup and a bracelet for doing this event.

12 Here Is A Picture Of The Shirt I Got For Participating and The Cup I Won From The Scavenger Hunt.

13 How I Really Feel About Community Service. I think community service is a great deed. It is the best chance that I will ever have to help out in the community. I can help plan and participate in events that can change someones life. It feels good to know that someones life can be saved, or someone can have a chance at a better life from my ten hours of community service. I feel like I have accomplished something and that in the end someone will really appreciate all my hardwork and dedication.

14 My Youth Mission Group Loves Community Service!

15 Do I Plan On Doing Community Service In The Future? Yes, I plan on doing community service in the future. I am vice president of my youth mission group and we help feed the elderly twice a year, but in the coming months we are going to find other community service projects that we can participate.

16 The End Of Freshman Year Experience And Community Service 2006-2007!

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