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1 DVB Update: Service Information Martin Gold NDS.

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1 1 DVB Update: Service Information Martin Gold NDS

2 2 DVB SI Update: Overview What is Service Information? Features of DVB Service Information Specification Status and Developments

3 3 DVB SI Update: What is SI? Operates in conjunction with PSI (defined by MPEG): SI data provides information for: Automatic tuning to transport stream User Information for Service, Event, and Component selection PSI data provides information for: Configuration of decoder for selected Service DVB extensions for non-MPEG components

4 4 DVB SI Features Data structured as several Tables Structures use fixed format for essential data, and descriptors for optional or variable-length data (similar to PSI) Efficient data transmission Extensible while maintaining compatibility Support for private extensions Can provide standard EPG data-stream Look and Feel determined by receiver software –Resident or Downloaded

5 5 DVB SI Model SatelliteCableTerrestrial Transponder 1 Transponder 1 Transponder 2 Transponder 2 Transponder 3 Transponder 3 Transponder T Transponder T Channel 1 Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 2 Channel C Channel C Channel 1 Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 2 Channel C Channel C Service 1 Service 1 Service 2 Service 2 Service 3 Service 3 Service S Service S Service 1 Service 1 Service 2 Service 2 Service S Service S Service 1 Service 1 Service 2 Service 2 Service S Service S Video Audio 1 Audio 2 Data Bouquet Networks Transport Streams Services Components

6 6 SI Features: NIT Network Information Table Identification of transmission as a member of a group of multiplexes - Network Network Name Tuning parameters with support for various delivery media List of additional frequencies for terrestrial transmission Designed for simple transcoding of transport streams

7 7 SI Features: SDT & BAT Service Description Table Identifies Service names and Service types Linked Services Pointer to MPEG Program in PSI Service_id = MPEG Program Number Bouquet Association Table (Optional) Groupings of Services May convey logical channel number

8 8 SI Features: EIT Present/Following Information on current and next events Schedule (optional) Up to 64 days ahead - ordered by service and time Event Information Title, short description Start time & duration Content classification & parental rating Longer text description Information on components

9 9 SI Features: TDT,TOT, RST Time and Date Table Transmission of current time for automatic setting of receiver clock Time Offset Table (optional) Transmission of time offset by zone - both current, and next offset values, with date at which next occurs Running Status Table (optional) Mechanism for signalling status transitions with greater timing precision

10 10 Example EPG using DVB SI

11 11 DVB SI Specification Status October 95: Edition 1 ETS 300 468 January 97: Edition 2 ETS 300 468, added Time Offset Table Multilingual and Unicode Support Extension to content description Support for DVB Subtitling Incorporated from SI Guidelines –Private Data Specifier Mechanism –Service Move –Service bit-rate signalling

12 12 DVB SI Specification Status (2) January 98: V1.3.1 EN 300 468, added Support for Terrestrial transmission SI for recorded partial bitstreams Support for Data Broadcasting Agreed additions for next edition (V1.4.1) HD Video component description Support for AC-3 audio Use of Transport Stream Description Table PSI descriptor for Data Broadcasting Support for 6MHz terrestrial channels Support for VBI data extensions

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