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India Power Overview 1. 2 Evolution of SREI Fast Track Growth – Infrastructure Business IPCL DPSC.

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1 India Power Overview 1

2 2 Evolution of SREI Fast Track Growth – Infrastructure Business IPCL DPSC

3 3 Businesss Vertical

4 4 Business Overview - Power Thermal 12 MW Dishergarh 42.2 MW Dishergarh/Chinakuri Wind 10.4 MW Karnataka 24.8 MW Gujarat 60 MW Rajasthan Generation Expansion Plans 3X150 MW Haldia- Thermal Power ( Under Execution) 2 x 270 MW Raghunathpur 2x100 MW Wind Power in Rajasthan / Gujarat Distribution 245 MVA Connected load till March12 - 33 KV Substations Distribution Expansion Plans Distribution Licensee / Franchisee 220 KV substation 400 KV ISTS Connectivity PMS / Consultancy Power Trading

5 5 2010 2008 2007 2006 2003 Incorporated as a Power Generation, Distribution, Transmission & Trading Company Commissioned 10.4 MW Wind Power Plant in Karnataka, India Commissioned 24.8 MW Wind Power Plant in Gujarat, India Set up India Power Corporation (Haldia) Limited to develop Thermal Power plant in West Bengal Acquisition of DPSC Ltd, one of the oldest Power utility companies in India India Power History 2012 Commissioning of 60 MW Wind Farm in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan 2011 Started Implementing 450 MW Thermal Power Project in Haldia

6 6 Fuel Supply Distribution Generation Haldia Raghunathpur and others Acquired Tolled Group captive Long Term contracts PPAs Short Term contracts Bilateral STOA Power Exchanges License Area + areas Other License areas Distribution Franchisees Distribution Licensees Portfolio Management Solution Industrial Clusters Open Access consumers Mine Ownership Short term coal procurement Coal Linkage Other Sale PSAs Bilateral STOA Power Exchanges Vision: A Comprehensive Power Solutions Provider

7 Power Sector – 5 yrs Plan Power Sector Growth PlanDistribution Business Growth Plan

8 8 Board of Directors Managing Director CEO Distribution Business Chief Engineer – Distribution Distribution & Generation Assets Operation 270 MW Raghunathpur Technical Services / Projects/QOHAS Corporate Services President New Initiatives Thermal Project Development Hydro Project Development CEO Generation Business SPV IPCL Haldia SPV- IPCL Bihar SPV- IPCL Gujarat Head Renewable Project Core team – Strategic Business Initiative Chief- Business Development Distribution Power Management Cell Wind Power Development PMS / Consultancy Proposal Coordination team Chief Financial Officer Finance & Accounts Resource Mobilization Financial Risk Review Chief -H R Admin & I R HR DPSCL/IPCL Admin DPSCL/IPCL IR DPSCL SPV-IPCL Haldia HR Admin & IR Head Corporate Affairs – Delhi Office President Corporate Affairs Govt / Corporate Relation Public Relation/ Media Intra Group Relation/ Coordination Corporate Services Commercial / Procurement Regulatory Affairs & Budget & Costing Legal IT Support Services - BPM -INFRA -APPLICATIONS & CRM - GOVERNANCE Company Secretary Internal Audit Organization Structure

9 9 Distribution Business Performance ( 2011-12) License Area and Expansion Key Growth Drivers Low Cost and Quality Power Beyond License area operations Plan for 2012-15 Commissioning of 12 MW PP 220 KV / 400 KV STU/CTU connectivity to reduce cost of power purchase Strategic initiatives Optimal Infrastructure with load scheduling initiatives. Create strategic load centre including infrastructure facility Distribution Support Service to Intra- Group initiatives Most Competitive Tariff by 2014-15 FY11-12 Revenue (Rs Cr)544.7 MVA / MU (units)246.0998 EBIDTA35.1 PBT17.4 Plan ( 2012-15) FY 12-13 (Rs Cr) FY 13-14 (Rs Cr) FY 14-15 (Rs Cr) Revenue80010001200 MVA (License Area)327370450 MVA (Outside)114230550 EBIDTA66100120

10 Our Existing Licensing Area with new S/Stn Chalbalpur Parbelia Dhasaldanga Ningha Dhadka

11 DPSC is one of oldest power utility in India, Est. 1919, and Engaged in Distribution business in and around Asansol-Raniunj License area of 618 Sq. km in West Bengal DPSC Limited has been adjudged top performer by "ET 500 in 1995. Lowest T & D Loss figures in India at 3.3% Steady demand growth with a CAGR of 11% Supplies survival power to critical utilities like Railways, underground coal mines of Eastern Coalfields Limited, Hospitals. DPSC Limited, facilitated commissioning of the Asias first and the largest 2 MW Grid Connected Solar PV. 11 Sourcing Points:MVA DVC Dishergarh Receiving Station 32.0 Seebpore Receiving Station 38.0 Luchipur Receiving Station 37.5 Satgram Receiving Station 20.0 WBSEDCL Garui Point45.0 Bankola Point20.0 OWN GENERATION (Net) Chinakuri Power Station27.5 Dishergarh Power Station12.0 TOTAL232.0 DPSC – Distribution Business

12 Consumer PortfolioMax KVA% 1.WBSEDCL33, 956.0015.24% 2. Mines102, 984.0046.21% 3. Rail7, 739.00 3.47% 4. Govt. /PHE /PU2, 577.001.16% 5. Commercial10, 672.004.79% 6. Industry64, 933.0229.14% Distribution – Customer Portfolio 12

13 13 Generation Business Plan ( 2012-15) ThermalFY 12-13FY 13-14FY 14-15 Revenue (Cr)-3211351 MW- 300450 EBITA-50119 Synergy with Group Companies SIDCL & SNRPL WindFY 12-13FY 13-14FY 14-15 Revenue (Cr)89271396 MW195.2350500 EBITA1175118 Thermal Generation 3X150 MW IPCL Haldia 12 MW Dishergarh (License Area) MOUs in MP, Gujarat & Jharkhand Wind New Wind Assets in Rajasthan & Gujarat @ 100-150 MW/year Figure in Rs. Cr.

14 Power Generation 14 GENERATION India Power Corporation Ltd Wind Power DPSC Ltd. Thermal Power 10.4 MW Karnataka 24.8 MW Gujarat 450 MW Haldia 1320 MW Bihar 1320 MW Gujarat 12 MW Dishergarh 270 MW Raghunathpur 42.2 MW Dishergarh Existing Thermal Power 660 MW MP 60 MW Rajasthan Operational Under Construction Generation Plant Status Under Development 3300 MW Jharkand


16 16 RegulatoryLoad GrowthStrengthen Power Purchase RationaleLicensed Business, Regulatory Approval Provide Competitive Tariffs Core Adjoinin g Growth ExpansionDistribution License/ Franchise Extend License area RationaleGeographical Derisking Leverage Group Assets Regulated load growth C A G GrowthProactive LicenseM&A Rationale Proactively admit EOI for Licensees across areas in West Bengal Acquire Licensee within India and Internationally Building on our Core Competency of Power Distribution

17 17 GenerationWind GenerationCoal Generation Rationale Faster Implementation Higher Returns per each MW of capacity Focus on Fuel security ExpansionHydroGas RationaleBase load with no Fuel issues Implementation ease Provide Peak Load Management C A G GrowthPower Management Services M&A RationaleManage Group Assets across Geography Margins are not Regulated Acquire Projects Domestically & Internationally Core Adjoining Growth Capacity generation to focus on faster turnaround projects coupled with Fuel Security

18 18 Project Capex. – Generation Exchange Rate – INR46/USD Capacity Addition through IPCLLocation Estimated Capex INR Crores 450 MW (3 X 150 MW) Thermal Power PlantHaldia (WB) 2,446 60 MW Wind Power PlantRajasthan 325 100 MW new Wind Power PlantRajasthan / Gujarat 600 Capacity Addition through DPSCLocation Estimated Capex INR Crores 12 MW (1X12 MW) Thermal Power PlantDishergarh 72 540 MW (2 X 270 MW)Thermal Power PlantRaghunathpur 3,084 TOTAL ESTIMATED CAPEX 6,527

19 19 Projected Capex. – Distribution Year Projected distribution load Estimated Capex INR Crores PRESENT250 MVA NA 2012-13 ( License Area + Expansion)441 MVA 175 2013-14 ( License Area + Expansion)600 MVA 200 2014-15 ( License Area + Expansion)1000 MVA 225 TOTAL ESTIMATED CAPEX 600

20 Thank You 20

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