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Satellite Air-time Billing System

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1 Satellite Air-time Billing System
SATbill Training SATbill Satellite Air-time Billing System Overview

2 Product Overview Description Editions Billing Process Core Elements
Benefits Customers

3 value-added services”
SATbill Training Product Description “SATbill is a comprehensive airtime billing system that covers all call types and value-added services”

4 SATbill Training Editions

5 SATbill Training Billing Process

6 Core Elements SATbill processes calls based on Services covered
Call time Call data volume (GB, MB, KB, bytes and bits) Event-based calls, such as SMS Packet-based and 256-bit Inmarsat C data Services covered Inmarsat BGAN, Aero, FBB, SBB, SPS, GSPS, IsatPhone, B, C, Fleet, M, mini-M, M4 Coastal Radio Thuraya GlobalStar Iridium, including Short Burst Data and OpenPort VSAT 3G

7 Core Elements SATbill Supports Invoicing Options
D91-style, CSV-based and customer-specific VSAT CDR formats Contract and Advance Pay tariffs Installations (vessels and aircraft, for example) Multiple Billing Entities (Branch Offices) Invoicing Options By Contract, Time, Customer, PO Number, Terminal/SIM and Vessel Configurable layouts Euros, US dollars or your own local currency Output in PDF and Word formats Billing Groups allow invoices to be generated for one or more services

8 Core Elements SATbill handles SATbill Provides
Subscription and services activation charges Multiple add-on extra-cost services Complex value and volume-based bundles and allowances Rebates and discounting of all charges SATbill Provides Alternate pricing options for ‘Roaming’ calls Full pricing alerts where the margin is too low Cost of Sales reports CDR export in CSV, tab-delimited and Excel formats Interfaces to standard accounting systems

9 Business Benefits Cut billing times and costs Improve billing accuracy
Reduce billing resources Optimise margins Increase profitability Improve competitiveness Enhance cash-flow

10 Implementation Customisation Data import Install and configure
Comprehensive training Support and maintenance

11 SATbill Training Sample Customers

12 Athina Vezyri, Chairman & CEO, SRH Marine Electronics S.A
SATbill Training Testimonials “With SATbill we now have an efficient billing procedure with good support and reporting, which is saving time and money for our organisation. I would highly recommend Symbiosys Business Solutions for their professionalism, flexibility and support.” Athina Vezyri, Chairman & CEO, SRH Marine Electronics S.A

13 Louise Yuen, General Manager, IDG Europe AB, Sweden
SATbill Training Testimonials “SATbill has significantly reduced the time it takes us to complete our monthly billing whilst improving the accuracy of our invoicing. All in all we are very satisfied with SATbill and would recommend it to other service providers with billing volume to contend with.” Louise Yuen, General Manager, IDG Europe AB, Sweden

14 Rob Verkuil, General Manager of Radio Holland Connect, Imtech Marine
SATbill Training Testimonials “Symbiosys Business Solutions supplied us with a user friendly customised billing system; it increased our efficiency and streamlined our processes. It was for Imtech Marine an important strategic investment.” Rob Verkuil, General Manager of Radio Holland Connect, Imtech Marine

15 Demo Video

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