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Round One Ultimate QuestionWashington Jefferson Adams Round Two Scores can be changed manually during the slide show. There are 30 questions per round.

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3 Round One Ultimate QuestionWashington Jefferson Adams Round Two Scores can be changed manually during the slide show. There are 30 questions per round. Complete Round 1 before moving on to Round 2 The Ultimate Question is the final question asked, after the first two rounds have been completed.

4 Category #1Category #2Category #3Category #4Category #5Category #6 Battles Causes of the Revolution Causes of the Revolution Important People Laws Articles of Confedera- Articles of Confedera- tion $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 The Constitu- tion The Constitu- tion Click on any of the top row squares to return to the Scoreboard.

5 $100 Americas victory in this 1777 battle resulted in France coming to the aid of the U.S. AnswerScoreboard

6 $100 Saratoga What is Saratoga? Round 1

7 $200 This was the last major battle of the American Revolution: Cornwallis surrendered to the U.S. ScoreboardAnswer

8 $200 Yorktown (1781) What is Yorktown (1781)? Round 1

9 $300 This was the first battle of the American Revolution. ScoreboardAnswer

10 $300 Lexington and Concord What is Lexington and Concord? Round 1

11 $400 After this bloody battle on the hills surrounding Boston, the king officially declared the colonies in rebellion. ScoreboardAnswer

12 $400 Bunker Hill What is Bunker Hill? Round 1

13 $500 George Washington may have saved the Patriot cause when he crossed the Delaware River and defeated Hessians at this location. ScoreboardAnswer

14 $500 Trenton? What is Trenton? Round 1

15 $100 This 1765 meeting was perhaps the most important of the revolutionary era because 9 colonies worked together in resisting British policy. AnswerScoreboard

16 $100 Stamp Act Congress What is the Stamp Act Congress? Round 1

17 $200 The Intolerable Acts were passed in response to this colonial action. ScoreboardAnswer

18 $200 Boston Tea Party, 1774 What is the Boston Tea Party, 1774? Round 1

19 $300 This law marked the end of salutary neglect. ScoreboardAnswer

20 $300 Proclamation of 1763 What is the Proclamation of 1763? Round 1

21 $400 The Second Continental Congress was formed in response to this event. ScoreboardAnswer

22 $400 Battle of Lexington and Concord, 1775 What is the Battle of Lexington and Concord, 1775? Round 1

23 $500 The Boston Massacre occurred largely because Americans had resisted this 1767 act of taxation. ScoreboardAnswer

24 $500 Townshend Acts, 1767 What are the Townshend Acts, 1767? Round 1

25 $100 The natural rights philosophy of this Englishman provided the foundation for the Declaration of Independence. AnswerScoreboard

26 $100 John Locke? Who is John Locke? Round 1

27 $200 This Common Sense writer convinced Congress to declare its independence. ScoreboardAnswer

28 $200 Thomas Paine? Who is Thomas Paine? Round 1

29 $300 This British Prime Minister sought to impose British control over the colonies, thus ending Salutary Neglect. ScoreboardAnswer

30 $300 George Grenville Who is George Grenville? Round 1

31 $400 This Massachusetts leader founded the Sons of Liberty. ScoreboardAnswer

32 $400 Samuel Adams Who is Samuel Adams? Round 1

33 $500 This Founding Father earlier wrote in his Letter From a Pennsylvania Farmer that Britain did not have the right to impose either internal or external taxes on the colonies. ScoreboardAnswer

34 $500 John Dickinson Who is John Dickinson? Round 1

35 $100 These laws sought to enforce Britains mercantilist system AnswerScoreboard

36 $100 Navigation Laws What are the Navigation Laws? Round 1

37 $200 This 1764 act was the first intending to directly tax the colonies. ScoreboardAnswer

38 $200 Sugar Acts What are the Sugar Acts? Round 1

39 $300 Great Britain passed this face-saving measure immediately after it repealed the Stamp Act in 1766. ScoreboardAnswer

40 $300 Declaratory Act What is the Declaratory Act? Round 1

41 $400 This 1787 law banned slavery north of the Ohio River and provided rules for attaining statehood. ScoreboardAnswer

42 $400 Northwest Ordinance of 1787 What is the Northwest Ordinance of 1787? Round 1

43 $500 The Boston Tea Party was a response to this British law. ScoreboardAnswer

44 $500 Tea Act What is the Tea Act? Round 1

45 $100 The biggest weakness of the Articles of Confederation was its inability to regulate this. AnswerScoreboard

46 $100 interstate commerce? What is interstate commerce? Round 1

47 $200 This 1786-87 rebellion convinced wealthy Americans that a stronger central government was needed. ScoreboardAnswer

48 $200 Shays Rebellion What is Shays Rebellion? Round 1

49 $300 This meeting was called by Alexander Hamilton in 1785-86 to revise the Articles and promote economic growth. ScoreboardAnswer

50 $300 Annapolis Convention? What is the Annapolis Convention? Round 1

51 $400 This law provided for the organized settlement of the Old Northwest. ScoreboardAnswer

52 $400 Land Ordinance of 1785 What is the Land Ordinance of 1785? Round 1

53 $500 This plot conceived by military officers sought to overthrow the government in 1783. George Washington stopped it. ScoreboardAnswer

54 $500 Newburgh Conspiracy What is the Newburgh Conspiracy? Round 1

55 $100 This agreement resulted in the creation of a bicameral legislature: the Senate and House of Representatives. AnswerScoreboard

56 $100 Great Compromise (Connecticut Compromise) What is the Great Compromise (Connecticut Compromise)? Round 1

57 $200 Montesquieu provided the philosophical foundation for this structure of government. ScoreboardAnswer

58 $200 checks and balances (separation of powers) What are checks and balances (separation of powers)? Round 1

59 $300 The issue of counting slaves as part of the Southern population was resolved by this agreement. ScoreboardAnswer

60 $300 Three-Fifths Compromise? What is the Three-Fifths Compromise? Round 1

61 $400 In order to select a president with a small number of voters, this system was created. ScoreboardAnswer

62 $400 Electoral College What is the Electoral College? Round 1

63 Place a bet between $100 to $1000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

64 $500 Among the several authors of the Constitution, this Virginian is considered the most important. ScoreboardAnswer

65 $500 James Madison Who is James Madison? Round 1

66 Category #1Category #2Category #3Category #4Category #6 Ratifica- tion Debate Ratifica- tion Debate Revolution and Social Change Revolution and Social Change Treaties & Conven- tions Treaties & Conven- tions President Washing- ton President Washing- ton President Adams President Adams Hamiltons Financial Plan Hamiltons Financial Plan $200 $400 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 $600 $800 $1000 Click on any of the top row squares to return to the Scoreboard.

67 $200 Anti-Federalists most common complaint about the Constitution was that it lacked one of these. AnswerScoreboard

68 $200 bill of rights What is a bill of rights? Round 2

69 $400 This many states needed to ratify the Constitution in order for it to take effect. ScoreboardAnswer

70 $400 nine? What is nine? Round 2

71 $600 These anonymous newspaper articles in New York, later collected into a single volume, helped the ratification of the Constitution. ScoreboardAnswer

72 $600 Federalist Papers What are the Federalist Papers? Round 2

73 $800 These three authors anonymously published the Federalist Papers. ScoreboardAnswer

74 $800 Madison, Hamilton, and Jay Who are Madison, Hamilton, and Jay? Round 2

75 $1000 The Constitution officially took effect in this year. ScoreboardAnswer

76 $1000 1789 What is 1789? Round 2

77 $200 This was the first national constitutional government in the history of the United States. AnswerScoreboard

78 $200 Articles of Confederation What is the Articles of Confederation? Round 2

79 $400 This Massachusetts wife demanded of her famous husband that women be given more rights during the revolutionshe would be bitterly disappointed. ScoreboardAnswer

80 $400 Abigail Adams Who is Abigail Adams? Round 2

81 $600 80,000 of these conservative pro-British colonists left the U.S. as a result of the Revolution. ScoreboardAnswer

82 $600 Loyalists (Tories) Who are the Loyalists (Tories)? Round 2

83 $800 ScoreboardAnswer These two aristocratic privileges of inheritance were outlawed after the Revolution.

84 $800 primogeniture and entail What are primogeniture and entail? Round 2

85 Place a bet between $200 to $2000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

86 $1000 The Quok Walker case represented the end of this institution in Massachusetts. ScoreboardAnswer

87 $1000 slavery What is slavery? Round 2

88 $200 AnswerScoreboard This treaty recognized the independence of the U.S. and granted it much land east of the Mississippi River.

89 $200 Treaty of Paris, 1783 What is the Treaty of Paris, 1783? Round 2

90 $400 This treaty so divided the Hamiltonians and Jeffersonians in the 1790s that two official political parties emerged. ScoreboardAnswer

91 $400 Jay Treaty What is the Jay Treaty? Round 2

92 $600 This 1795 treaty effectively removed Native Americans from much of the Ohio territory. ScoreboardAnswer

93 $600 Treaty of Greenville What is the Treaty of Greenville? Round 2

94 $800 This agreement ended the Quasi- War between the U.S. and France. ScoreboardAnswer

95 $800 Convention of 1800 What is the Convention of 1800? Round 2

96 $1000 This 1795 treaty improved relations between the U.S. and Spain now that the U.S. had full access to New Orleans. ScoreboardAnswer

97 $1000 Pinckney Treaty What is the Pinckney Treaty? Round 2

98 $200 Though not mentioned in the Constitution, George established one of these by regularly meeting with his four secretaries. AnswerScoreboard

99 $200 cabinet What is the cabinet? Round 2

100 $400 In 1793, Washington issued this statement in response to the war between France and Britain. ScoreboardAnswer

101 $400 Neutrality Proclamation What is the Neutrality Proclamation? Round 2

102 $600 Washington set a foreign policy precedent of isolationism when he gave this in 1797. ScoreboardAnswer

103 $600 Farewell Speech What is his Farewell Speech? Round 2

104 $800 Washington led an army part of the way in 1794 when this rebellion broke out in western Pennsylvania. ScoreboardAnswer

105 $800 Whiskey Rebellion What is the Whiskey Rebellion? Round 2

106 Place a bet between $200 to $2000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

107 $1000 Washington signed this law into effect providing for a federal court system, including the Supreme Court. ScoreboardAnswer

108 $1000 Judiciary Act of 1789 What is the Judiciary Act of 1789? Round 2

109 $200 Mr. Adams was the leader of this political party. AnswerScoreboard

110 $200 Federalist Party What is the Federalist Party? Round 2

111 $400 This event created war fever in America, after three French agents dissed American diplomats in France. ScoreboardAnswer

112 $400 XYZ Affair What is the XYZ Affair? Round 2

113 $600 Adams lost a presidential election to Thomas Jefferson in this year. ScoreboardAnswer

114 $600 1800 What is 1800? Round 2

115 $800 These two 1798 laws were passed by the Federalists to silence Jeffersonian opposition to the Quasi-War. ScoreboardAnswer

116 $800 Alien and Sedition Acts? What are the Alien and Sedition Acts? Round 2

117 $1000 Jefferson and Madison expressed their opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts with these two compact theory resolutions. ScoreboardAnswer

118 $1000 Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions What are the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions? Round 2

119 $200 Hamilton based his argument in favor of the National Bank on this view of the Constitution. AnswerScoreboard

120 $200 loose construction ( broad construction) What is loose construction (or broad construction)? Round 2

121 $400 A compromise on this Hamiltonian measure gave the new national capital to the South. ScoreboardAnswer

122 $400 assumption of state debts What is the assumption of state debts? Round 2

123 $600 This Hamiltonian measure was responsible for the largest share of government revenues. ScoreboardAnswer

124 $600 tariffs (customs duties) What are tariffs (customs duties)? Round 2

125 $800 This aspect of Hamiltons plan provoked the Whiskey Rebellion. ScoreboardAnswer

126 $800 excise tax on whiskey What is the excise tax on whiskey? Round 2

127 $1000 Common people who bought bonds during the Revolution criticized Hamilton for not informing them of this new government policy. ScoreboardAnswer

128 $1000 funding at par What is funding at par? Round 2

129 Category: Continental Congresses Scoreboard Make your wager!! Ultimate Question

130 The official action agreed to by the First Continental Congress was the creation of this. Scoreboard Ultimate Question Answer

131 Association What is the Association? Scoreboard Ultimate Question

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