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Chapter 12 section 2.

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1 Chapter 12 section 2

2 Slavery and the West

3 Missouri was admitted to the union as a slave holding state

4 Maine was admitted as a free state

5 The Virginia and Kentucky resolution of declared that the federalist’s alien and sedition acts were unconstitutional

6 The nullification issue was raised against in the 1820’s and 1830’s by southerners over the issue of protective tariffs

7 In 1832 what state voted for an Ordinance of Nullification withdrawn?
South Carolina

8 In 1833 compromise, the tariff was___ and the Ordinance of Nullification withdrawn

9 ____, where slavery existed, became a state in 1845.

10 The_________ specified that slavery should be prohibited in any lands acquired by Mexico
The Wilmot Proviso.

11 ________ believed that the government could not ban or regulate slavery
Senator John C. Calhoun

12 The_________ was born out of the failure of the Democratic and Whig 1848 presidential candidates to take a stand on slavery Free-Soil party

13 _________ would be admitted as a free state.

14 The New Mexico territory would have no restrictions on ______

15 The New Mexico-Texas border dispute would be settled in favor of___________

16 The slave trade, but not slavery itself, would be abolished in the___
District of Columbia

17 A stronger_______ slave law would be enacted

18 Armed Missourians who entered Kansas to vote in favor of slavery.
Border Ruffians

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