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What does OPEC stand for? What does OPEC do?

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1 What does OPEC stand for? What does OPEC do?
What two policies did Gorbechev introduce to bring change to the Soviet Union? Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Regulate the price, production and cost of Petroleum oil Perestroika- Economic reforms (privatization) Glasnost- Openness about the government Who was the first Russian President? Who is the Russian president today? The conflict in Bosnia was a genocide. What was the cause? Boris Yeltsin Vladimir Putin Ethnic conflict between Croats (Catholics), Serbs (Christians) and Muslims

2 World Economies Develop
The development of economies in the superpowers

3 The West The West includes the US, Britain, France, Australia, etc.
The west has seen a shift from a manufacturing economy to a service industry Service industries focus on healthcare, finance, sales, education and recreation

4 European Community In 1957 six nations agreed to form the European Community to grow trade between them. They created a common market and offered special tariffs for trade between them. In the 1990s it was renamed to the European Union and includes many more nations. The European Union regulates costs, production and prices

5 Japan After WWII much of Japan was damaged and it had lost its colonies. However, with aid from the US, Japan developed a Democracy Americans pushed social reform, promoting women’s rights, universal suffrage and education Japan’s Parliament= the Diet

6 Japan: Economic Superpower
Began making textiles but quickly moved into making cars, cameras, and technology Japanese technicians and architects work throughout the world How did Japan catch up so quickly after WWII? -highly skilled/ educated workers -spent little on military budget -economic powerhouse/ military weak

7 Bell Ringer What are two reasons that Japan was able to build a strong economy after WWII? What is the role of the European Union? What is a benefit of membership? -United States Aid and Advice -Skilled Workforce -Highly Educated It is a Trade Organization so it determines prices, costs and production. The benefit is members get reduced tariffs so trade is more profitable, boosting the economy

8 Indian Independence Gandhi led independence movement stressing passive resistance and civil disobedience In 1947 Britain divided India into Pakistan (Muslims) and India (Hindu). Millions moved according to religion Gandhi was killed trying to stress non violence among the moving religious groups.

9 Democratic India India became the world’s largest democracy. Kept many of the British Laws and government systems. Very diverse: over 1 Billion people, with over 15 languages The Nehru dynasty- for 40 years after independence the Nehru family were elected as Prime Ministers; Father to Daughter -both were assassinated

10 India’s Economy Socialist= five year plans focused on heavy industry (steel) India is experiencing quick economic growth in some areas, but much of the nation remains poor and rural. Today the Indian economy is just starting to slow down but foreign investors continue to operate factories and service centers in India

11 Social reforms Used Green Revolution techniques to increase food production Population increasing but 1/3 live in poverty, eating one meal per day Sons are valued in Indian Society, Why?

12 Percent living in poverty by county

13 Outlawed practices Traditional values, such as the Caste system, have been outlawed, but are still unofficially practiced. The Indian Constitution forbids the mistreatment of untouchables but attempts to integrate society have failed.

14 Egypt 99% of the population live on 4% of the land near the Nile
1950’s- Nasser created a military dictatorship and began modernizing Egypt Nasser was determined to end foreign rule and gain control of the Suez Canal “This money is ours. This canal is the property of Egypt… The Canal was dug by Egypt’s sons and 120,000 of them died while working. The Suez Canal Company in Paris is an imposter company”

15 Nasser’s Legacy Led two wars against Israel
Created a socialist state; he seized businesses and banks and land was given to peasants Built the Aswan Dam providing 2 million acres of new farmland, but destroyed much of the natural landscape Friends with the Soviets

16 Hosni Mubarak Made peace with Israel
Population growing faster than food production Mubarak controlled power and cracked down on protestors. Mubarak is eventually overthrown during the Arab Spring and replaced with a democratic government

17 Iran’s Revolution Read pages 498-499 and answer the following:
-What role did the US play in Iran’s Government in the 1950s? How did the Iranians feel about this US Role? -Why do you think the Americans got involved? -When opposition grew against the Shah, what did he do? -Study the Cause and Effect table on page 499. Draw a time line of events with at least 6 events from the Iran Revolution, causes and effects


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