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George Washingtons Presidency 1789-1797. Washingtons Inauguration.

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1 George Washingtons Presidency 1789-1797

2 Washingtons Inauguration

3 Washingtons Cabinet Secretary of War – Henry Knox

4 Secretary of State – Thomas Jefferson

5 Secretary of the Treasury

6 Attorney General – Edmund Randolph

7 Supreme Court Chief Justice – John Jay

8 Washington, DC

9 Location of WDC Site: compromise between Alexander Hamilton/northern states and Thomas Jefferson/southern states Location: included two existing port towns of Georgetown, Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia

10 People George Washington: chose the site and appointed three commissioners to help prepare for the arrival of the new government in 1800. Pierre Charles L'Enfant: designed the city Benjamin Banneker: a self-taught African- American mathematical genius, provided the astronomical calculations for surveying and layout of the city.

11 French Revolution Begins on July 14, 1789 with the Storming of the Bastille

12 French Revolution ends in 1804 when Napoleon become Emperor of France

13 Political Parties Democratic- Republicans Federalists

14 John Adams Presidency 1797-1801

15 John and Abigail Adams

16 Thomas Jeffersons Presidency 1801-1809

17 Aaron Burr

18 Louisiana Purchase

19 Buys from Napoleon for $15 million (about 3 cents/acre) includes New Orleans and doubles the size of the US TJ sends Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore. Got Sacagawea to help (see map p. 320) Another explorer was Zebulon Pike

20 Tensions with Great Britain US trading with Spain, France, and Russia GB doesnt like b/c at war with France – attack US merchant ships; impress US sailors; also set up blockades against US ships If US doesnt trade, angers France – catch 22 EMBARGO ACT OF 1807 – stops all foreign trade…DISASTER!!!

21 Henry Clay

22 War Hawks

23 James Madisons Presidency 1809-1817

24 War of 1812

25 Battle of New Orleans

26 Eli Whitney

27 Whitneys inventions

28 James Monroes Presidency 1817-1825

29 Missouri Compromise of 1820 Designed by Henry Clay Missouri – slave Maine – free No more slavery in LA Territory NORTH of Missouri

30 John Quincy Adams Presidency 1825-1829

31 The Campaign of 1824 Henry Clay John Quincy Adams William Crawford Andrew Jackson

32 Andrew Jacksons Presidency 1829-1837

33 Trail of Tears

34 Sectional Differences Sale of Public Land (cheap) – North doesnt like (people will leave) – West likes (increase people) Internal Improvements – North likes – West likes – South doesnt like b/c use TARIFFS to pay for improvements

35 Tariffs Tax on imported goods – North likes (buy AMERICAN) – South doesnt like b/c depend on foreign trade – much use of credit instead of $ 1832 – SC threatens to secede Henry Clay comes up with compromise

36 William Henry Harrisons Presidency 1841 – lasts on one month

37 Manifest Destiny Lure of the West $ Resources GOLD See p. 395

38 Remember the Alamo

39 Immigration EXPLODES Push-Pull Factors Push Factors – Population growth in Europe – Agriculture changes – Crop failures (i.e. potato famine in Ireland) – Industrial Revolution – Religious/Political Turmoil Pull Factors – Freedom – Economic Opportunities – Abundant Land

40 Underground Railroad

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