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Henry Clay’s American System Unit 1: Nationalism v

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1 Henry Clay’s American System Unit 1: Nationalism v
Henry Clay’s American System Unit 1: Nationalism v. Sectionalism Lesson 2: American System Mr. Feeney US History 9

2 American System: Introduction
In 1815, President James Madison presented a plan to congress that would help unite the different regions of the United States. President Madison wanted to create a self-sufficient country that would maintain a stable economy, and develop a united country. Three major points of the American System: 1. Developing transportation systems 2. Establishing a protective tariff 3. Resurrecting the national bank

3 American System: Definition
What is Henry Clay’s American System? House Speaker, Henry Clay coined the term “American System” in 1815, after President Madison created a plan to unite the Northern and Southern economies. The President’s plan to unite the nation was welcomed by the senate and the house, and quickly a plan was set in place to employ this new American System.

4 Think about it… Task: Write down a paragraph that answers the following question. Make sure you include at least three different methods of economic reform. Include at least one supporting statement for each method of reform. Imagine you are currently the President of the US, and you have to create a plan for economic reform. How would your American System help the US become independent of other nations? Make sure that you are creating a system that is fair and beneficial to all regions of the US, and explain how your reform plan helps the US economy.

5 North Economy: +/- Northern Economy: Strengths
1. The north had just experienced an Industrial Revolution, and was producing manufactured goods. 2. New methods of transportation that brought goods to and from the manufacturing north. 3. A new, national currency that enabled the north to trade with the south and west. Northern Economy: Weaknesses 1. Poor soil, low crop production, few livestock.

6 Southern/Western Economy: +/-
Southern/Western Economy: Strengths 1. Good and rich soil for plantation farming. 2. Increased slavery, increased productivity. 3. Use of the Mississippi River for transportation of goods between the north and south economies. Southern/Western Economy: Weaknesses 1. No factories for manufacturing goods. 2. Heavy, intense labor needed to run the plantations smoothly in the south.

7 Venn Diagram: North v. South
Task: Compare and contrast the northern and southern economies using a Venn diagram. Use a (+) symbol for a positive comparison, and use a (–) symbol for a negative comparison. You should include at least three differences and three similarities between the two economies. Make a concluding statement about the similarities and differences of the two economies. Share the conclusion with the class or small group.

8 Transportation Developments
1807- Robert Fulton’s Clermont makes its maiden voyage, 150 miles from New York City to Albany. 1811- Construction of the National Road begins between Cumberland, MD and Vandalia, Il. 1825- Erie Canal opens a 363-mile waterway that connects the Hudson River to Lake Erie. 1825- First steam locomotive was used to transport goods across different regions of the country. 1838- National Road opens to the public, tolls are required to help offset construction costs.

9 Protective Tariffs: Tariff of 1816
1816- President James Madison proposes a tariff that would tax all imported foreign goods. The proposed tariff would help the American manufacturing economy become more competitive with the foreign markets, because the imposed tariff would offset the prices of foreign/domestic goods. The north encouraged the tariff because it would improve the their economy and increase total profits. The south and west discouraged the tariff because they would have to pay more for the same products.

10 National Bank: Part II 1816- The Second Bank of the United States (BUS) was approved for a 20-year term by the Congress. The bank charter would establish a national, guaranteed currency, that would improve national and regional trading of goods and services. The national bank idea had been revived from the presidency of George Washington, and had become vastly popular among all regions of the country. 1816- James Monroe (VA) is elected US President. Begins a new presidency, “Era of Good Feelings!”

11 American System: Congressional Proposal
Task: 1. You will be assigned to work in a group of four. 2. You will choose a topic to research and present. (ie: protective tariffs, national bank, transportation) 3. Assign tasks to each member of the group. (ie: Team Leader, Scribe, Researcher, Presenter) 4. Use research materials to gather information about your topic, and create a PowerPoint Presentation. 5. Present your group project to the class. (10 minutes)

12 American System: Congressional Proposal
Imagine that your group is a committee of the congress, and you are responsible for presenting a new method of economic reform to the rest of the congress. Your committee is responsible for persuading the rest of the congress to pass your bill, so that it becomes a law as a part of the new American System. Research persuasive, positive information that would sway the congress in your favor; but DO NOT present false information. Your presentation should be minutes long, and your PowerPoint you be at least 10 slides in length, and document your resources. Remember your audience, all members will participate!

13 American System: Congressional Proposal
Summative Research Project: 50 Points Completed appropriate research- 10 points PowerPoint Presentation (10 slides)- 10 points PERSUASIVE Presentation (15 min)- 10 points ALL group members participation- 10 points Spelling, grammar, mechanics- 10 points 50 points * Projects will be presented in class and collected for grading this week. Save all projects to a USB drive!

14 American System: Congressional Proposal
Project Rubric: ..\USHistory9\Your Rubric_ Newscast - Presentation and Planning _ American System_ Congres.doc - _Hlk Resources: Textbook, class notes, worksheets Internet and library resources Please ask about any additional resources not listed above. Have fun and good luck!

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