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Jamey Allison Politics Mr. Watson. Western Alienation is a phenomenon unique to Canadian politics. It is rooted in the belief that Canadian politics does.

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1 Jamey Allison Politics Mr. Watson

2 Western Alienation is a phenomenon unique to Canadian politics. It is rooted in the belief that Canadian politics does not serve interests in the Western Provinces such as Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. The Westerners complain that the Canadian politics devotes more time and resources on the central provinces such as Ontario and Quebec because they have a higher population rate and therefore greater representation in the Senate and House of Commons.

3 As a result, many Western Canadians feel Alienated from the political process.


5 Do you agree with what this man is saying? Do you think westerners are making too big of a deal about Western Alienation?

6 The history of Western Alienation dates back to the Confederation of Canada in 1867. In the 1870s, Conservative Party Prime Minister John Macdonald implemented a new national policy on imported manufactured goods. This was partially in response to the high tariffs that were in place in the United States. Western provinces argued that the tariffs favored the central provinces while Western farmers had to compete with international markets for grain prices.

7 If John A. Macdonald did not implement a policy on imported manufacturing goods, do you feel Western Canada would feel as alienated as they are today?

8 On a map, you can see that Western Canada is is further away from the nations capital then the other half. Many westerners feel that they are alienated because of where they are in Canada and how far they are from Ottawa.

9 The 1947, Albertas discovery of oil was a big bonus for their economy and made Alberta the wealthiest province by far. But it also led to discord between the province and the Canadian federal government. While Alberta was celebrating the wealth of their province, the other provinces, mainly the eastern provinces, did not find it fair that Alberta was not sharing their oil money as a country. But it wasnt until the 1980s when Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau implemented the National Energy Program and sought to use the oil profits to stabilize oil prices nationwide.

10 The National Energy Program (NEP) was introduced on 28 October 1980 as part of the first Liberal budget after the 1980 election. the NEP was an attempt by the federal government to achieve 3 objectives: energy security; A redistribution of wealth towards the federal government and consumers; and a greater Canadian ownership of the oil industry.

11 Energy Security: In order to keep Albertans oil in Canada they put export controls on all the oil companies. This would decrease the Canadian price of oil. As a result, the oil companies did not want to invest in Canada, so they drilled less. A redistribution of wealth towards the federal govt: Western governments did not want to share oil royalties with the rest of the country, but the federal government wanted to. This sparked a huge conflict with Alberta and the federal government. Greater Canadian ownership of oil company: The federal government tried to run a bunch of oil companies and create petro-Canada, but they failed as the government couldnt keep up with the finance and lost money. So the private companies took them over again.

12 ProsCons It was proven that trying to artificially control price or supply does not work To this day many majority of Alberta dislikes the Trudeau and the Liberals, which is why the west is so Conservative Trudeau made an attempt to unite the country through oil The federal government drove away investment from major oil companies for many years, therefore there was less oil production which resulted in less revenue for the Western provinces and higher unemployment. It decreased oil prices in Eastern Canada Government wasted millions of dollars and eventually had to sell their share of petro-Canada

13 Many people in the West thought that the NEP was a complete failure and caused a lot of damage to this day. But many people appreciated him trying NEP. Do you think that Trudeau did the right thing in attempting the NEP or do you think it was a complete waste of time?


15 Do you agree with Prime Minister Trudeau about not having to worry about Western alienation?

16 Triple E means: Equal: equal representation from across Canada. Elected: wants Senators to be elected from the people Effective: they want the senate to be powerful and effective

17 Right now we elect our Senators through Patronage. The west wants to change that by using the triple E because the majority of Senators are from central Canada. Therefore the West will just as equal as central Canada when it come to the Senate.

18 ProsCons The Senators will be elected instead of Patronage It will give the Prime Minister less power The West will have an equal sayMany Senators will lose their jobs The Senate will be more effective

19 Do you feel if the Triple E were to get put in place by Steven Harper, it would be a positive aspect in Canadian politics?

20 Economic equalization is another factor involved in Western Alienation, particularly in Alberta. Equalization programs involve government allocation of federal funds into poorer provinces while wealthy citizens pay higher equalization payments. The purpose of the equalization payments was to promote national unity by ensuring that the provinces have comparable standards of living, health care and education. But these policies have been a source of discontent in Alberta, as the province gives an average of $1.1 billion per year in equalization payments. Since wealthy Alberta receives less funding from the federal government, the province is forced to impose higher local taxes to collect revenue.

21 Do you feel that Albertans should be discontent with the economic equalization in Canada? Do you feel that Alberta should deserve same taxes, or that they should share more of their wealth with Canada?

22 The West can force separatism. The West can increase immigration, so their population goes up

23 In your opinion, what do you think we should do to end Western Alienation in Canada?

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