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Cloud Computing Hugo Eiji Tibana Carvalho MSc. GTA.

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1 Cloud Computing Hugo Eiji Tibana Carvalho MSc. Student @ GTA




5 Introduction Cloud Computing – Provisioning of computing infrastructure Move things to the cloud – Emerging area Potential to transform IT industry New aspects – Illusion of infinite computing resources on demand – Elimination of up-front commitment (start small and increase when needed) – Pay for use on a short-term basis as needed 1 server for 1000 hours = 1000 servers for 1 hour

6 Definition Clouding Computing – Pool of computational resources Clouds available in pay-as-you-go manner to public – Public Cloud Services offered in the cloud Amazon Web Services, Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Docs, SpiderOAK, Sugarsync… – Private cloud Internal datacenters of a business or organization

7 Classes of Cloud Computing

8 Cloud Advantages Service providers – Simplified software installation and maintenance – Centralized control over versioning – Elasticity End users – Services available anytime anywhere – Easy data sharing – Dynamic access to processor power – Failure resilience – Data locality

9 Opportunities Mobile interactive applications Parallel batch processing – Large experiments Analytics and OLAP – Datamining Extension of computing-intensive desktop apps – Matlab, Mathematica Dynamic resource allocation

10 Top 10 Obstacles and Opportunities

11 Cost Distribution Cloud Providers

12 Size and Energy

13 Scaling Cloud to Fill User Needs

14 Some Actual Problems Availability (early 2009)


16 Conclusions Cloud opportunities – New research topics Privacy in cloud Elasticity Billing Accountability Cloud challenges – Availability, Security, Elasticity… Cloud computing – Huge success – Opportunity to develop new models and applications – Migration of current services into the cloud

17 Carvalho, H. E. T., Fernandes, N. C., Duarte, O. C. M. B., Pujolle, G. - "SLAPv: A Service Level Agreement Enforcer for Virtual Networks", in International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications, Internet Services and Applications Symposium (ICNC12 - ISA), January 2012, English, A4 size, 5 p., file: CFDP12.pdf CFDP12.pdf Carvalho, H. E. T., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "VOLTAIC : Volume Optimization Layer To AssIgn Cloud resources", accepted in The 3rd International Conference on Information and Communications Systems - ICICS-2012, Irbid, Jordan, April 2012. English, A4 size, 6 p., file: CD12.pdfCD12.pdf Carvalho, H. E. T., Fernandes, N. C., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "Um Controlador Robusto de Acordos de Nível de Serviço para Redes Virtuais Baseado em Lógica Nebulosa", in XXIX Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores e Sistemas Distribuídos - SBRC'2011, Campo Grande, MS, Brazil, May 2011. Portuguese, A4 size, 14 p., file: CFD11.pdf CFD11.pdf

18 Cloud Computing Hugo Eiji Tibana Carvalho MSc. Student @ GTA

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