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1 2 32 25262728 18192021 11 4 121314 567 333435 39404142 293031 363738 1617 242322 3 15 98 1 10

2 Question 1 In the late 1880s, Europeans were looking overseas for places to sell their products because why? Tariffs had reduced trade among industrialized countries

3 Question 2 American support for Cuban rebels was fueled by what? Sensational stories published by rival newspapers

4 Question 3 Efficiency progressives believed that cities should be run by a what? City manager or commissioners

5 Question 4 Wisconsin became known as the laboratory of democracy because of its what? Support for direct primaries

6 Question 5 Supporters of annexing the Philippines believed what? The islands would provide the U.S. with a naval base in Asia

7 Question 6 Socialist believe in what? Government ownership of business

8 Question 7 As a result of a war between Japan and China in 1894, Japan acquired what? Territory in Manchuria

9 Question 8 In 1898 President McKinley sent the battleship Maine to Havana to do what? Evacuate Americans if necessary

10 Question 9 Theodore Roosevelt warned Taft that tariff reform would do what? Divide the Republican Party

11 Question 10 When the U.S. assumed the responsibility for collecting customs tariffs in the Dominican Republic, it was applying what? The Roosevelt Corollary

12 Question 11 The Underwood Tariff Act included a provision for what? Levying an income tax

13 Question 12 What happens in direct primaries? All party members vote for a candidate to run in the general election

14 Question 13 Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for negotiating peace where? Between Russia & Japan

15 Question 14 At the first Pan-American Conference, the U.S. wanted Latin American delegates to agree to customs union, which would do what? Require nations to reduce their tariffs

16 Question 15 The Constitution originally specified that, in each state, U.S. senators would be elected by The legislature of each state

17 Question 16 U.S. Steel would allow the government to look at its account books and records and in exchange the government would do what? Allow the company to correct problems privately without going to court

18 Question 17 The Payne-Aldrich Tariff did what? Cut tariffs hardly at all

19 Question 18 The Hawaiian monarchy was overthrown by who? Group of planters supported by U.S. Marines

20 Question 19 President Millard Fillmore sent a naval expedition to Japan to do what? Force Japan to trade with the U.S.

21 Question 20 Progressives had a strong faith in what? Science & technology

22 Question 21 Theodore Roosevelt became President when? McKinley was assassinated

23 Question 22 President Wilsons peace plan was known as the what? Fourteen Points

24 Question 23 Secretary of State James G. Blaine led efforts to do what? Expand American influence into Latin America

25 Question 24 The U.S. caused an economic crisis in Cuba by doing what? Passing a tariff on sugar

26 Question 25 To prevent strikes from disrupting the war effort, the government established what? National War Labor Board

27 Question 26 Wilson believed lower tariffs rates would lead American companies to do what? Improve products and lower prices

28 Question 27 The Platt Amendment effectively made Cuba into an American what? Protectorate

29 Question 28 In the late 1800s, support grew in the U.S. for building a large modern navy to do what? Defend American interests

30 Question 29 Roosevelt believed that Taft's focus on breaking up trusts would do what? Destroy the system of cooperation and regulation Roosevelt had arranged

31 Question 30 The laissez-faire argument for the best way to preserve public land was to do what? Sell it to lumber companies, who would conserve it as a source of profits

32 Question 31 The Treaty of Paris, which formally ended the Spanish- American War, granted independence to what nation? Cuba

33 Question 32 Tragedy at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company led to what? Building codes requiring fire escapes

34 Question 33 Theodore Roosevelt viewed the coal miners strike against mine owners in 1902 as an example of what? Groups pursuing their private interests at the expense of the nation

35 Question 34 By the late 1800s, growth of investment opportunities in western Europe had slowed because why? Most of the industries that Europes economy needed had been built

36 Question 35 Through scientific management, a company could become efficient by Breaking tasks down into small parts and using standardized tools

37 Question 36 Theodore Roosevelt was chosen as McKinley's running mate in the 1900 election because why? Status as a war hero

38 Question 37 Theodore Roosevelt tried to win the Republican nomination from Taft in the 1912 election because he believed that Taft did what? Had failed to live up to progressive ideals

39 Question 38 By 1920 the ICC had move away from its original purpose and had started doing what? Setting rates to help ensure railroads profits

40 Question 39 Alice Pauls strategy alarmed many in the suffrage movement because she wanted to do what? Use protests to force suffrage

41 Question 40 In the Northern Securities v. the U.S. case, the Supreme Court ruled that Northern securities did what? Violated the Sherman Anti trust Act

42 Question 41 The purpose of the Open Door Policy was to Ensure trading rights with China

43 Question 42 The Philippines are now what? An independent country

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