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Capabilities Strengths Product Line Airborne Ground UHF SATCOM Conformal Special Functions Facility Product Assembly Area Test Range Final Inspection Area.

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1 Capabilities Strengths Product Line Airborne Ground UHF SATCOM Conformal Special Functions Facility Product Assembly Area Test Range Final Inspection Area Conclusion

2 The Winning Team Aviatech Corporation & Cooper Antennas Limited (CAL)

3 Advanced Engineering Team With a combined 150+ years of experience in antenna design Modern up to date facilities With the latest and most up to date equipment for testing, fabrication and computer modeling software. Quality Control System In place including ISO9001, AS9100 certified supplier Broad Based Product Line covering.5 MHZ - 20 GHZ In Country Marketing & Technical Support Domestically / Internationally

4 Capable of quick reaction in providing customer with technical designs, support and working prototypes. Marketing Department personnel all graduated engineers with previous antenna design experience. Extensive modeling capabilities for predicting both RF and mechanical design performance. Management Team willing to cost share with customers on design efforts with programs leading to long term production. Company contains a vast library of existing antenna designs to spin off of for new requirements resulting in minimum lead time to production.

5 PM UHF Phase matched Airborne Blade Antenna 225 to 407 MHz High Power Broadband Airborne Blade Antenna 30 to 512 MHz L-Band Blade Antenna for JTIDS, MIDS, TACAN, DME, IFF, ATC Transponder 960 to 1220 MHz Multi-Band Satcom, Communication & L-Band Antenna 240 to 400 MHz, 30 to 512 MHz And 960 to 2500 MHz

6 VHF Sonobuoy Blade Antenna MHz Broadband VHF Airborne Blade Antenna 30 to 152 MHz Sincgars/Bowman Airborne VHR Blade Antenna 30 to 88 MHz UHF / L-Band Airborne Blade Antenna 225 to 400 MHz & 950 to 1220 MHz UHF/ L-Band Airborne Blade Antenna 225 to 400 MHz & 960 to 1220 MHz

7 JTRS Antenna 30 to 512 MHz JTRS Antenna 25 to 512 MHz VHF/UHF Sincgars/EPLRS 118 – 137/225 – 400 MHz Spring mounted VHF / UHF SINCGARS/EPLRS Antenna / MHz

8 JTIDS Antenna MHz VM HIGH POWER JTRS Antenna Vehicle Mount VM JTRS Antenna 25 to 512 MHz

9 UHF Satcom: Products/Platforms UHF SATCOM On-The Move Antenna High Gain UHF SATCOM Base Station Antenna 24 to 320 MHz UHF SATCOM Communication Antennas 240 to 318 MHz Multi-Band Satcom & Communication Antenna 240 to 400 MHz & 30 to 512 MHz

10 Multi-band Satcom & Communication Antenna 225 to 440 MHz UHF Satcom on-the-move Antenna 243 to 318 MHZ UHF Satcom Antenna 225 to 400 MHz

11 Conformal Antennas Conformal IFF Antenna 1030 & 1090 MHz Can be scaled to cover any frequency covering a 2:1 bandwidth Special-to-Type VHF/UHF LOS And UHF Satcom Antenna Conformal Cavity UHF Satcom Antenna

12 Diplexer / MHz Aircraft Static Discharger Broadband Stub Antenna 1.5 to 8.0 GHz Vehicle Mount Telescopic Mast Low Pass Filter 30 to 400 MHz Supersonic Aircraft Static Discharger for the F16

13 The production area is segregated into assembly/test, process and kitting areas. There are separate Bonded Stores for incoming goods and finished products. Several meeting rooms and offices are available in a country park like location. Cooper Antennas Ltd is a UK company that brings together an exceptional team of internationally respected professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years in the design, development and manufacture of standard and custom antennas for predominately the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Over the years the management team at Cooper Antennas Ltd has been responsible for providing hundreds of thousands of antennas for the world market. Cooper Antennas Ltd is lead by Geoff Cooper, former Managing Director and co-founder of Chelton which he developed, through internal growth and acquisition, into one of the largest and most successful Antenna companies in the world. Leaving Chelton after 37 years he formed Cooper Antennas Ltd in 2005 with a senior management team of former colleagues. Collectively the team bring strong contracting, program management and support skills to Governments, OEMs, Integrators and Operators alike. The Cooper Antenna Ltd team of professionals is dedicated to providing innovative, reliable and designed -to-cost antenna solutions for todays increasingly network enabled defense forces. Cooper Antennas Ltd is an BS EN ISO 9001:2008 company that is listed as an approved supplier to a growing number of major OEMs, during the last few years it has become a significant antenna supplier to the U.S. Air Force, Army and Marine Corps. Recent successes include separate NATO, Canadian and Norwegian competitions for UHF Satcom On-The-Move Antennas, lo-profile lo- band VHF Antennas for the UK Royal Navy, VOR/ILS Antennas for a Mach 2+ aircraft platform and Static Dischargers for the Lockheed Martin F-16. Located 30 minutes drive west of London Heathrow Airport, Cooper Antennas Ltd new 10,000 sq ft modern custom-configured headquarters accommodates engineering laboratories, prototyping workshop and bonded store areas as well as program management and sales administration. Cooper Antennas Ltd is supported by a growing worldwide representation network Aviatech is located on the Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas. The 2200 sq. ft office, in addition to their aircraft hanger, houses the marketing, sales and engineering design staff.


15 80 VHF/UHF/L-band Antenna Test Range


17 The Aviatech/CAL Team Offers a large selection of fully qualified antennas for the CNI user community. A professional engineering & manufacturing staff capable of providing quick reaction in designing antennas to customers specific requirements. Willing to invest in risk reduction efforts including prototype fabrication to secure long term production programs. A long successful track record of producing reliable, quality products to the US Government and Military OEMs.

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