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Danish Water Days in Bulgaria and Romania 15 – 19 November 2010.

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1 Danish Water Days in Bulgaria and Romania 15 – 19 November 2010

2 Established in 1964. Develops, optimises and produces DWE standard products for the environmental sector. Established in 1995. International sales, service and advisory company. Established 1993 og 1997, Kolding og Aalborg. Carries out the surface treatment of stainless steel. KD Group is employing 50 people.

3 Vision Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of machine components for the treatment of waste water for both industrial and council WWTP. We are a serious, innovative and reliable partner who will continue to develop, optimise and simplify both present, but also future machine components for a modern WWTP.

4 Mission Our mission is to be the serious team player who makes sure that our customers always get treated seriously. We do not want to be just a sub-supplier, but a serious partner for both present and future environmental projects.

5 1964 Master smith Kaj Dalgaard founded the company Kaj Dalgaard Smede & Maskinværksted at Ibæk Strandvej 1, Vejle (120m2), Denmark. 1978 Moved to newly built premises Ibæk Strandvej 9, Vejle (680m2). 1993 Establishment of Pickling Center in Kolding (KD Industribejdsning Syd ApS). 1997 Establishment of Pickling Center In Aalborg (KD Industribejdsning Nord ApS). 1997 Changing the name to KD Maskinfabrik A/S. 1999 Founding companies Danish Wastewater Equipment A/S (DWE). 2000 Moved to new premises at Karetmagervej 25. 2008 Extended the premises at Karetmagervej to 2.800m2. 2009 Moved Pickling Center from Vejle to new offices in Kolding, and the names change to: KD Industribejdsning Syd ApS. KD Maskinfabrik A/S currently employs 40 people including 30 in production. KD Industribejdsning ApS Syd & Nord currently employs 10 people. History

6 Production

7 Production KD Maskinfabrik Production hallProduction BlacksmithWelding

8 Production KD Maskinfabrik Sludge DrierStock Trevelling BridgeBelt Press

9 Production KD Industribejdsning KD IndustribejdsningPickling Parts for picklingTreatment for water after pickling

10 Interactive map listing all our references in 43 countries

11 Example Asia

12 Example China

13 Impressions from KD Maskinfabrik KD MaskinfabrikEntrance HallDirector´s Office

14 Impressions from KD Maskinfabrik Reception EconomyFirst floor Technical Department

15 Contractors



18 Leaflets at the following language: Lithuanian Spanish French Polish Arabic Chinese English Danish German Russian

19 Pre-treatment Screens / Screenings Treatment

20 Pre-treatment Grit and Grease Trap/ Sand Treatment

21 Process Tanks

22 Sludge Treatment / Process

23 Sludge Treatment / Dewatering / Transport

24 Pre- / De-settling

25 Regulation / Various Equipment

26 Technical department The technical department is staffed with mechanical engineers and technicians with extensive knowledge and practical and theoretical experience within the wastewater sector. We are innovative, continuously optimizing KD standard products based both from our own and from our customer experience. Quick response to questions, including preparation of quotations, data documentation and leaflets. Quick response to customer specific demands which are different from the KD standard including preparation of solutions offers and drawings. Quick response of drawing KD standard products to customer drawings. We represent in AUTO CAD 2010 (2D) and Inventor 2010 (3D). Complete installation and maintenance documentation. Experience from many years in the wastewater sector, therefore a good sparring partner.

27 Service, supervision and after-sales Stock Engine Identification : All KD's products has an identification, for example no 01320-08001. Which means: a Grit Separator model KD01 size 320 delivered in 2008. By this number we can 100% define how the Grit Separator is constructed and then specify each part component to the desired parts. Services: We have several technical service staff who serve our products both in our own country as well as in foreign countries. Our service personnel are well trained in KD products and has many years of experience! Supervision: We have also several installers/supervisors who all have extensive knowledge of the assembly, startup and schooling of KD equipment. All our supervisors speak and write English. After-Sale: We always have standard components available in stock in Denmark, this means if "break down" we can within a very short time provide new parts.

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