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Which of the following is another name for the skin?

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1 Which of the following is another name for the skin?
Integument . cutaneous membrane

2 The skin consists of ____ regions.

3 The epidermis and dermis make up

4  The epidermis  is the outer layer of skin. consists of stratified squamous epithelial cells.  contains melanocytes

5 In which layer of the epidermis are cells constantly dividing?
stratum basale

6 Which of the following types of cells are NOT found in the epidermis?
Red blood cells

7 What happens to cells when they move from the epidermis to the surface of the skin? 
They die

8 What is responsible for skin color?
A. carotene B. melanin C. hemoglobin D. All of the above

9 A person with no color in their skin, hair, and eyes has
A genetic disorder

10 The inability to produce the pigment melanin is called

11   Which layer of the epidermis protects from abrasion and is found only in thick skin? 
stratum lucidum

12 Keratin is  A waterproof protein

13 Melanin A. is a pigment. B. protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. C. is located in the epidermis

14 Which layer contains blood vessels AND nerve fibers?

15    Which of the following prevents the skin from overstretching and gives it strength? 
Collagen fibers

16 The dermis is composed of
Dense irregular connective tissue

17 Poorly oxygenated blood in the dermis will cause an invividual to
Turn cyanotic

18   The ___________ contains adipose tissue, while the ___________ contains melanocytes. 
hypodermis, epidermis

19 Adipose tissue  A. is for insulation. B. gives a rounded appearance to the body. C. in excess results in obesity

20 . Hair is produced by epithelial cells located in the

21 . Which consists of keratinized cells?
A. hair B. nails C. stratum corneum

22 . The arrector pili  A. is a smooth muscle. B. causes hair to "stand on end." C. contracts when cold, forming goose bumps. *D. is described by all of these characteristics.

23 What type of gland is associated with hair follicles?
Sebaceous glands

24 What type of skin gland secretes sweat?
sudoriferous gland

25 What type of skin gland secretes earwax?
ceruminous gland

26 a bacterial infection resulting in crusty pustules
Impetigo is a bacterial infection resulting in crusty pustules

27 Athlete's foot is  A fungal infection

28 caused by over keratinization.
Dandruff is caused by over keratinization.

29 caused by sensitivity to chemicals
Eczema is  caused by sensitivity to chemicals

30 Which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer?
malignant melanoma

31 In the ABCDE rule for melanoma, "B" stands for
borders that are irregular.

32 Pain is rarely felt from a
third-degree or fourth-degree burn.

33 The epidermis only is damaged from a
First-degree burn

34 The epidermis and part of the dermis are damaged from a
Second-degree burn

35 A. fluid loss. B. heat loss. C. bacterial infection
Severe burns result in A. fluid loss. B. heat loss. C. bacterial infection

36 The following are effects of ageing skin?
. The skin wrinkles. The hair turns gray.  There are fewer sweat glands.

37 A. protection B. sensory reception C. synthesis of vitamin D
. Functions of the skin?  A. protection B. sensory reception C. synthesis of vitamin D

38 Protective functions of the skin
Melanocytes protect from UV radiation. As a covering, it keeps pathogens out. Langerhans cells phagocytize pathogens.

39 Properties of the skin . It is waterproof. It prevents water loss.  It prevents water from entering when immersed.

40 What is needed to produce vitamin D?
Ultraviolet light

41 . Along with sweat glands, what actively regulates body temperature?
Blood vessels

42 . either hypothermia or hyperthermia
. What occurs when the body's temperature regulatory mechanism is overcome?  . either hypothermia or hyperthermia

43 What condition is described by high temperature, low blood pressure, and loss of salts due to profuse sweating?  Heat exhaustion

44 Which would NOT occur when the body temperature is too low?
. dermal blood vessel dilation or sweat production

45 The skin is both an organ and an organ system.

46 The epidermis is very vascular

47 The stratum basale is supplied with sensory nerves to detect pain, temperature, and touch. 

48 The dermal papillae, found in the hypodermis, create the unique fingerprints of individuals

49 Another name for hives is psoriasis.

50 Exposure to sunlight is the most common cause of skin cancer

51   An adult with third-degree burns over 15% of their body would NOT be considered critical

52 Many age-related changes to the skin appear to be due to sun damage.

53 The skin aids the urinary system by excreting water and small amounts of other wastes through perspiration true

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