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Hitchcock ISD 2012 – 2013 TELPAS Reading Training.

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1 Hitchcock ISD 2012 – 2013 TELPAS Reading Training

2 Requirements Attend an annual training on administration procedures Sign your Oath Maintain test security

3 Grade Clusters for 2-12 Reading Hitchcock Primary School Grade 2 Grade 3 Stewart Elementary School Grades 4-5Grade 6 Crosby Middle School Grade 7Grade 8 Hitchcock High School Grade 9Grades 10-12

4 Location Hitchcock Primary School Computer Lab Stewart Elementary School Computer Lab Crosby Middle School Computer Lab Upstairs Hitchcock High School Computer Lab

5 Schedule Testing window starts on March 18, 2013 Testing window ends on April 10, 2013 Every TELPAS reading administrator will need to submit the testing dates to technology. Technology department and/or myself will be available at each campus on the testing dates.

6 General Information Test student tutorials are available Test is not timed Once student begins the test, he or she must complete it on the same day If a student is absent, he or she may retake the test on a later date.

7 Administration Directions Familiarize yourself with the administration directions Administration directions can be shorten, explained, or translated. Distribute student authorizations

8 Ensure Proper Testing Procedures Testing environment Seating charts Scratch paper Breaks Lunch Emergencies

9 Assessment Managing System

10 Start and Monitor Test Session Start a session Ready Active Exited Resume Completed

11 Final Submit Ask students to notify you after they finish the test. Please make sure all questions are answered. Only the teacher can click on Final Submit Please notify Ms. Guerra and Mr. Armacost by phone or email after all your students finish the test so she can stop the session

12 Absent Students Please notify your principal if any student is absent. She will contact the students family. Prepare for a make up session if needed.

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