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Educational Services Middle School Today National Merit Tomorrow Karen Green, M.Ed. GT Coordinator McKinney ISD Sheila Griffith, Ph.D.

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1 Educational Services Middle School Today National Merit Tomorrow Karen Green, M.Ed. GT Coordinator McKinney ISD Sheila Griffith, Ph.D. President Knowsys

2 We do not believe in game prep! We never teach to the game instructions You either know how to play or not! Instructions?

3 What is the Duke TIP?

4 What is the 7 th Grade Duke TIP Johns Hopkins University started first TIP in 1972 There are now 4 Talent Searches in the US: – Johns Hopkins University (includes roaming) – Duke University (covers Texas) – Northwestern University – Western Academic Talent Search (University of Denver) 2013Knowsys Educational Services4

5 Eligibility is an Honor! Duke TIP is an invitation only non-profit program Current 7 th grade students must qualify with a 95 th percentile or above on standardized tests – STAAR – MAP – ITBS – Stanford 2013Knowsys Educational Services5

6 Participation is Rewarding! Participants in the 7th Grade Talent Search receive: – Motivation to focus on academic achievement – Encouragement to challenge themselves – Resources and opportunities – Above grade level testing

7 The Goal of the TIP The goal is to identify gifted youth and expose them to advanced academic opportunities. To qualify to participate, students must excel on either the SAT or the ACT. Excel = score at or above the senior averages in one section of the SAT or the ACT. 2013Knowsys Educational Services7

8 Why an SAT or an ACT? Duke TIP 7 th Grade Talent Search Helps educators and families determine students academic abilities… – On an above-level test – In comparison with other top performing peers – In order to provide appropriate educational challenges 2013Knowsys Educational Services8

9 Please verbally Tweet your Twitter partner. Remember keep your response to 150 characters or fewer What ARE the Benefits?

10 The SAT and ACT the 7 th graders take are – Identical to the high School ACT and SAT – Challenging above grade level testing – Opportunities for knowledge and invaluable experience Benefits

11 Why is preparation important? 1)Encourages Achievement and Perseverance Top students are used to being successful Without preparation, they are likely not to be as successful 2013Knowsys Educational Services11

12 2)Provides long-term academic abilities Opportunity to help students solidify knowledge and build skills Without preparation, students are not prepared for timed above grade level testing With preparation, students have the opportunity to apply new knowledge and broaden their skill set Why is preparation important?

13 What does preparation look like? McKinney ISD 7 th Grade Duke TIP Prep: 1.Students/parents invited to Information session 2.Practice SAT Exam 3.Strategy/Score Report Session 4.Mini Course (3 days, 9 total hours) 5.Administered SAT (or ACT) at Boyd High School 2013Knowsys Educational Services13

14 MISD Duke TIP Prep Challenges The program is SHORT (just 9 hours and a test) It is very targeted It doesnt provide sustained focus on increased rigor and preparation It only reaches a small number of students 2013Knowsys Educational Services14

15 State or Grand Scholars Receive – Recognition – Access to Educational Programs – Great resources – Digest of Gifted Research – My College Guide Phase II: Duke Scholar

16 What about the other students? Identifies talent potential for administrators, teachers, and parents Provides talent development early Raises level of college readiness for top students – PreAP and GT – Economically disadvantaged receive discounts 2013Knowsys Educational Services16

17 What else can we do in MS? Middle School College Readiness Program – Summer program – Target G/T students or open enrollment – Combined focus on SAT vocabulary and grammar Math College exploration 2013Knowsys Educational Services17

18 What else can we do in MS? Middle School College Readiness Tests – College Boards ReadiStep (the pre-PSAT/SAT) – ACTs Explore (the pre-PLAN/ACT) 2013Knowsys Educational Services18

19 What else can we do? Middle School Academic Vocabulary Building – Systematic, vertically-aligned program – Daily warm-ups and activities to build academic vocabulary 2013Knowsys Educational Services19

20 What else can we do? Sustained Middle School Test Prep 2013Knowsys Educational Services20 SAT Math: Arithmetic warm-ups SAT Verbal: ReadiStep warm-ups

21 Whats the rush? Intellectual ability needs to be nurtured. 2013Knowsys Educational Services21 Why Middle School?

22 Why the rush? Competition for admission and for top scholarships is fierce Help students reach their maximum potential. Testing well is a combination of – testing skills – practice – content mastery 2013Knowsys Educational Services22

23 Why is solid, sustained preparation so important ? What it takes to get there: – The PSAT – SAT – The National Merit Program National Merit – The Goal

24 How much does college cost these days? – Public University? – Private University? – Out of state? Why the PSAT Matters

25 Lets just look at tuition and fees... Why the PSAT Matters 1 year*4 years Texas A&M$8,500$34,000 UT Austin$10,000$40,000 University of Oklahoma$20,300$81,200 Baylor$34,000$136,000 TCU$34,500$138,000 Rice$36,600$146,400 Auburn$25,200$100,800 Northeastern$39,300$157,200 *Rounded for ease of math! Wow!

26 What kinds of scholarships do top PSAT and SAT scores provide? = Full tuition = $24,500/yr Why the PSAT Matters

27 Did you catch what that means??? The PSAT is a $100,000 TEST!!! – This is Big! – This is Important! – This is your high-stakes test! – This makes college dreams possible! Why the PSAT Matters

28 Merit Scholar Recognition leads to... 1.Scholarships From National Merit Corp From National Merit Corporate sponsors From Universities From Private Scholarship sources (Coca-Cola, Ladies Auxiliary, Womens Marine Corp Scholarship, Eastern Star, etc.) 2.Offers of Admissions Why strive for Merit Scholar?

29 National Merit® Merit Scholar is synonymous with scholastic excellence

30 The PSAT is the Pre-SAT that the students take in October of their Junior year The PSAT IS NOT used for college admission The PSAT IS used to give your student... – A feel for his/her potential on the SAT – An opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program What is the PSAT?

31 All Juniors are automatically registered for the National Merit Scholar Program = 1.4 million students National Merit National Hispanic and National Achievement are based on what the student marks under demographic information

32 A standardized college admissions exam 2 hours and 10 minutes (SAT is 3:45 and ACT is 3:20) 3 sections – Math – Critical Reading – Writing Score range: 60 - 240 What is the PSAT?

33 National Merit Competition Top 3.6% of all test takers are recognized as high scorers 3.6% = top 50,000 students

34 Levels of Recognition Commended Top 2.4% = 34,000 students 201 Semifinalists Finalists Merit Scholars Top 1.2% = 16,000 students 216 National Hispanic Recognition: 186 National Achievement Scholarship:186

35 Intellectual Ability Pay$ off!

36 1.Educate students and parents on the College Prep Timeline (free copies available at 2.Make sure top students know the importance of the PSAT. 3.Inform ALL students and parents about the opportunities the district offers to PRACTICE and PREPARE Get the Word Out

37 1.Use Practice PSAT, SAT, and ACT Exams to raise awareness 2.Host parent/student sessions on The College Prep Timeline 3.Build academic vocabulary 4.Offer targeted preparation courses – PSAT Courses – SAT Courses – ACT Courses Provide the Opportunity to Practice & Prepare

38 What Does Preparation Entail? Test-taking strategies Review of frequently-missed content Methods for each type of question Timed testing strategies SAT vocabulary Practice Exams

39 Grade 9 and up: – Academic Vocabulary Building – Sustained verbal and math warm-ups – Practice exams Grade 10: – Fall: PSAT Workshops (so students dont go in unprepared) – Spring: Invitations to PSAT Scholars Program High School Time Line

40 Grade 11: – Fall: PSAT Scholars Program PSAT Workshops (so students are aware) – On going: SAT Courses and/or ACT Courses Grade 12: – Admissions Workshops – Admissions Essay Workshops High School Time Line

41 Thank you for your time and participation! Questions?

42 McKinney ISD – Karen Green, M.Ed. – Knowsys Educational Services – Sheila Griffith, Ph.D. – – 512-961-8522 Contact Information

43 University of New Mexico – Finalist, Achievement, or Hispanic: National Scholars Award: $61,200 = Full Ride Tuition & Room and Board University of Oklahoma – Finalist: $98,000 (for non residents) Award Possibilities

44 Oklahoma City University (Private) – Finalist, Hispanic, or Achievement: Full Tuition Scholarship = $106,800 Northeastern University (Boston, Private) – Finalist, Hispanic, or Achievement: Full Tuition Scholarship = $157,280 Award Possibilities

45 Baylor University – Finalist: Regents Gold (Full Ride): $138,344 – Regents Gold also available for top SAT scores SMU – Finalist or Achievement: $20,000+ University of Tulsa (Private) – Finalist, Achievement, or Hispanic: Full Ride Tuition plus Room and Board: $186,336 Award Possibilities

46 Auburn University (Auburn, AL) – Finalist or Achievement: Tuition + Housing + extras = $90,420 – Hispanic: $8000 University Stipend Texas A & M College Station – Finalist: $40,000 - $52,500 – Achievement: $32,000 - $50,500 – Hispanic: CB Recognition Award = $14,000+ Award Possibilities

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