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OTISS Online Testing Irregularity Submission System.

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1 OTISS Online Testing Irregularity Submission System

2 Accessing OTISS You MUST have an NCID Username & Password to access OTISS WRITE YOUR PASSWORD DOWN and keep in a secure location Pages 2-7 in your manual

3 Accessing OTISS You will receive an e-mail once your NCID username & password have been processed Your NCID username & password IS your OTISS username & password Pages 8 & 9 in your manual

4 Reporting an Irregularity Pages 10-13 in your manual Must log out of OTISS

5 Where does it go? Once an irregularity has been submitted it goes to school test coordinator School test coordinator must add student info. and any additional notes (p. 14-18) Your principal should view and can add a note to the irregularity (p. 19-22) Once school test coordinator submits the irregularity it then goes to LEA test coordinator (p. 23-26)

6 Classifying an Irregularity LEA test coordinator will review the irregularity and decide if additional info. is needed LEA test coordinator will review the irregularity, enter the appropriate security violation code (Appendix B in manual) School testing coordinator will receive the irregularity back with instructions

7 Who can see the irregularity? School Test Coordinator Principal LEA Test Coordinator Superintendent RAC / NCDPI (Flow chart – 2 nd page of manual)

8 NCID Password & Other Assistance Please contact NCDPI help desk at 919-807- 4357 or for assistance with NCID password resets and locked /policies/otiss /policies/otiss


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