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Unit 4 Test 1)Turn in your American Revolution Matching Sheet 2)Take out a blank sheet of paper and clear your desk 3)Fold it long ways (hotdog style)

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1 Unit 4 Test 1)Turn in your American Revolution Matching Sheet 2)Take out a blank sheet of paper and clear your desk 3)Fold it long ways (hotdog style) 4)Tear in half and share with a neighbor 5)Put your name at the top 6)Number your paper from 1-40 (you can make two columns on the front side) 7)When you are finished, bubble in your answers on your bubble sheet 8)Use only the marker that I gave you to bubble answers 9)Bring your paper, bubble sheet, and test to me when you finish 10)Begin answering the Exam Study Guide questions on a blank sheet of paper. You must finish these tonight. We will review these tomorrow.

2 First 9 Weeks Exam 1)Who was the black soldier who was seriously wounded at the Battle of Kettle Creek? ~ Austin Dabney 2) Identify the three Georgians who signed the Declaration of Independence. ~ Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, and George Walton 3) Identify 3 causes of the American Revolution. ~ Distance from England, taxation, and colonists desired self-government

3 4)Why were Georgians reluctant to join the revolution? ~ Georgia was the youngest colony and still depended on Britain economically 5) Why is the Siege of Savannah significant? ~ British won the battle and maintained control of the port city 6) Why is the Battle of Kettle Creek significant? ~ Patriots won and took supplies from the British such as weapons and horses. Gave Patriots a morale boost.

4 7) What were the 4 provisions of the Intolerable Acts? ~ Port of Boston closed until damaged tea paid for ~ Quartering Act: Colonists forced to house and feed British troops ~ British officials charged with crimes returned to Britain for trail ~ Colonists not allowed to meet with royal governors permission 8) Where did the Proclamation of 1763 move Georgias southern border? ~ St. Marys River

5 9) Who controlled Georgia when it became a royal colony? ~ King George III through the appointing of royal governors 10) How did Georgia change once it became a royal colony? ~ slavery allowed ~ no limits on land ownership ~ alcohol allowed 11) Identify each of Georgias 3 royal governors. ~ John Reynolds, Henry Ellis, and James Wright

6 12) Which royal governor wanted larger farms, trading expanded, and western lands made available to settlers? ~ James Wright 13) What did Georgia establish while John Reynolds was its royal governor? ~ a court system and self-government with a legislature 14) The Georgia colonists who complained about the Trustees rules were known by which term? ~ malcontents

7 15) Where did the Highland Scots settle when they came to Georgia? Why did they come? ~ Darien, in McIntosh County ~ Oglethorpe gave them land in return for their defense of the Georgia colony 16) Where did the Salzburgers settle when they came to Georgia? Why did they come? ~ Ebenezer then New Ebenezer (Effingham County) ~ To escape religious persecution in Austria. They were Protestant like King George III

8 17) Who was Mary Musgrove and which two people did she interpret for? ~ Native Georgian. Had a Creek mother and English father so she spoke both languages. Interpreted for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi. 18) When reaching the Georgia colony, where did James Oglethorpe and those aboard the ship Anne first land? ~ Yamacraw Bluff on the Savannah River 19) Describe Oglethorpes design for the city of Savannah. ~ planned roads around open green spaces

9 20) Oglethorpe established Georgias first settlement near which present day city? ~ Savannah 21) To support the mercantile system, what items did King George II want colonist in Georgia to grow? ~ Wine (grapes), rice, indigo (to dye cotton), silk (mulberry trees for silk worms to eat), and tobacco

10 22) Where were Georgia colonists required to do? What was banned under Trustee rule? ~ Colonists had to farm their land, defend the colony, and grow mulberry trees to feed silk worms 23) Which people were banned from the Georgia colony? ~ lawyers, alcohol dealers, Catholics, and Blacks 24) How many trustees controlled Georgia? For how long? What rules did they have to follow? ~ 21 trustees controlled colony for 21 years ~ could not own land in colony or hold public office there and could not make any money for their work with Georgia

11 25) What economic system did Great Britain use to extract raw materials from the colonies and increase exports from the mother country? ~ mercantilism 26) Who was the first European to make contact with the Mississippian Indians? Describe that contact? What was he looking for? ~ Hernando de Soto ~ Brutally tortured and killed natives; spread disease ~ He was looking for gold but never found it

12 27) What were Spanish Missions? What was their purpose? ~ Community churches systems established within Spanish territory in North and South America. ~They aimed to covert Native Americans to Catholicism (Christianity) and introduced Spanish culture to Indians. 28) Which Native American time period was the first to make contact with Europeans? ~ Mississippian 29) Which Native American time period was the first to: ~ Use pottery: Archaic ~ Tattoo and paint their bodies: Mississippian ~ Use spear and Clovis point: Paleo ~ Use bow and arrow: Woodland

13 30) What are Georgias five regions? ~ Appalachian Plateau ~ Valley and Ridge ~ Blue Ridge ~ Piedmont ~ Coastal Plains Which is largest? ~ Coastal Plains Which is smallest? ~ Appalachian Plateau 31) Georgias Fall Line separates which two regions? ~ Piedmont and Coastal Plains

14 32) Which region has red clay and gently rolling hills? ~ Piedmont Has barrier islands? ~ Coastal Plains Receives the most rainfall? ~ Blue Ridge Has the largest population? ~ Piedmont (Atlanta is here) 33) What is the primary function of the barrier islands? ~ Act as a buffer for the mainland protecting it from erosion

15 34) Which river forms the border between Georgia and Alabama? ~ Chattahoochee River Between Georgia and South Carolina? ~ Savannah River 35) In which two hemispheres is Georgia located? ~ North and West 36) In which continent, nation, and region is Georgia located? ~ North America ~ United States of America ~ Southeast 37) Identify the 5 states that border Georgia. ~ Florida ~ South Carolina ~ North Carolina ~ Tennessee ~ Alabama


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