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NOW--Write down each test tip.

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1 ACT Reading Test Strategies You can write on the test in pencil—do it!!!!
NOW--Write down each test tip. LATER--Which test tips seem most valuable to you?

2 #1—Answer every question!!!
No penalty for guessing Be strategic—choose the same position every time you guess—pick an answer and stick with it--choose the A’s and F’s (first postion) or choose the second position (B’s and G’s)

3 #2--Use POE POE=Process Of Elimination
Most questions have TWO answers that seem right—but often there will be two answers that you know are immediately wrong—cross those two off on the test—eliminate! 50% chance is a lot better than a 25% chance!

4 #3--TIME is crucial Become familiar with the test and know the directions! Pace yourself—30 seconds per question Bring a watch—no cell phones allowed. --Directions are identical to the ones on the practice tests you have taken—do not waste time reading directions (just for this test ) --You’ll have a little less than 30 seconds to answer each question, so keep that in mind. Stay focused and moving. --Since you can’t have a cell phone, a watch is the best way to stay alert to the time.

5 #4--WORDS to WATCH out for like EXTREMES
Words that seem extreme or “over the top”—like hateful or ecstatic in an answer often make it incorrect

6 #5--WORDS to WATCH out for like ABSOLUTES
Words like always, never, everyone, and all are “absolutes”. Answers using absolutes are usually wrong

7 #6—Choose the BEST answer
Many questions have TWO answers that appear to be right—however, one is BEST!  Good Job Best Job

8 #7--WRITE on you test booklet!
WRITE as you read—underline topic sentences or important ideas, circle signal words, mark unfamiliar words, make brief notes if something strikes you When using POE, cross off the answers that you KNOW are wrong.

9 #8—Answer the easy questions first.
Main idea questions should be easy since that’s a common purpose for reading in school Detail questions=guess at your own answer before looking at your choices; if you agree with one, go for it; if none seem right, go back to the passage & find the answer If a question looks like it will take a lot of time, mark it and come back to it later --Don’t second guess yourself—if an answer seems right, go for it

10 #9—Take care with your answer sheet!
Have a good eraser and use it! Cross check to make certain you are on the right number.

11 Relax! You are ready! Victory is on your side!

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