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Use of the Adaptive Release tool of the Blackboard Evgenii Prosolupov

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1 Use of the Adaptive Release tool of the Blackboard Evgenii Prosolupov

2 Agenda 1.Introduction 2.Adaptive Release 3.GTP and AR 4.Adaptive Release Advanced 5.Special Situations 6.Problem solving 7.Conclusion

3 Teams distribution Divide into teams Choose captain

4 Expectations What are your expectations? Important moments? Your practical problems?

5 When Access Restrictions can be helpful Date and Time in future Limited period of availability Individual Assignments Show material if some test passed

6 Add/Edit element of content

7 Adaptive Release additional capabilities Give access for a list of students or groups of students Set conditions on students grades Check students revision of other content Combine some criteria

8 Example of situation March 11 - Live Assessment If the score > 60, can see Next Module If the score < 60, need to pass Online Test If the Online Test score > 60, can see Next Module also.

9 Sequence of testing

10 Adaptive Release Criteria For Online Test: Date criterion (March 12) and Grade criterion (Live Assessment) For Next Learning Module Grade criterion (Live Assessment) or Grade criterion (Online Test)

11 Schema of criteria

12 Adaptive Release The practice of using the tool

13 Road to a content

14 Contextual menu option

15 Date criterion After a date Until a date Within a timeframe

16 Date criterion

17 Membership criterion Membership in groups List of usernames

18 Membership criterion

19 Grade Center criterion Score is grater then Score is less then Score is equal to Score is between two values Execution attempt

20 Grade Center criterion

21 Review Status criterion If a review status for the student is set

22 Review Status criterion

23 Adaptive Release page One condition for every criterion Can see the content if all met

24 Using handouts TaskElementRuleDescription 1An ItemShow until 9:30 12/03 If Test A grade > 70 Test BOnly for Group A and if An Item is reviewed

25 Solving problems Adaptive Release

26 Chickering and Gamsons Good Teaching Practices

27 Good teaching... 1.encourages contact between students and faculty, 2.develops reciprocity and cooperation among students, 3.encourages active learning, prompt feedback, 5.emphasizes time on task, 6.communicates high expectations, and 7.respects diverse talents and ways of learning.

28 Good Practice Uses Active Learning Techniques Interaction with learning system Grade center criteria Review status criteria

29 Good Practice Gives Prompt Feedback Grade Center criteria Give additional help Open access to further information

30 Good Practice Emphasizes Time on Task Date/Time criteria Become disciplined

31 Good Practice Respects Diverse Talents and Ways of Learning Individual assignments Different content for different groups

32 Adaptive Release: Advanced

33 Multiple roads to a content Can see the content if any of rules met

34 ARA contextual menu option

35 Adaptive Release: Advanced page

36 Manage Criteria page

37 Advanced Adaptive Release One Date criterion and one Membership criterion per rule Multiple Grade and Review Status criteria

38 Solving problems Adaptive Release: Advanced

39 Special situations What you need to remember when using Adaptive Release

40 Empty Rule


42 Restrictions priority Availability/Visibility of the element or Adaptive Release rules?

43 Two Date conditions A way to set two Date restrictions?

44 Two Date error message

45 Groups intersection in Group A and in Group B

46 No negation of criterion To hide A if B is Reviewed?

47 Cyclic conditions Test 1 is available if Test 1 is passed

48 Copy, Archive and Export Rules and User Progress included during Full course copy Archive / Restore Not included during Copy of course materials Export / Import

49 Solving Problems Complicated problems & Additional situations

50 Conclusion Adaptive Release purpose Capabilities Good Teaching Practices Limitations Exercises

51 Any questions? Ask now!

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