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Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

2 Calkins, 9/10 Becker College
BEFORE AVOID CRAMMING! Attend class all the time Review readings/notes on a regular basis. Doing this doesn’t take MORE time – it SAVES time! Create review tools (e.g., flash cards) Arrive Early Sleep - Being alert helps you recall material. Eat a good protein based meal before the test. Avoid negative self-talk. BREATHE – it oxygenates your brain cells! Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

3 Calkins, 9/10 Becker College
DURING Look over the entire test first Be sure you answered all questions Read each question carefully If you go blank on a question, leave it, mark it & return later. Ask instructor for help in interpreting any question that is unclear. Change answers only when you’re SURE! If you have time left over, edit, check, & proofread. Why rush? Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

4 Calkins, 9/10 Becker College
AFTER Analyze your test performance What questions did you breeze through? What questions did you miss and why? What can you do to improve next time? Tutoring? Better Study Schedule? Go to class more often? Reward Yourself! Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

5 Remember to watch for “absolute” terms
In his famous study of infant baboons, Bourth showed that the effect of SAB was _____. a. They inevitably displayed a submission posture. b. All infants react with instant aggression. c. Afterwards, they never showed affection for their mothers d. They tended to isolate themselves from the group e. They retreated in every case Remember to watch for “absolute” terms Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

6 Oregon is the only Western state listed
2. The Western state with the highest number of KUGS in 1951 was _____. a. Oregon b. New York c. Denver d. Pennsylvania e. Los Angeles Oregon is the only Western state listed Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

7 Calkins, 9/10 Becker College
3. When comparing LOK and ZIB, Hobson’s experiments found that _____. a. LOK is easier b. ZIB is easier c. ZIB is more difficult d. Both a and b e. Both b and c Answer choices a & c cancel each other out. Answer choices d & e contradict each other. Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

8 It’s the absolutes again!
4. During the critical early years of childhood, the effect of BOF is _____. a. The children never learn to relate to others. b. Juvenile delinquency in every case. c. A tendency toward speech difficulties. d. Inevitable mental retardation. It’s the absolutes again! Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

9 Choice d is the only one that has to do with memory.
5. The research of R. Smith shows that the effect of GIK on children’s memory was _____. a. They became more active in their everyday movements. b. In most cases sex drive diminished. c. Appetites generally improved. d. Their recall was made more difficult. Choice d is the only one that has to do with memory. Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

10 Strategies for Essay Questions
Read the question carefully. Circle the verb & key words. Organize your thoughts. Make notes on scrap paper before starting to write. Write your answer clearly. Use correct grammar and punctuation. Re-read your answer before handing in the test. Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

11 THE VERBS (Use with handout)
Analyze -- Break into separate parts & discuss each part Explain – Make idea clear; show how idea developed; give reasons for an event. Evaluate -- Give your opinion or cite the opinion of an expert. Include evidence to support the evaluation. Summarize -- Give a brief, concise account, incl. conclusions. Describe -- Give a detailed account; list characteristics, qualities & parts. Define -- Give the meaning (usually specific to course/subj); usually brief. Compare -- Examine 2 or more things. Identify similarities. Contrast -- Examine 2 or more things. Identify differences. Calkins, 9/10 Becker College

12 Calkins, 9/10 Becker College
SOURCES Study Skills Handbook, Northern Arizona University Learning Assistance Center, Northern Arizona University University of North Carolina Brigham Young University Southwestern University Google images Calkins, 9/10 Becker College


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