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Test Taking Secrets Similar Options Stem Options Slide 4Slide 4Absurd Options Specific Determiners.

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1 Test Taking Secrets Similar Options Stem Options Slide 4Slide 4Absurd Options Specific Determiners

2 Similar Options When Bestor crystals are added to water: 1. Heat is given off 2. The temperature rises 3. The solution turns blue 4. The container becomes warmer There is no such thing as Bestor crystals! But there is a correct answer! Secret: 3 of the choices refer to the same thing! All 3 can not be correct! Keep in mind – the same is true if 2 of the choices are the same! If both are the same, you can probably eliminate them as the correct answer. And your answer is? The correct answer is…..# 3

3 The Cathra tree is found primarily in: a. arid climates b. dry locations c. barren soil d. rainy climates Correct answer is…………..d (rainy climates) Why?

4 Stem Options The hungry coyote in Tippecanoe was observed: a. sleeping in a ditch b. stalking prey c. looking for shelter d. near the park Yes, there is a correct answer! Look carefully for information in the stem (the 1 st part of the question)! What information does it gives us about the coyote? And your answer is? What is the logical choice? Now you know the secret about stem options that many students might not even notice! The correct answer is….the HUNGRY coyote is stalking prey.

5 The fragile plenophla plant: a. can grow in any soil b. can withstand a wide variety of temperatures c. tolerates poor moisture conditions d. grows best in very special soil Correct answer is….. D (d. grows best in very special soil) Why?

6 Absurd Options Eskimos make rope for hunting and gathering from: a.cotton fibers from their fields b.strips cut from animal hide c.fibers taken from jungle vines d.from palm tree leaves, woven together What information do you already know about the choices that will help you ELIMINATE certain items? You may not KNOW the CORRECT answer, but you can eliminate the wrong answers! H i n t : E s k i m o s l i v e i n v e r y c o l d r e g i o n s a n d s o w h i c h c h o i c e s a r e n o t p o s s i b l e ? The ABSURD OPTIONS are a, c, and d. So the correct answer is…….b. Stop & think about it!

7 Many reptiles are known to: a. migrate long distances b. capture birds in flight c. burrow in the snow when frightened d. blend in with their surroundings Correct answer is …………d (blend into their surrounding) Why?

8 Specific Determiners Individuals who consume excessive sugar: a.always suffer from tooth decay b.never have sufficient energy c.often gain weight d.never eat food high in fiber or vitamins Secret? Things are less likely to be always or never true than they are to be sometimes, often, orrarely true! Can you think of ONE SINGLE TIME? Correct answer is…………c

9 The element Gallicium: a. is never found in the Western Hemisphere b. Is often found in conjunction with Helatite c. is found only in shale d. is never mined outside of Honduras Correct answer is……………b (is OFTEN found in conjuction with Helatite Why?

10 Test-taking secrets: Students who use these test-taking secrets may score higher than students who dont know the secrets! Other secrets: Check often to make sure your test answer sheet # and test booklet question # match! Make sure test booklet pages dont get stuck together! Eliminate bad choices and increase your chance to get the right answer! Always guess rather than leave a question blank. Do you know other test-taking secrets?

11 This presentation is based on Teaching Test-Taking Skills Helping Students Show What They Know by Thomas E. Scruggs Margo A. Mastropieri

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