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How to Take Tests 5 How to Take a Multiple Choice Test

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1 How to Take Tests 5 How to Take a Multiple Choice Test

2 Multiple Choice Tests Standardized tests are used for evaluating large groups of students This discussion of standardized tests is not necessarily related to a multiple-choice test that a single teacher writes

3 Multiple Choice Tests It is meant to reflect a large database exam, such as the SAT, ELM, GRE etc.

4 Mulitple Choice Tests Your exam score can make the difference between getting a scholarship or university acceptance or rejection.

5 Multiple Choice Tests Unfortunately, standardized tests are usually multiple-choice tests As the recent controversy over SAT scores has demonstrated, multiple choice tests do not measure a student’s actual knowledge or ability A multiple choice test evaluates a students’ ability to take multiple choice tests

6 Multiple Choice Tests There are some techniques that can help you improve your ability to take standardized tests

7 Multiple Choice Tests For instance, in the California Entrance Level Mathematics Exam for college, if an answer is not chosen by at least 5% of the students taking the exam, the question is either rewritten or a better distracter (wrong answer) is developed.

8 Test Strategies This means all of the possible answers look right to some students. Test makers accomplish this in one of two ways. question is manipulated into frequently chosen wrong answers answers are all true with only one being the best.

9 Test Strategies The question asked is the single largest clue to work with The correct understanding of what is asked is crucial

10 Test Strategies Always try to answer questions that are in the same subject at the same time. Often they will be grouped together, as when a short article is given and then questions are asked.

11 Test Strategies Examine the answers for completeness. If the question asks for name, place, and date, and some answers give only two of the three, eliminate those answers.

12 Test Strategies Remember the rules presented in the chapter on “How to Solve Problems.” Pace yourself so you can finish the entire exam.

13 Test Strategies Find out if you are penalized for guessing. If you are, remember to still guess if you can eliminate three of the five possible answers.

14 Test Strategies If you are taking an exam which utilizes a Scantron (a computer-read answer sheet) for grading, make your pencil marks carefully so they do not smudge or overlap. Multiple marks are counted as wrong answers.

15 Test Strategies Research has shown it is better to transfer your answers to the Scantron form at the end of the exam than to mark it as you answer each question. It saves time and reduces the possibility of mismarking.


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