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PETAL-II Preliminary Eurocontrol Test of Air/ground data Link, Phase II Operational Validation & Early Implementation Rob Mead PETAL-II Trials Manager.

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1 PETAL-II Preliminary Eurocontrol Test of Air/ground data Link, Phase II Operational Validation & Early Implementation Rob Mead PETAL-II Trials Manager PETAL-II Trials Manager Eurocontrol, DIS/ATD Eurocontrol, DIS/ATD

2 Topics n Trials Context n PETAL-II u Current operations and status u AAL / ARINC ATN Extension n Preliminary Results

3 PETAL Operations first, then technology. n GOAL: requirements validation & capture Are we headed in the right direction? n So, we implement: u ODIAC operational concept, services, procedures, & abnormal modes u international standards where ever possible u with airlines, industry, service providers u without backing a technology (triple stack) u with the ops floor and cockpit skeptics

4 PETAL-II Operational Package n Operational trials, in situ, with users n Clearly defined procedures and airspace n Pilot and controller always in command n Voice readback before clearance execution n Fully silent for all other communications n Limited CPDLC message set (32 up, 12 down) Routine R/T (transfer, level, route, heading, crossing conditions, vertical rate, speed, + few) Routine R/T (transfer, level, route, heading, crossing conditions, vertical rate, speed, + few) n A little ADS and CM / AFN (log-on) n ATN (and FANS-1/A) compliant events. n Multiple a/g datalink-equipped aircraft

5 PETAL-II Front-End Processors NEAN Ground Stations Mode-S ARINC VDL-2 stations PETAL-II Players, End-End Paris Maastricht NEANATN SITA FANS-1/A SAS, Lufthansa AAL ANZ, UAL, DLH, COA, etc. Simulation ICAO CNS/ATM Op data and behavior Downlink Parameters Reims FAA

6 PETAL-II Review (current ops) n NEAN Live Operations: Apr 98 u 600+ flights June - Oct '98 u 400+ April - June '99 n FANS-1/A live operations: Feb 99 u 24-29 August: 23 of 36 total flights u Key addition to results F Connection-oriented F Automated cockpit F New cockpit cultures n Over 1200 flights have used CPDLC in 9 months n Multi-stack operations in place n All day, all sectors (14+)

7 Maastricht Sectors

8 Maastricht Controller HMI

9 NEAN Airborne HMI

10 NEAN Communications Log

11 B777 Flight Deck

12 Airborne HMI n NEAN CDTI n FANS-1 u B747-400 MCDU u B777 Flat Panels n FANS-A DCDU? n ATN MCDU

13 High Level Results n Original objectives met at end 98 n Tremendous amount of validation material n Total rewrite of one key service (transfer) n Numerous defects identified (e.g. timers) n Requirements gaps identified, e.g.: u log-on u message pairs u concatenated message rules n Clearly added momentum to implementation

14 Ground Architecture Controller HMI Controller HMI Controller HMI Controller HMI Flight Data Processing System - Flight plan / address association - ATN SARPS version 2.3 (ICAO doc 9705), CPDLC, ADS, CM - All datalink service logic (e.g. connection set-up / transfer, timers, etc.) P2FEP NFEP - Aircraft address/state - ASE emulation CM, CPDLC, ADS - Data conversion FaFEP - Aircraft address/state - ASE emulation CM, CPDLC, ADS - Data conversion ALLA - Aircraft address/state - Data conversion ProATN - ASEs: CM, CPDLC, ADS - ATN Router FANS-1/A Gateway NEAN Server IDD 4.0 BER IDD 4.0 PER

15 PETAL-IIe: AAL Initiative n US and European airspace n Core set of common messages n Interoperable, documented functional differences n Interoperable, documented procedural differences n ATS / Airline deadlock broken n Harmonisation for airlines and ATS

16 PETAL-II Review (ATN) n Jan 99: PETAL-II End-End Specs frozen n Spring '00: First flights can take place u BAC1-11 trials ATN and Services, and satcom n May 01: AA, Maas, & Reims red label flights u 4 B767-300ER (European operations) n Jun 02: First flights at Miami (FAA Build 1) n Jun 03: US Key Site Build 1A (national 2004)

17 Maastricht & Reims Sectors

18 Global Timelines 199719981999199619951994200020012004200220032007 ….20062005 Base-1 PETAL Op Concept Op Requirements LINK Sim PETAL-II extension PETAL-II Base-2 Sim B-1 B-1A B-2 FAA Implementation Program CPC ADS AIDC PIT

19 Preliminary Results

20 Questionnaires and Interviews Controllers and Flight Crews Problem & System Improvement Reports Controllers and Flight Crews Project Office Design Authorities Statistics, e.g. Transmission and dialogue times Message use FDP system states, e.g. log-on, connect, transfer all analysed for comm performance & debug Data Sources Operator and Designer Experience and Logs

21 Integration Teams are Essential n Develop End-to-End Specifications u FAA Builds 1 and 1A (key site, Miami ARTCC) u Maastricht and French UACs u End-end procedures, automation, messages u interoperable use of SARPS, now to DO/ED n Plan and coordinate initial fielding & cert (air, ground, comm) n Monitor and manage initial operations n Formalise issues via RTCA/Eurocae, ICAO

22 Mixed Equipage n Simultaneous datalink aircraft / sector u Up to 30 aircraft (all types) in sector at one time u Flight time / sector: 5 - 30 minutes u Max number datalink aircraft (June '99): 3 u Overlap time: 1 - 16 minutes u Datalink use: heavy to not at all n Mixed equipage preliminary results u Equipage ratio: 1-3 datalink / 5-30 total u Controllers unaware of NEAN or FANS-1/A u Not considered a serious problem but u Will limit benefits u Minimum one flight per control session required

23 Response Times and CPDLC Use n PETAL-I dialogue & delivery times confirmed. u Max dialogue time, 10s = 55% u Observed performance acceptable = 84% u Actual averages = about 30s n CPDLC good for strategic comm n CPDLC not good for tactical acft separation u regardless of transmission speed u tactical = use, not message type n CPDLC good for climb, cruise, descend (climb-out & approach???)

24 FANS-1/A Observations n ARINC 424 vs. ground nav databases n CPDLC connection for close departures u If automated event, may occur at poor time u Aircrew HMI should consider not alerting "connect" at same level as clearance n Resume Own Nav without a "to" n Concatenation and Conditional Clearances require additional restrictions n All applicable to ATN

25 ATN Interoperability Issues n You have message pairs. Standardise them! n Log-on u What's a "positive log-on"? u Mandatory (optional) log-on data u Static ground CM addresses / airborne data bases u Which aircraft address used by the ground? n Logical Response (LACK) u How does aircraft know whether to use them? u How do you resolve the cockpit differences? n Who connects CPDLC, air or ground? n New airspaces > different needs (e.g. timers)

26 Operational Results Reported Usefulness (controllers)

27 Message Sets n Cut the message set, at least for initial ops u Eases HMI and training (300+ messages??) u Too many options (e.g. meter data types) u Some dont fit ops (e.g. deviate N/S/E/W) u No guidance on how to handle "bad" options n Trick is to find a common core, and u Define interop handling for data types involved u Design HMIs to have these "on top" u Implement those first u International set now being standardised

28 Builds and Baselines

29 PETAL-II Datalink Capability Live operations, all 12 sectors, all day (539 CPDLC flights, 6/98 - 9/98) Capability 1997 199819961999 NEAN Operations ATN 1.1 compliant - FDPS - Operations Pre-Op environment FANS-1/A Operations ATN 1.1 compliant - FDPS - Operations FANS-1/A Front-End Pre-Op environment FANS-1/A ATN 2001...... NEAN ATN Operations ATN 2.3+ compliant - FDPS - Operations Operational upgrades FAA interoperable Final step to certified / op approved environment 2000 Link 2000+

30 What Is This All Accomplishing? n Bringing requirements into touch with reality n Bringing standards into contact with designers n Uncovering expensive interoperability issues before initial operations n Bridging the Transatlantic divide u for procedures and systems u for operations n Breaking the "you go first" deadlock n Bringing together comm providers, airlines, ATS, and suppliers to build a single system

31 Conclusion n We have broken the "I will if you will" deadlock n Monthly report or newsletter distro? n Individual or organizational input ? u u u

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