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Welcome to the College of Business Testing Lab (BA2-104)

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1 Welcome to the College of Business Testing Lab (BA2-104)

2 Welcome to the Business Testing Lab
Before we begin, here are a few important rules to remember: You MUST have a UCF Student ID to take a test. No other forms of ID will be accepted. If you cannot find your Student ID, please stop by the Card Services office for a new one prior to taking your test. You will need to know your NID and PID to gain access to your exam. Bring only your ID, pencil, and any testing materials allowed by your instructor. All belongings must be stored outside the testing lab. This includes all electronic devices and cell phones. There is a locker room next to the testing lab in which you can store your personal items. There is a $.50 cost for the lockers. Skateboards and large umbrellas will NOT fit, you will need to make other arrangements for these items. Please be sure to check-in AND check-out for your test at the entrance to the lab. If you do not check-in AND check-out, there will be no complete record of you being in the testing lab should something go wrong with your test! If you experience any problems while taking your test, please be sure to raise your hand and make a proctor aware of the situation. Do not continue the test or try to fix the problem yourself! Once you check-in for your test, you may not leave before submitting your test.

3 What is allowed in the testing lab?
Student ID Pen or Pencil Calculators (only if allowed by your instructor) Only Non-Graphing and Non-Programmable Please present this at check-in Index Cards (only if allowed by your instructor) 3x5, 5x7 or 8x11; size will be determined by your instructor Note cards must be presented at check-in Wallet Car Keys The testing lab provides scratch paper Hats need to be placed inside a locker. If worn, they MUST be turned around backwards. You may not place it on the desk or ground.

4 Items Not Allowed in the Testing Lab
Anything not on the previous slide

5 Using the Lockers Each locker costs 50¢ per use
There is a change machine inside the locker room Instructions Place your items inside the locker Insert 2 quarters into the slot on the back of the door Close the locker door Turn the key to the left and pull the key out

6 WebCourses Login (1) When seated your desktop will look like this
Select the LockDown icon, unless instructed during check-in not to use it. When LockDown opens, choose WebCourses from the drop-down box.

7 WebCT Login (2) Choose the WebCourses Server from the drop-down box

8 WebCourses Login (3) Enter your NID Enter your Password
If you have forgotten your password, please follow the “Changing your NID password” link to reset Then click “OK” NID

9 Changing your NID password
WebCourses Login (4) Changing your NID password You will need to enter: Your PID using a lower-case letter, your date of birth, the last 4 of your SSN, the ISO on your student ID pid mm/dd/yyyy

10 WebCourses Login (5) You will now see your Course List
Select the course you wish to enter

11 WebCourses Login (6) Locate the “Assessments” link on the sidebar to the left Scroll through the list and select your exam

12 WebCourses Login (7) When you are ready to begin, click on “Begin Assessment” When you are done with your exam, make sure all answers are saved and then click Submit.

13 If you experience any trouble, please raise your hand and a proctor will help you. Do not continue your test or try to fix any problem yourself!

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