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Writing Quiz Items IS 460 Notes by Thomas Hilton.

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1 Writing Quiz Items IS 460 Notes by Thomas Hilton

2 Procedure in Brief Understand Purpose of Academic Tests Understand Fidelity of Item Types Choose an Item Type Identify Important Parts of Presentation Write Five Multiple-Choice Test Items Apiece Write High Quality Items Review and Revise Items Enter Items into NetTest

3 Understand Purpose of Tests Academic Tests are… Primarily to Measure Learning Secondarily to Motivate Learning Not Much of an Instructional Device

4 Understand Fidelity of Item Types: The best test is the task itself Oral/performance Essay Short-answer Multiple-choice Matching True-false

5 Choose an Item Type Validity Reliability Effort Construction Grading

6 Identify Important Points in Presentation Work With Teammate(s) Ask, What should people be able to do when were done presenting to them? Collaborate Face to Face E-Mail Online Chat, Instant Messaging, NetMeeting Telephone Carrier Pigeon Whatever Floats Your Boat

7 Write Five Multiple-Choice Items Apiece A Three-Person Team Generates 15 Items Mark Correct Answer to Each Item Name Source Content for Each Item

8 Develop High Quality Items Identify Objectives Write Several Stems per Objective Write Correct Answer for Each Stem (Before Distracters) Write Three Distracters for Each Stem (After Correct Answer) Make Some Items Easy, Some Hard

9 Item Form Easy To Read: Clear, Brief, Grammatically Correct Minimum of Redundancy in Wording Distracters Plausible Content Sounds Realistic to the Uninformed Same Length and Style as Correct Answer Match Common Misconceptions Generally, dont use All of the Above, Both A and C, silly distracters, etc.

10 Review and Revise Items Swap Items in Team Get Suggested Revisions from Each Other Be Kind Be Thick-Skinned

11 Create Quiz In Web Form Open example quiz in Word.example quiz Select web view. Edit quiz title and items. Display Web Tools toolbar, and enter Design Mode. Edit properties of first hidden field at top of quiz. Make Value Edit properties of second hidden field at top of quiz. Make Value Save as web page (often). Link quiz to presentation web site using relative URL. Store all web site files on W: drive.

12 Take Quiz Bring up web site in IE Click quiz hyperlink Take quiz Click Submit Button

13 Do all This by Deadline Agreed in Class

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