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Modifiers Test Review Mrs. S. irizarry.

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1 Modifiers Test Review Mrs. S. irizarry

2 Adjectives: 1. Aleika is popular at parties.
Underline each adjective and circle the word that each adjective describes. 1. Aleika is popular at parties. 2. She is a one- woman band. 3. She plays a small drum. 4. She plays two huge, flat cymals. 5. She gives concerts, large and small.

3 Articles and Demonstratives:
Circle the correct articles and demonstrative adjectives. 1. Do you own (a, an) poodle or (a, an) Irish setter? 2. I have (a, an) old mutt that is (a, an) wonderful friend to me. 3. (This, These) gray poodle is Jo’s. 4. Did (the, an) dog win (a, an) award? 5. (Those, That) setters won in (the, a) annual competition.

4 Comparing with Adjectives:
Write each adjective in parentheses using the comparative or superlative form. 1. The __________ game was better than the earlier one. (late) 2. This old model is __________ than an instant camera. (bad) 3. Even our __________ player scored. (weak) 4. Is this show the town’s __________ entertainment? (good) 5. It was the __________ game of all. (short) 6. It was also the __________ day of the year. (hot) 7. One of the __________ of all books is “Tom Sawyer”. (popular) 8. This season was __________ for us than last season. (happy) 9. Are rubies __________ than diamonds? (valuable)

5 Proper Adjectives: Write the proper adjective for the proper noun in parentheses. 1. (China) vase 2. (Spain) lace 3. (Africa) art 4. (Italy) food 5. (Mexico) fan 6. (Russia) caves 7. (Scotland) wool 8. (Ireland) crafts

6 Adverbs: Underline each adverb and circle the verb, adjective or adverb it modifies. 1. The week passed slowly. 2. Lou watched the very playful birds. 3. Lou waited patiently. 4. Herds grazed freely in absolutely quiet areas. 5. The bird sang quite beautifully. 6. Then Lou studied the polar bears. 7. Lou chose an incredibly good seat. 8. The tour guide spoke really well. 9. He usually watches carefully.

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