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2011-2012 Winter Algebra 1 End-of-Course TRAINING MATERIALS.

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1 2011-2012 Winter Algebra 1 End-of-Course TRAINING MATERIALS

2 Test Administrator Before, During, and After Testing (CBT and Accommodations) 2

3 Test Administrator: Before Testing Checklist Read the test administration manual. Read the Test Administration Policies and Procedures and sign the EOC Administration and Security Agreement and the Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement. Establish an appropriate setting and remove or cover any unauthorized visual aids. Prepare necessary forms to collect required administration information. Prepare Security Log(s) to be used in testing room. Make copies of the Do Not Disturb sign and Electronic Devices sign to post prior to testing. Prepare a seating chart to be used in your testing room. 3

4 Test Administrator: Before Testing Checklist Assemble all materials. Ensure that students understand the electronic devices policy (see scripts). Become familiar with accommodations specified on students IEPs or Section 504 plans. Obtain your test group codes. CBT: Ensure that you are familiar with how to open TestNav or TestHear to the login screen with the correct URL for each student computer prior to testing (see instructions in operational scripts). 4

5 Test Administrator: Before Testing CBT: Conduct Practice Test (ePAT) ALL students MUST complete an ePAT to learn how to use the computer- based system. Even students who participated in a previous computer-based test MUST complete the appropriate ePAT(s) prior to this administration. Students who will take any accommodated computer-based form must take the corresponding TestHear ePAT. Ensure that the following items have been downloaded to each computer that will be used for a practice test. For TestNav: the ePAT Launcher and appropriate test content (Algebra 1 EOC). For TestHear: the accommodated ePAT, which includes the launcher and the test content. ePAT scripts provided in the Winter EOC Manual and under the Resources tab at 5

6 Test Administrator: Before Testing CBT: Prepare Testing Room Ensure that all software applications, including Internet browsers, are closed on all student workstations. Start TestNav or TestHear, type in the correct URL, and open each student workstation to the student login screen. Ensure that you have a way to contact the technology coordinator or school coordinator during testing without leaving the room unattended. Test Sessions have a unique six-digit test code (password) that will be printed on the Student Authorization Tickets and Session Roster. Test Code (password) is used to access the test. Test Group Code (4-digits) is used to identify groups of students tested together. 6

7 Test Administrator: During Testing Checklist Maintain record of required administration information and seating chart. Ensure that proctors and anyone who enters a testing room for the purpose of monitoring the test sign the Security Log. Administer the test according to the directions in the appropriate administration script and read the SAY boxes verbatim to students. 7

8 Test Administrator: During Testing Scripts Method of Delivery ScenarioUse scripts on pages Computer Students will test using regular CBT forms via TestNav (may require administration accommodations, such as flexible scheduling, flexible setting, etc.) EOC Manual: pp. 33-42 Students will test using accommodated CBT forms via TestHear (e.g., zoom, large print, color contrast, screen reader, assistive devices) EOC Manual: pp. 176-187 Paper Students will test using regular print paper-based materials (provided as accommodations only) EOC Manual: pp. 188-196 Students require braille test materials as an accommodation Braille Scripts and Notes EOC Manual: pp. 201-204 8

9 Test Administrator: During Testing CBT: Accommodations Use the Form/Form Group Type column in the Session Roster to confirm the accommodated form assigned to the student. 9 Form Name in PearsonAccess Accommodations Offered Lrg PrtLarge Print Zoom Col ConColor Contrast Scr RdrScreen Reader Lrg Prt + Col ConLarge Print and Color Contrast Lrg Prt + Scr RdrLarge Print and Screen Reader Lrg Prt + Col Con + Scr RdrLarge Print, Color Contrast, and Screen Reader Zoom + Col ConZoom and Color Contrast Zoom + Scr RdrZoom and Screen Reader Zoom + Col Con + Scr RdrZoom, Color Contrast, and Screen Reader Col Con + Scr RdrColor Contrast and Screen Reader Assistive Devices

10 Test Administrator: During Testing CBT: Accommodations The following codes should be used by test administrators to record accommodations actually used by each student during the test administration. This information is later recorded in PearsonAccess by the school assessment coordinator. For ESE/504 students: 1-FP = Flexible Presentation 1-FR = Flexible Responding 1-FSC = Flexible Scheduling 1-FSE = Flexible Setting 1-AD = Assistive Devices For ELL students: 2-FSC = Flexible Scheduling 2-FSE = Flexible Setting 2-AHL = Assistance in Heritage Language 2-ADI = Approved Dictionary 10

11 Test Administrator: During Testing Supervise Test Administration During testing, ensure that students: Clear the area around their workstations or desks of all materials except for the appropriate test materials Do not have books, notes, extra scratch paper, or electronic devices of any kind (except for approved calculators) during testing, even if they do not use them Have signed or agreed to the student pledge Do not talk or make any disturbance Work independently Are recording their answers in the appropriate area Work in the correct test For CBT, check student name and test in the top left corner of the computer screen. For PBT, check the document title at the top of the grid sheet. 11

12 Test Administrator: During Testing Supervise Test Administration Test administrators MAY NOT: Talk with students about test items Help students with their answers Provide students with any information that would allow them to infer the correct answer Discuss test items or answers with students even after testing has been completed CBT only: Have any desktop-viewing programs or similar software that would enable a test administrator to view test items and student responses Refer to the Test Administrator Prohibited Activities Agreement for a list of activities that are prohibited before, during, and after testing. 12

13 Test Administrator: During Testing CBT: Supervise Test Administration If a computer is disconnected from the test: Contact the technology coordinator to help diagnose any technical issues Contact the school assessment coordinator to resume students test in PearsonAccess OR If you have a Test Administrator account in PearsonAccess, you will be able to resume the students test and assist the student with logging in again. Your school assessment coordinator will train you on the process for resuming students. 13

14 Test Administrator: After Testing Checklist Verify that you have collected all required administration information, including accommodations actually used by each student. Report any missing materials to your school assessment coordinator, including the following as applicable: Test and answer books Student Authorization Tickets Session Rosters Work folders Reference sheets Verify that Security Logs and seating charts were completed correctly. For PBT, inspect students answer documents for stray marks on the student grid sheet and verify that the required information has been completed. Remove stray reference sheets. Check to make sure DNS bubbles have not been gridded by mistake. Organize materials and return to your school assessment coordinator. Complete the Test Administrator Comment Form at 14

15 QUESTIONS If you have questions, call or email any of the following: Angela Marino, Director – 407-870-4056 ext: 66150; Veronica Gonzalez– 407-870-4046 ext: 66153; Nereida Gonzalez– 407-518-2902 ext: 66158 15

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