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Test Review Midterm examination on Monday, February 24th.

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1 Test Review Midterm examination on Monday, February 24th

2 The Test Format: a. Thirty (30) multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. b. One (1) brief essay question. Material to be covered: The test covers the readings and in class material as well as the assigned reading through Easements and Covenants, which we will discuss on Friday February 21 st. The material on the Secretarys Standards for Preservation will not covered the on the questions of the exam. Please do read Joseph L Saxs Property Rights and Public Benefits. This reading is on our Blog [] under the drop down menu of Reserve Readings/Handouts. Below are four questions that are examples of question types that you will be asked on the midterm.

3 Resources 1.You have the text and your notes from class: 2.Our website has study guides for each topic. The following topics have been collapsed into a single study guide: Government preservation at the state level Local Government preservation Judicial Impact and Property Rights 3. The outside readings are either on the class website under Reserve or they are present at a url given in the syllabus and on the study guide. 4. You may study together, the examination is not collaborative, neither will you be allowed to have your notes available. You will only need a dark pen for the exam, you do not need a bluebook for this exam, paper will be supplied for the essay.

4 Question Types Short answer questions ask you to complete statements, asking for words or phrases that have been described both in the reading and in the classroom 1. Please list the three broad powers granted governments under the federal constitution that have been used to sustain historic resources. a. b. c. 2. List the four categories of association under which properties may be eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. A property need only meet one of these categories to be eligible. a. b. c. d.

5 Multiple choice questions Multiple choice questions ask you to identify the feature, actor, or element in the list that best matches the question. No question will have more than one correct answer. Which of the following is not an activity of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) a. Initiating Section 106 review. b. Certifying tax credit applications. c. Reviewing national register nominations. d. Filing a preservation plan.

6 Short essay question Essay questions ask you to make narrative statements of either, contrast, comparison, analysis, or distinction in a feature of preservation practice that we have both had readings about and talked about in class. There will be a choice of questions, chose one. For example: Briefly contrast what protections are in place for properties stemming from national legislation and state initiatives. When are the protections mandatory for government officials, when are they mandatory for private citizens?

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