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Joint Exchange / Interop Work Group Test Workgroup John Donnelly/Judith Hutman September 5, 2012.

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1 Joint Exchange / Interop Work Group Test Workgroup John Donnelly/Judith Hutman September 5, 2012

2 Roll 2 NameOrganizationRepresentation Nick VanDuyneNYeC State Ivan HandlerIL John DonnellyNJTask Group Co-Chair - IWG Marty PrahlSSA Federal agency Dennis Peterson, Curtus Browning, Elaine Hunolt, Taimur Aslam, Willie Singletary, Monica VanDykeVHA Kevin BradyNIST David Tao, Dan HuberSiemens EHR Vendor Dave Cassel, Rob KlootwykEpic Bill Howard, Charles ParisotGE Jeff Cunningham, Tim DunningtonICA HIE vendor Mike LaRoccaIntersystems Vladi Reznikov, Jennifer PuyenbroekCONNECT PMO Matt Bell, Tom Wilson, Kathy LinAxolotl Teddy GedamuMedfx Melissa OwensMarshfield ClinicHealth System Steve LeightyMedVirginia Regional HIE Brian Bonnington, Dave Trepanier, Dave Smith, Steve MichaelIHIE Anuj DesaiInterop WG Eric HeflinTHSATask Group Co-Chair - Exchange Mariann YeagerExchange Ed O'Connor, Judith HutmanNitorONC Testing Contractor Dennis Wilson, Alisa Ray, Sue Rieber CCHIT ATCBs and Testing SMEs Jim St. Clair IHE USA Amit Trivedi, Kevin Brown, Michella Knighton ICSA Labs Traci Mapps SLI Global Solutions Kyle Meadors, Timothy Bennett Drummond Group Milton Padilla, Steve Wilson, Mark Shin, Doublas Biggs, Les Biggs InfoGuard

3 Roll Call – Cayla Announcements – John Pilot Status – John Direct Harmonization Status – Judith Executable Tests Status – Judith Direct Cert Discovery Tool – David Open Discussion – All Wrap Up/Schedule Review - John Agenda 3

4 Harmonized PD/QD/RD/MP/AF (aka Patient Record Lookup) have been ratified Early review of the test cases under way now Pilot processes to be conducted in Sept with Testing Body Announcements 4

5 On 2012/8/29 the ONC Test Team released process documents for the pilot at Documentation includes Test Process Guide Testing Toolkit Users Guide Test Execution Guide: PD-QD-RD Test Execution Guide: Messaging Platform & Authorization Framework Also weve created a pilot charter document Harmonized PRL (PD/QD/RD/MP/AF) Pilot Status 5

6 The pilot roadmap has been defined as follows: Select & finalize contract with CTB Map out testing plan w CTB, solidify pilot participants list, lay out detailed approach Pilot prep and coordination between CTB, participants Kickoff pilot with CTB Several organizations are moving forward…need more We need your help! IWG and Exchange members Vendors Harmonized PRL Pilot Status (continued) 6

7 ONC Test Team Update Direct Harmonization: Intro to Artifacts Test Execution Status Direct Cert Discovery Test Tool Demo 7

8 Direct Harmonization: Intro to Artifacts

9 9 Direct Test Artifacts 4 Test Packages (test cases, checklists) Cert Discovery Direct Messaging Basic IHE ITI TF XD* Conversion Direct XD* Conversion Set of Verification Checklists Test Data Index

10 10 Direct Test Artifacts: Action Items Harmonization Map FR-5 and FR-7 to all Direct Messaging test cases Open question: Make other EHR/HIE test cases required for those deployment models? Documentation work De-ModSpecify Test Guides Merge Cert Discovery (MSP3) and Direct Messaging (MSP2) Test Guides Convert Test Guide to self-test model Provide clear navigation instructions for all test artifacts Adopt some test case intro language from EHR/HIE Test Spec These are all currently in progress

11 11 Documentation Task (Example)

12 Test Execution Status

13 Automating Test Case Execution: soapUI scripts complete PriorityHighMedLowX (untargeted) TOTALS PD89421 QD19150234+2 RD87116 M+A1151+15 Direct20 TOTALS5631517 92+17 Note: 104 test cases have been targeted for automation (92 complete) 616 test case have not yet been evaluated for automation methods

14 Direct Cert Discovery Test Tool Demo

15 Open Discussion

16 RFP released July 2nd Questions received by 6 organizations Answers distributed July 13th Bids due July 20th Evaluating, Conducting Negotiations Expected award Early Sept Contract start TBD Schedule Review 16 We are here (running late)

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