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Software Testing How has agile changed the game? Karen Greaves.

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1 Software Testing How has agile changed the game? Karen Greaves

2 Why?

3 Building the system right Compare against a specification Validation Building the right system Compare against customer needs Verification

4 Cost of fixing a defect

5 Test Early

6 HOWTO: Test Early Testers involved in Sprint Planning Testers work from day 1 of the sprint Done includes testing & fixing Dont let developers get ahead Team signs off each story

7 Cost vs Benefit of Automation

8 Automate

9 HOWTO: Automation Make automation part of every story Everyone runs automated tests Quick to run & interpret Flexible to run Dont automate once off tests Automate things you do everyday Automate sanity tests

10 Defect Yield

11 Test SmarterTest Smarter

12 HOWTO: Test Smarter White or grey box testing Understand where bugs could exist Trust developers Static testing Use fundamental techniques

13 Test Fundamentals Pair wise / All pairs testing Equivalence partitioning Boundary case analysis Dependency maps for regression Separate functional testing from load testing

14 Tracking When should you log a bug? How many defects states? Priority and severity? The importance of classifying bugs Clean out your defect system regularly

15 Test Reporting System status at a glance Test depth Defect trends Working software over comprehensive documentation

16 Technical stuff you need to know Version Control Build Process Installers and Upgrades Environments

17 Implications of agile Build the right system Test Early Automate Testing Test Smarter Quality is everyones concern


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