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SETEMBRO, 2010 | SÃO PAULO. This slide deck is a combination of the slides that I used for parts 1 and 2 of this session.

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2 This slide deck is a combination of the slides that I used for parts 1 and 2 of this session.

3 Brian Keller Sr. Technical Evangelist Microsoft Corporation Software Testing with Visual Studio 2010 C Ó DIGO DA SESS Ã O: #####

4 4 I work here…

5 5 …on this…

6 6 …and this.

7 7 I blog here:

8 8 I published here:

9 9 Agenda Subtítulo de Agenda Understand Microsofts testing investments with Visual Studio 2010. Learn how to use Microsoft Test Manager to more effectively author, manage, and execute test cases. Understand how to eliminate no repro scenarios by utilizing actionable bugs, including rich test run information and IntelliTrace.

10 10 Part 1 of 2 Philosophy and Design Goals Microsoft Test Manager Test Plans Test Case Management Authoring Tests Running Tests Fast-Forward for Manual Testing Introduction to Coded UI Tests

11 11 Part 2 of 2 Advanced Coded UI Tests Debugging with IntelliTrace Lab Management Build-Deploy-Test Best Practices Getting Started

12 12 Visual Studio 2010

13 13 software bugs cost the US economy an estimated $59.5 billion every year on average professional coders make 100 to 150 errors in every 1000 lines of code they write last year, canceled projects cost firms $67 billion; overruns on the other projects racked up another $21billion

14 14 need something a little more concrete?

15 15 USS Yorktown, SmartShip crew member entered 0 in a data entry field, caused a divide by 0 error that shut down propulsion dead in the water for 2hrs 45mins

16 16 Ariane 5 Flight 501 re-used code from ariane 4, but took a different flight path because of different booster design conversation from 64bit float to 16bit signed int caused overflow (exception handler was disabled for perf reasons) cost: > $370 million @ 1996 prices

17 17 F-22 Raptor deploying overseas to japan the first time crossed international dateline, computers crashed losing all navigation and communications systems clear weather allowed them to follow tankers back to hawaii Raptor is likely the most advanced manned aircraft that will ever fly…

18 18 need something a little more visual?




22 22

23 23 Training Conditioning Climbing

24 24

25 25 Development Test Release

26 26 Push Quality Upstream Development Test Release

27 27 GeneralistSpecialist Manual Testing Some scripting Creates scripts to set up lab, create data Strong scripting skills Some coding skills Strong coding Develops automated testing procedures Expert coding skills Tester Segmentation Black Box Testing White Box Testing API Testing 70% of testing happens here majority of test tools target here

28 What usually happens when a tester finds a bug? Graphic by Jeff Atwood (

29 29 Microsoft Test Manager


31 Credit: Michael Niggel

32 How did I get here!?

33 33 Actionable Bugs + IntelliTrace

34 34 Lab Management

35 35 Automation Platform Support

36 © 2008 Microsoft Corporation. Todos os direitos reservados. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista e outros nomes de produtos s ã o ou podem ser marcas registradas e/ou marcas comerciais nos EUA e/ou outros pa í ses. Este documento é meramente informativo e representa a vis ã o atual da Microsoft Corporation a partir da data desta apresenta çã o. Como a Microsoft deve atender a condi çõ es de mercado em constante altera çã o, este documento n ã o deve ser interpretado como um compromisso por parte da Microsoft, e a Microsoft n ã o pode garantir a precis ã o de qualquer informa çã o fornecida ap ó s a data desta apresenta çã o. A MICROSOFT N Ã O D Á QUALQUER GARANTIA, SEJA ELA EXPRESSA, IMPL Í CITA OU ESTATUT Á RIA, REFERENTE À S INFORMA ÇÕ ES DESTA APRESENTA ÇÃ O.

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