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Centralization & Mobile GIS

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1 Centralization & Mobile GIS
The OR/WA BLM Experiment

2 Issue: GPS Hardware connects to local PC, but needs to interface with software on remote machine(s)

3 Question: Can GPS hardware connect to Citrix boxes?

4 Answer: Yes, if ActiveSync is involved.

5 ActiveSync Introduced
Software that connects Windows Mobile Devices to PCs (normally local). ActiveSync runs as a Windows Service. Constantly “listening” for a Mobile Device connecting through USB connection. Standard software on local workstations that need to connect to Mobile Devices to transfer data. Devices that run any form of Windows Mobile use ActiveSync (Newer Trimble, IPAQ, etc)

6 Disable Local ActiveSync if Applicable

7 Turn On Virtual Com port Mapping

8 Choose Not Configured for Client Device Com Ports.

9 Enable COM Port Mapping at the ICA-TCP Properties
Under Terminal Services Configuration and then ICA-TCP Properties uncheck Com port mapping to enable

10 Screen Grabs of the Process
Open up Citrix as normal and choose ActiveSync. Click Explore to open up Windows Explorer.

11 Access Mobile Device and Citrix Drives
Copy and Paste routine to move data.

12 What Works…. What Doesn’t
Any device running: Windows Mobile Pocket PC Win CE .NET Trimble post-2001 Devices running: ArcPad Terrasync Must run ActiveSync Connect via USB Older Trimble devices Geo 2 Geo 3 Pro XR Non-ActiveSync units Non-USB Trimble units Garmin – Have had no success with DNR Garmin Citrix Compatible Not Citrix Compatible

13 …Many Interrelated Software Pieces
Will the Mobile GIS software work together in a centralized environment???

14 Question: Will various software pieces work together seamlessly in Citrix?

15 Types of Mobile GIS Workflows
ArcPad (a) ActiveSync ArcMap/GPS Analyst ArcPad (b) Pathfinder Office ArcMap Terrasync Garmin DNR Garmin DNR Garmin

16 Tested: Created ActiveSync Partnership with local PC-Citrix-Mobile Device Copied data to/from Mobile Device via Citrix Used PFO Data Transfer Mobile Device to Citrix Checked In ArcPad Data to Citrix Differentially corrected GPS data Uploaded Garmin data to Citrix using DNR Garmin Worked Worked* Worked** Failed *Copied slowly, many users may affect future performance **USB Devices only

17 Tested: Worked Trimble Planning Software BLM_SDE2Mobile Tool
Pathfinder Office Suite ArcMap/GPS Analyst Worked

18 Overcoming Technical Hurdles

19 The Good: GPS Analyst ArcMap/GPS Analyst has worked really well.
GPS Analyst Toolbox had to be manually overwritten with updated version to get AXF Tools properly added in.

20 The Bad: DNR Garmin DNR Garmin software installed locally
User copies the .shp up to Citrix after download to local PC No direct interaction between Citrix ArcMap & DNR Garmin extension Adds complexity to Garmin work flow

21 The Ugly: Pathfinder Office
Antiquated software designed prior to Windows 2000. Registry Key and Permissions Intensive. Issues with Windows Installer for many users. Time Zone has not been reading correctly (C:\WINDOWS\TIMEZONE.ini).

22 Non- USB Trimble Units Data Transfer Utility installed locally
User transfers files to local PC Copies them to Citrix Not an elegant solution Adds complexity

23 Question: Will various software pieces work together seamlessly in Citrix?

24 Yes… only if all applications are running on same Citrix box
Answer: Yes… only if all applications are running on same Citrix box

25 More Specifically…. ActiveSync and GPS Pathfinder Office must be on same Citrix Box. Data Transfer Utility depends on this. BLM SDE2Mobile Toolbar for GeoBOB requires this. Bottom Line Anytime you are using software that uses ActiveSync for data transfer you need that software to run on the same box as the ActiveSync that is connected to your Mobile Device.

26 Shortcuts in Citrix ActiveSync always work……

27 ActiveSync Tip: Disable Synchronization(Does not work on BLM System)

28 Other Things to Consider
No elegant solution to ensure all Mobile GIS apps will run on same box when user needs multiple apps to work together Pathfinder Office settings need to be standardized for all users Serving up Mobile Base Data to devices GPS data file structure on Citrix

29 Questions? Remember Information is a click away.
ArcPad Tools and Utilities

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