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RDA/cb/2011 Training Objectives Be familiar with New Mexico Statewide Assessment Programs Understand test security and training requirements Know the basic.

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1 RDA/cb/2011 Training Objectives Be familiar with New Mexico Statewide Assessment Programs Understand test security and training requirements Know the basic processes and procedures of test administration

2 RDA/cb/2011 Required Training For school principals, test coordinators, test examiners (teachers), and proctors (EAs) Training is required for any school personnel who handle the assessments including office staff. Assessments include SBA: (Grades 3-8 and 11) NMAPA: (Grades 3-12) ACCESS: (K-12) District Assessments Sign-in, with a printed name, signature, and date on the Non-Disclosure Forms

3 RDA/cb/2011 Required Training A signature on the Non-Disclosure is the teachers consent that He/she knows how to administer the test. He/she knows what is required to administer the test. He/she will comply with the rules of test administration.

4 RDA/cb/2011 Required Training Two trainings a year required by NMPED Test Security (fall) and Test Administration (spring) –Deadlines for Non-Disclosures: Elementary, Middle Schools & High School: Friday, October 21, 2011 The test security training verification the original has to go to RDA, and copy must be kept at the school.

5 RDA/cb/2011 Testing Windows ACCESS: Jan. 16 – Feb. 24, 2012 NMSBA Mar. 19 – Apr. 6, 2012 NMAPA Sept. 26 – Oct. 14, 2011 (High School) Jan. 9 – Feb. 10, 2012 (High School) Feb. 27 – April 6, 2012 NMHSCE Sep. 26 – Oct 14, 2011 and Jan. 9 – Jan 27, 2012

6 RDA/cb/2011 NMAPA Trainings This training is for the people who administer the NMAPA Required for Test Administrators and second raters January 30, 31 February 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (2012) Locations to be announced

7 RDA/cb/2011 What is new Every school has to follow the district testing schedule No field test items this year. Therefore only 2 reading sessions and One form of the test Writing for grades 3, 5 & 8 only Simplified accommodation codes Grayscale test

8 RDA/cb/2011 4 Principles of Test Security 1. Protect the student 2. Protect the staff 3. Protect yourself 4. Protect the test

9 RDA/cb/2011 TEST SECURITY Upon receiving materials, immediately conduct a box count Report any discrepancy to RDA via phone and follow up with an email for documentation Tests must be stored in a locked, secure area with limited access at all times

10 RDA/cb/2011 Teachers must sign to receive test booklets Tests must be assigned to students and the record must be given to RDA, as well as a copy kept by the Test Rep. Please write the full name on the test booklet and the answer document TEST SECURITY

11 RDA/cb/2011 TEST SECURITY All specified materials must be returned to RDA at or before the deadline No one can review secure tests without prior approval and without signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

12 RDA/cb/2011 Test Preparation (STC) Provide training for all school personnel involved in test administration Ensure sufficient supply of test materials is available Pencils will be delivered with tests Provide TAs/Proctors list of accommodations

13 RDA/cb/2011 Test Preparation Thoroughly read, review, and discuss the Test Examiners Manuals before administering the test. Clarify staff questions DFAs will be available online before testing Materials at school before spring break

14 RDA/cb/2011 More Test Preparation Do arrange for make-up tests for all students who are absent. The 95% Rule applies for all State Mandated Assessments for the total school population, as well the disaggregated groups: 5 ethnic categories ELL Special Education FRPL

15 RDA/cb/2011 Test Preparation Donts Dont use old tests as test preparation materials. Published sample questions are ok Dont photocopy or reproduce test items. Dont use or make copies of any copyrighted test preparation materials. Dont use any actual test items as preparation materials (changing the setting or numbers, paraphrasing the item, or rewording the item).

16 RDA/cb/2011 Test Administration Dos Do follow all directions for a standardized administration. Do proctor actively and be attentive Do remove instructional materials (e.g., multiplication tables) from test settings during testing. Do have test monitors in the halls to assist with emergencies or to obtain additional test materials.

17 RDA/cb/2011 More Test Administration Dos Do return test materials each day to the testing coordinator for secure overnight storage. Do keep records on unique situations that keep students from being tested. Do report suspected testing irregularities immediately to the test rep, the principal and RDA (Chris Brunder)

18 RDA/cb/2011 More Test Administration Dos Do post conspicuous signs near copy machines warning that tests cannot be copied. Do refer parents who request to view the test to RDA. Do arrange for make-up tests for all students who are absent. Do return tests for shipping to RDA immediately after testing is completed.

19 RDA/cb/2011 Test Administration Donts Dont discuss items on a test with other teachers. Dont use items from the test to teach concepts to students. Dont let students leave the room and return to continue on the same subtest.

20 RDA/cb/2011 More Test Administration Donts Dont give students breaks or allow them to talk in the midst of a subtest. Dont let students take cell phones out during test administration. Dont leave tests unattended in an unlocked room. Dont test students on different subtests at the same time.

21 RDA/cb/2011 More Test Administration Donts Dont leave students alone in the room when they are testing. Dont help or coach students with test answers. Dont suggest that students rethink an answer or provide hints. Dont change a students answer or direct a student to change an answer. According to state regulation a teachers license can be either suspended or revoked for a testing irregularity

22 RDA/cb/2011 More Test Administration Donts Dont permit students to use any unauthorized materials during the test administration. Dont take test booklets or answer documents off campus. Dont permit students to leave the room with testing materials for any reason.

23 RDA/cb/2011 Allowable Accommodations Allowable accommodations are identified in the Student Assessment Accommodation Manual for use during the administration of the SBA Accommodation and participation decisions will be made and documented by each students educational team Use assessment accommodation(s) in daily instruction prior to the SBA administration Make sure accommodations for one student do not interfere with other students TAs bubble in accommodations actually used during testing after testing is completed

24 RDA/cb/2011 Who can administer the test? Only trained, certified staff are permitted to administer tests: –Licensed school instructors and administrators –Teachers on waivers or intern licenses –Long-term substitutes with a valid teaching license –Coaches and contractors with a valid teaching license –Licensed counselors and related service providers

25 RDA/cb/2011 Who can proctor the test? Any staff or community member who has been trained in proper test administration and test security may serve as a proctor. Parents cannot proctor in their own childs classroom. Proctors can assist, but may not act as test administrators. All proctors must sign a non-disclosure form.

26 RDA/cb/2011 Thank You for your help! Questions? Call RDA (872-6870) Chris Brunder (872-6830, 363-4041) Testing Warehouse (848-8751) Ann Lesley:

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