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Test Taking Strategies

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1 Test Taking Strategies
By Sarah Kate DuRant

2 Tips For Better Test Taking
Prepare -find creative ways to study - arrive early for tests - be comfortable but alert - stay relaxed and confident - analyze past tests

3 Tips For Better Test Taking
- read directions carefully - look over test before you start - answer questions in a strategic order

4 True/False Tests Every part of the sentence must be true
Pay close attention to negatives, qualifiers, and long sentences

5 True/False Tests Negatives
- If the question contains negatives, such as "no, not, cannot" drop the negative and read what remains. - Decide whether that sentence is true or false. - If it is true, its opposite, or negative, is usually false.

6 True/False Tests Qualifiers
- words that restrict or open up general statements. Examples are "sometimes, often, frequently, ordinarily, generally" - These words make more modest claims, are more likely to reflect reality, and usually indicate "true" answers.

7 True/False Tests Long Sentences
- Pay attention to the "truth" of each phrase in the sentence. - If one part of the sentence is false, it usually indicates a "false" answer

8 Multiple Choice Tests Get an overview of test by skimming quickly
Answer the easiest questions first Answer the harder questions last On a “standardized” test (such as the SAT) make sure to answer all questions no matter if you know the answer or not. On those kinds of tests you get a fraction of a point for each question answered.

9 Multiple Choice Tests Guessing -Eliminate obvious wrong answers first
- Don't guess if you are penalized for guessing - Use hints from questions you know

10 Review Always Review your test if you have enough time no matter what test you are taking

11 For More Tests Go to my resource page at

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