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Specializing in the Most Widely Used and Recognized Individualized Achievement Test in the Nation Meeting Your Unique Testing Needs Meeting Your Unique.

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1 Specializing in the Most Widely Used and Recognized Individualized Achievement Test in the Nation Meeting Your Unique Testing Needs Meeting Your Unique Testing Needs Providing Professional Testing & Resources for Families

2 Helping Families Measure Growth Testing Ages 2 – 92 Including: –Average –Below Average –Academically Gifted –Learning Disabled –Special Needs Students

3 Our Mission Our mission is for all children to maximize their God-given abilities by providing families with testing, assessing, and consulting service. ATC is committed to excellence and professionalism in caring for the needs of your child, whether in the private, public, or home school sector. We believe the model of continual assessing, planning, testing, and evaluating to be an integral part of schooling.

4 Sticking Out Our Neck to Measure Growth The Diagnostic Information Provides an In-depth Look at Strengths and Weaknesses Not a Pass or Fail Test! Simply a Tool to Meet State Requirements and Help you Monitor and Evaluate Growth

5 Our Test Administrators Do not worry about finding a proctor for your testing. Come to us and we administer the test and explain your in-depth computerized score report at the end of your test session. Our teachers make curriculum recommendations based on our assessment, if you would like suggestions. Meet our Test Administrators……

6 Angie Cutlip Director and Raleigh Area Test Administrator Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction Undergraduate Degree in Elementary Education from Tennessee Temple University 13 Years Teaching Experience in Wake County Teacher Trainer for Staff Development Workshops in Both Public and Private Schools Resident of Wendell, NC, along with her Husband and Two Home-Schooled Children, Abigail and Amelia

7 Beverly Hardister Charlotte Area Test Administrator Six Years Teaching Experience Graduate of University of North Carolina at Greensboro Specialized Training in the Areas of Reading Recovery and Writing Resident of Charlotte, NC, along with her Husband, and Two Children, Jackson & Jenna

8 Becky Wilmington Area Test Administrator Homeschool Alumni Currently teaches at Wilmington Christian Academy Resides with her husband Jim in the Wilmington Area

9 Karlene Murphree Wilmington Area Test Administrator Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Northland Baptist Bible College Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling from Bob Jones University Seven Years Teaching Experience, Including Most Elementary Grades and Several High School Courses Stays at Home with Her Two Children, Benjamin and Jeremiah.

10 Assessing Your Needs We are committed to helping you understand your testing options and guidelines set by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education. We specialize in the administration of the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement, often referred to as the WJ ®- III. We will assess which tests, of the WJ ®- III your child will need and then administer the tests to your child one-on-one.

11 Giraffes are best known for their height and spots. A giraffe's spots are like a fingerprint. No two animals have the same pattern.

12 ATC Educational Services recognizes, that like giraffes, no two students are the same. That is why we are committed to helping you assess the growth of your unique student!

13 Special Needs Package If our Basic of Broad Knowledge Package does not meet your needs, we will create a package based on our assessment and make appropriate modifications. Our computer software allows us to note any modifications made during the standardized achievement testing. This will give you a tool for measuring your students growth, based on your students unique individual needs.

14 Example of Special Needs Modified Package Picture Vocabulary Letter/Word Identification Reading Comprehension Applied Problems Math Skills Quantitative and Qualitative Tests Academic Knowledge in Science, Social Studies and Cultural Knowledge When deemed appropriate, test questions will be read aloud to your student, as well as some test items will allow for oral responses, instead of written response.

15 Testing As soon as your student is tested you will receive: Official Score Reports in English or Spanish Narrative Description of your Childs Performance Free Consultation Before and After the Administration of the Tests Takes about 2 hours for the whole process

16 Scheduling Your Appointment is EASY as ATC Set up your APPOINTMENT by calling (919) 266-2228 or mail the "Easy Schedule Form" from our website."Easy Schedule Form" Come TEST with us at one of our testing locations. Retain your COMPUTERIZED TEST RESULTS at your home.

17 You do not order a particular grade level test Test questions are read both aloud and silently by either the administrator or the student depending on the test Students respond both verbally and/or with some writing depending on any modifications Only three sections timed, with no time limits on rest of the tests, therefore, less pressure Immediate feedback on your student's performance Requires only one to two hours of your time Students do not have to spend too much time on frustrating material Advanced students can work at higher grade levels Advantages of WJ ® -III as compared to Group Tests Such as CAT/5, SAT or ITBS

18 Benefits of Testing With ATC Educational Services Friendly, relaxed, and personable testing in comfortable environment Most students actually enjoy taking the test, stating, This is a fun test! One on One testing allows examiner to give encouraging words throughout the testing session Positive testing experience encourages students to excel Curriculum recommendations given during consultation

19 General Areas Available for Testing Reading - comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, letter/word identification Mathematics - computation, fluency, reasoning & application of basic skills, quantitative and qualitative concepts Language - knowledge, writing skills, writing fluency, punctuation, spelling, grammar, other editing skills Knowledge - general science, social studies, humanities

20 Contact Us (919)266-2228 Charlotte Area Call (704)454-3140 Click here to visit

21 Extra Tidbits The WJ-III is published by the same publishers as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills The WJ-III contains expanded norms for K.0 to University Graduate Students Preschoolers, as early as two years old may be tested using the WJ ®- III (N.C. only requires testing to begin at age 7)

22 Why is the WJ ® -III more expensive than the other options? The cost difference between the IOWA, CAT/5, Stanford and the WJ-III is significant, due to the administration and scoring. The WJ-III is not a group administered bubble test. Rather, the WJ-III is given one-on-one and based on individual national norms. Though it generally takes less time to administer the WJ-III, the method used is more specialized, while at the same time provides expanded depth and coverage.

23 The administrator of the WJ-III is trained to administer the test to individuals using ceiling and basal scores. To keep it simple the use of these scores keeps the test time shorter, while at the same time allows a student to work up to any grade level. During the administration of the test, the administrator makes observations, which are included in the narrative report. The feedback is immediate using computer generated scores. During the consultation the parent is free to ask questions relating to the interpretation of the scores.

24 We Are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

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