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Mobile and Proprietary Solutions Through our technology, people gain insight, instantly.

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1 Mobile and Proprietary Solutions Through our technology, people gain insight, instantly.

2 Who We Are Lumi is the global leader in real-time interactive audience engagement. Its innovative solutions create interactive and engaging events, harnessing insight and providing stakeholders with an unparalleled understanding of discussion, opinion and behavior. A few highlights: 23 years in this business 2500+ events a year globally Our clients stay with us a long time due to our exceptional service, industry knowledge and innovative solutions

3 The Right Tool for the Right Job With our suite of technology solutions, we are able to help you select and implement the most appropriate tool for your event factoring in budget, logistics and your event goals.

4 By 2016, there will be 10 billion mobile internet devices in use worldwide 1 80% of business travelers use apps for business while on the road 3 1. PhoCusWright Market Research, Mobile Hits the Mainstream 2. SmartSource – The Pressures and Promises of Second Screen Technology 3. Active Network – Mobile is on the Rise The Saturation & Power of Mobile of event attendees own a smartphone 2 84%

5 A Typical Meeting A presenter/audience division The presenter presents to (or more aptly, at) the audience Where does this lead? A one-way dialogue versus engagement Erosion of trust and self-confidence of audience The Cost: You miss out on the collective intelligence of the audience The Solution: EMPOWER your audience to engage

6 A Lumi Meeting Creating mutual benefit – takeaways for the attendees, strategy input for the organizer FLIP Your Meeting

7 Covering content does not lead to knowledge retention… It is only when attendees become participants with the content and use it, even if just in discussions, that the knowledge is retained and understanding happens. - Chief Learning Officer, Deloitte

8 Argues convincingly that wise crowds (groups) will make better decisions than most individuals. T he more power you give a single individual in the face of complexity and uncertainty, the more likely it is that bad decisions will get made. Wisdom of Crowds

9 Lumi Show – A complete mobile event and conference app that adds instant interaction to your sessions. Lumi Join – A convenient, real-time messaging and polling app that connects and empowers people anytime, anywhere. Lumi Say – A versatile app that helps you share content and capture insight in the moment – via surveys, rich media, location triggers, gamification and more. Lumi Mobile Solutions & BYOD

10 Asynchronou s Synchronou s Guide & Engage

11 Proprietary Tools IML Connector – An all-in-one, handheld device which enables participants to fully interact and contribute to meeting content and outcomes. Operating on a radio frequency, the network is 100% reliable and is not contingent on wireless. IML Click System – This interactive voting system is run through a PowerPoint plug-in. Intuitive and user-friendly, the IML Click system turns any meeting, event or training session into an interactive experience. High quality microphone Built-in speaker Data tracking Full text keyboard Advanced voting Audio channels Simultaneous interpretation Color screen

12 Lumi Join promotes meaningful engagement through either a native app or any device with a web browser, enabling you to manage all of the interactive elements inside and outside the meeting room. Offering multi-mode messaging, polling, rich content and more, Lumi Join helps you keep your audience engaged. Publish polling results directly to their devices, or let them know when they answer correctly to engage them further, whether face-to-face or across the globe.

13 Lumi Join mobile solution In your browser: Login: Password:

14 Download Lumi Join In your app store: Search Lumi Join or Visit Event ID: 123456789

15 Lumi Say generates and collects ongoing attendee insight and aids knowledge retention via interaction, content dissemination, media capture, and advanced data trackingboth during and beyond your event. Optimize the unique features of Lumi Say by capturing users' photos, gathering data based on GPS positioning, and even to show videos. No internet connection is required to participate via the Lumi Say app, so users can engage from wherever, whenever.

16 In your app store: search: Join In Sight Login Password Download Lumi Say In your app store: Search Lumi Say User: user Password: pass

17 Lumi Show brings you a complete solution for your meetings, events and conferences, creating a new blend of robust content and meaningful interaction, all in one app. From intelligent instant polling to multi-mode attendee messaging, content management to note-taking, Lumi Shows patented real- time technology allows your attendees to fully participate in your event.

18 Real-Time Data Collection: Ideas and conclusions can be recorded and shared instantly Q&A and Debate Sessions: Maintain control and direction by filtering comments and messages through a facilitator if desired Brainstorming Discussions: Display responses live to stimulate discussion Encourage Teamwork: Engage your groups in lively conversations, encouraging idea generation and enabling them to form conclusions Live Interaction

19 Connect Live polling Live messaging & questions board (with moderator view) Session Q&A Attendees Social Networks Surveys Blog feed YouTube videos Photo gallery Navigate Welcome videos Exhibitors Interactive trade show map City guide Personalize My profile My schedule Secure login Calendar update (mobile device) Contact update (mobile device) My notes My exhibitors My briefcase Learn Schedule (tracks) Whats on Speakers Documents Target Sponsors Advertising Analytics Tell-a-friend Push notifications Customize Custom features Custom functionality Custom design Gamification Core Features

20 Search for the Lumi Show app in app stores. You can also send a link to attendees to download the app directly. Once download is complete, tap on the icon. (If renting iPads, your app will already be preloaded) Getting Started

21 The app will start Attendee will need to enter an Event ID (communicated to attendees pre-event) Getting Started

22 After entering Event ID, tap on FIND EVENT Your event(s) will pop up, attendee taps on it Getting Started

23 Your Splash Screen will be followed by a log-in [if required], or be public, and then your content. Getting Started

24 Explore the app to view content.…And Join In during sessions with absolute real- time polling, messaging and Q&A… Exploring the Lumi Show App

25 Optimized for iPad & available for rent

26 The Lumi suite of solutions offers a wide range of capabilities, allowing you to gather insight from any event or attendee interaction. Flexible, scalable and secure, Lumis patented technology ensures your meetingno matter how big or smallwill go off without a hitch. Powerful Platform

27 Data & Analytics The insight gained is the real value behind any meeting. The data generated at your meeting or event is immediately available for analysis, providing the insight you need to make more informed strategic decisions.

28 Exceptional Service Lumi has a wealth of experience in the meetings and events industry. Our experts aim to bring you valuable and innovative approaches to help you achieve your event goals, get the most of out of the technology and maximize your investment. We will help you select and implement the most appropriate technology solution for your needs, while providing the exceptional service that Lumi is known forwhether you run the show or we do, either on-site or remotely.

29 The Company We Keep

30 Thank You. Through our technology, people gain insight, instantly.

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