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Capabilities Presentation Stephen W. Gutkin, President 201 891 8205/8206 (o/f) 201 753 2962 (c) The Grace Building.

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1 Capabilities Presentation Stephen W. Gutkin, President 201 891 8205/8206 (o/f) 201 753 2962 (c) The Grace Building 191 Godwin Ave. Suite 1 Wyckoff, NJ 07481 Biomedical Communications

2 Publication plan and execute. Lecture on medical writing (CBI, J&J). Coauthor 14 papers in peer-reviewed literature. Stephen W. Gutkin Professional timeline 19831987 19871992 1992 1992Present Serve as research scientist in commercial toxicology laboratory. Serve as editorial manager: McGraw-Hill, Raven Press, HLS. Incorporate Rete Com. Review 100s of CVs to obtain select group of PhD/MD/ELS writers/editors (rete= network). Develop editorial acumen to inform development of elaborate QC systems.

3 Support publication of 148 papers in peer- reviewed journals within the past 12 years. Collaborate with 435 researchers: 295 academicians and 140 pharmaceutical professionals. Highlighted achievements Launch and commercialize best-in-class medications. Cultivate relationships with 4 of the Top 10 pharmaceutical companies by market capitalization. (2 of these relationships exceed 10 years.)

4 Rete geometry: squaring the circle: Our stakeholders and our promise * Journal/peer reviewers Author/KOL Pharma/device/ diagnostics or other grantor * Top-notch, authoritative, credible, and fair-balanced communications that meet client needs; on-time deliverables; competitive prices. RETE

5 Urology/mens health KOL: Best medical writer Ive ever worked with. Peer reviewer of prestigious IM journal: [When published] this will become the best review of the topic in the entire peer-reviewed literature. Journal editors/peer reviewers: It is always a pleasure to read Stephen Gutkins prose. As would be expected from a Gutkin manuscript, a well-presented study. As always, I really appreciate all the work you put into making these papers run so smoothly. Recent testimonials

6 Fulfilling the promise Rete (L.) = network Rete Com = electronic network of medical-communications professionals. Top-notch consultants: scientific researchers and managers. Superior quality of work assured via internal implementation of rigorous QC systems and editorial standards based on consensus guidelines for manuscript preparation.

7 Person-years Editorial expertise (n = 12)(n = 8)(n = 20)

8 Fair balance: Coin of our realm in publications

9 Medical communications across the product life cycle Preclinical Phase I Phase II Phase III/Launch Mature product Study reports Regulatory documents Protocol CSR ISS/ISE AMCP drug dossier Journal supplement Pharmacoepidemiologic study report Pivotal and other clinical study reports Product monograph Sales training Stage-setting review CME Data mining Outcomes research Pharmacoeconomic analyses Post-marketing surveillance (pharmacovigilance) Abstracts, Posters, Slide-lecture kits, Review articles

10 Summary Stephen W. Gutkin = medical-communications professional with 27 years of experience as a medical writer and editorial manager. Rete Com = network of savvy scientific professionals producing credible, fair-balanced medical communications. Meeting the needs of KOLs, pharma/device grantors, journals, policymakers/reimbursement authorities, FDA, professional societies, and MD readers. Strengths include vascular medicine and neuroscience. Media and venues include publications, posters, abstracts, and documents for regulatory and reimbursement authorities.

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